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  1. Vandelay

    Modding bag inventory

    That's just fantastic, and so simple. Thanks a ton, mate!
  2. Vandelay

    Modding bag inventory

    Is there a way to add an item directly into an equipped bag rather than the general inventory? I'm trying to add an item straight to the bag equipped on the player's back, but I think I've gotten stuck between trying to identify the back item and trying to treat it as a container. Alternatively, is it possible to create a custom bag that already contains other items? I spent a little while looking through the game lua and source code for the Starter Kit for a clue on this, but I wasn't able to find it. Any help, suggestions, or clues in either direction would be helpful. Below is a snippet I've been working with to test. if keyNum == 15 then local bag = self.character:getClothingItem_Back(); -- Returns InventoryItem -- ???? bag:AddItem("Base.Screwdriver"); -- Requires ItemContainer end