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  1. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    Hey RJ there is something weird going on now... I tested the 26.0 build yesterday and everything seemed fine in singleplayer, as lag seemed to be gone (to some extent). I decided to go back today and check since my friend was having such major lag issues last night, and it seems like 26.1 has the lag issues while 26.0 didn't. Maybe my testing session on 26.0 was a one off, but this seems very strange. Is it possible to get 26.0 back for testing it again? Here is what it looks like for me in 26.1 with the vehicles slowing down each second (not as bad as it was in 25 but still noticeable):
  2. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    Started a new multiplayer game with two people. Performance wise it started out well, but after about an hour it became a laggy mess. Here is a quick example of the lag we'd experience "driving full speed" in the center of West Point. I did not experience these extreme freezes as my friend who recorded this did, but instead got these freezes in the form of the vehicle slowing down over and over. The lag was no different while on foot, nor with only 1 person in the car. (SOUND WARNING) A small bug that we noticed while attempting to record the first video, was the car horn getting stuck when a passenger types a word with the letter H into chat. The horn didn't stop until I stopped the car. Other issues: - An issue as we had with multiplayer back in May 2017, was that containers appear empty for players that were not in the area when the container was loaded for the first time or items were added/removed by another player while they were not around. This bug is still there, where for example any houses one of us had previously gone past but not looted were completely empty for the other person. Containers edited in our base when one was out looting appeared empty or unchanged for them when they returned. - The nerf to off-road speed feels pretty extreme. Yes, you should drive slower off-road, but not at snail speed. Just makes it feel really tedious. - In order to access the trunk of a car, you need to be holding the car keys for that car. Meaning if you are more than one player, other players can't even see the trunk, making it pretty tedious having to move keys back and forth between you just to offload loot. More of an inconvenience than a bug, where it would make more sense if you could unlock it for others. Or is there some way of doing this already that I'm unaware of? - When taking items out of a car trunk, those items get deleted. It goes into your inventory then disappears after a couple of seconds. Found a temporary workaround by dropping items from the trunk onto the floor, then from the floor into your inventory. System 1 (recorded videos on): i7 4770K 32 GB RAM Geforce GTX 980 64 bit Windows 7 System 2: i7 3770K 16 GB RAM Radeon R9 390 64-bit Windows 10
  3. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    1) Looks like the main stuttering is gone now! The vehicles slowing down each second is still there, but way way less noticeable than it was last build. Also, when driving into the center of towns, fps drops from 60 to about 15-20 and there is some minor stuttering, but nothing compared to before. Can't tell if this was an fps improvement or not seeing as previous builds were unplayable for me, but compared to build 38 it is still pretty sluggish (to be expected). But overall, huge improvement! 2) I love the new dashboard, way more convenient to have the various buttons handy. 3) As mentioned above, cars simply push zombies out of the way, they don't get hit anymore even at full speed. Gonna run a proper game now and see how performance works out in a longer testing session, will update later.
  4. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    Tested in 25.1, is also a lot worse for me. Driving into the center of towns causes insane stuttering now. I am also getting the "car slows down and speeds up every second" issue to a larger extent than in build 24. I could upload a video of it if that is helpful RJ, but i assume you already know what it looks like?
  5. Me when the car update happens

    Try turning off multi-core and setting max FPS to 30, see if that helps
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    As an update on the reported lag, I went to test a bit more to see if any specific settings would improve the issue seeing as not everyone seems to get it? - Build 24: Lag spikes every 1-3 seconds. - Build 21: Lag spikes every 1-3 seconds. - Build 38: Feels much smoother, no noticable lag. - Lag is still there even when both zombies and vehicles are turned off, but not as intense. - Lag is increased when entering towns, residential areas or parking lots. Not noticeable in the wilderness. - It doesn't seem directly FPS related, as FPS pretty much remains at 60 during spikes. - Turning OFF Multi-core in the display settings seems to stop the main stuttering, but the game still does this weird thing where it "slows down" everything each second or so. You kinda feel like you're going in slow motion over and over. - When turning the frame limit down to 30 FPS on top of the multi-core thing, that seems to not be an issue anymore. Some screen tearing but this might be fixed with V-sync. TL;DR: Turning off multi-core and setting max FPS to 30 helps a lot, not sure if it fixes it in situations where you are around tons of zombies or vehicles, but for "running around" it seems to fix the issue to some extent. edit: Upon creating a multiplayer server, the slow-motion effect is still an issue, even with the 30 FPS max setting. You notice it especially when driving, the car slows down once every second. Also noticeable when going near parking lots.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    Thank you for the hotfix earlier, wasn't expecting one within minutes of posting Basically we started a new multiplayer game with 24.3 with the intention of trying to run a longer term game in order to provide more in-depth bug reports for you guys! But sadly the lag was still a considerable issue (not to the same extent as experienced with cars in every parking spot, but still noticeable), to the point where it is hard to keep people playing. Tried testing this in singleplayer as well and got the same results on two different systems, even with low vehicle spawns and 0.3x zombie spawns. The lag increases when going near a parking lot, driving or when there are a lot of zombies nearby. Lag is not noticeable away from towns. It is worth mentioning that this is the same type of lag we would experience in long-term games (1-3 months into the game) when testing earlier this year, which was due to a memory leak. Obviously this isn't the case now, as it happens at the very start of a game, but it is very clearly tied to the vehicles themselves and results in similar lag spikes. System 1: i7 4770K 32 GB RAM Geforce GTX 980 64 bit Windows 7 System 2: i7 3770K 16 GB RAM Radeon R9 390 64-bit Windows 10 Haven't seen that many people complain about lag spikes though, so i'm curious as to whether or not others are experiencing the same thing (on fresh build 24 servers, not old saves)? Very strange
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    So something is massively messed up with the car spawns still. Tried creating a game, set car spawns to low (also tried with normal) and spawned in a few different areas to test. No mods. Every single car spawn spot has a car in it, creating MASSIVE lag issues. There is a key on the ground next to every single car. Literally unplayable lag Both me and a friend tried this, both have pretty good pc setups. Major lag spikes if you go anywhere near a parking lot. Also, if you set zombies to be "more active at night", zombies lag forwards frame by frame during the day.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 26

    I think the whole "loss of inventory from trunks if damaged/open" thing really needs to be reconsidered. Yes, i agree that an open trunk should throw out items if you full on crash into something. However, throwing stuff out simply because it is open or damaged in any way is just silly, especially if all you're doing is driving forward or lightly bump something. This will likely cause more annoyance for players than add any proper gameplay value. ----------- On another note, I also agree with guy above me. Many of the additions being made are great and all, but they aren't all necessary. It has taken you 6 months to fix major multiplayer bugs I reported in May 2017, where features like car shadows and break lights has taken priority for some reason. The focus should really be on making everything polished and run smoothly, not adding tons of gimmicks and complexity. I get that adding stuff is way more fun to do than bug fixing But really though! Now that MP is supposedly playable again though, I look forward to returning to MP testing very soon! Keep up the good work!
  10. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    - Whenever entering a high-load area, such as the centre of towns, all players start getting 1-2 second freezes every few seconds. These freezes have eventually always lead to the game crashing for all players involved after a few minutes (screen freezing completely, cannot move, game unresponsive). Freezes increase drastically if driving. If leaving town before the game crashes, these freezes continue to some extent but have yet to result in a crash, forcing us to restart the server to avoid further lag. edit: After a few crashes in the same town, players became unable to rejoin the server and the server host couldn't reload it properly. Stuck on "contacting server". - Update on the loot situation: Any and all containers that appear empty have been shown to fill up for players that restart their game. This is however not much of an option for the host, nor for players who are using cars for temporary storage. - The trunks of Vans are sometimes difficult to access, where its access area seems to be a lot smaller than other cars. It cannot be accessed from the back, but only from a small portion on the corner. (As for the driving feel of Vans, i find them to be very realistic and well done. I feel they handle how they should handle, but should long-term have bigger inventory than other cars.)
  11. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I wonder if a temporary fix to the lag would be to get a server setting to minimise the amount of spawned cars. From what I can tell, the lag is directly linked to the amount of cars you go past, as this lag becomes ridiculous whenever going near a parking lot full of cars (note: it didn't initially, but became a problem a few hours into the game). Cutting these values in half (or at least having the option to) would hopefully improve performance in longer games. Edit: My setup for those wondering if the lag is me. Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3,50GHz AMD Radeon R9 390 Series (8GB) 16GB Ram 64-bit system, Windows 10
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    As a note: From what I can tell, issues with loot in multiplayer seem to mostly all be caused by the individual loading of chunks (or whatever you want to call it, areas) not updating based on what information it has given out to other players. In other words, it recreates the data individually every time a chunk is loaded for a new player rather than remembering what it received/told the last player that loaded it. However, upon closing the server, individual chunk info seems to be saved to the server and accurately distributed to the players upon restart. Example: Player 1 goes to a store and finds containers full of loot. Player 2 goes to the same store and finds 90% of the boxes empty or containing different loot than what Player 1 found. Upon server restart, both players find the boxes containing the loot of Player 1 (supposedly, needs further testing of how accurately it gives out the correct info). Example: Player 1 builds a wooden crate while Player 2 is not in the area. This wooden crate does effectively not exist for Player 2 until the server is restarted.
  13. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    A few more bugs found in multiplayer: - When you run out of a certain range of your car, everything in the trunk storage despawns. Happened consistently when moving too far away. - When building an item like a wall or wooden crate, this item appears invisible for players who were not in the area when the item was built. - The previously mentioned lag got a lot worse over time. Looks like it may be a memory leak as it seems to get fixed for some people upon restarting the game. - Car info window can't be closed while driving. Have to come to a full stop to close it. - Cars found spawned around towns are not possible to interact with if the four red squares appear on the wheels. I assume this indicates a clipping issue. - Some houses seem to get "claimed" by other players automatically, making windows/doors unable to be opened or broken. Seemingly some PvP related feature, but this isn't something we have knowingly enabled. - Light switches, doors and windows turn on/off or open/close randomly by themselves. On two occasions i saw zombies run through closed doors as if they were not there.
  14. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    We are having loads of fun! Outside of the slight frustration with loot issues, the addition of cars is literally the greatest thing you guys have ever added. We'll keep you updated!
  15. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Started a new game today in multiplayer with 4 players. In the space of about 2 hours, we came across the following issues: - Issues with lag for all players after about 40 minutes of playing. Cars seem to have major latency issues for whoever isn't first to get into the car, where the person activating the car only has minor stuttering. - 450+ error messages in the space of 20 minutes. - Permanent engine sound bug whenever another player drives a car near you. Relog required. - We encountered a car with an engine sound level of 2. All zombies completely ignored it when driving past them. I assume it is intentional for testing purposes, but very overpowered. - I came across a large invisible item blocking me in the middle of the road somewhere here, presumably an invisible car: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4843069349209636,0.16950453680574998,95.39621664406894 Loot related issues: - Car inventory seems to be individual for all players. Cannot access what someone else puts into the trunk. - Loot containers are individual for each player. If going to a store, each container has separate loot for each player. Sometimes where a store was full of items for me, it was later completely empty when someone else went to check it. Note: this does not seem to affect loot you put into containers yourself. Base storage seems to allow all players to put items into the same containers. - A lot of empty containers throughout the world. Bookshelves and kitchen counters were in many cases completely empty. For example, the bookstore in west-point completely empty except for 1 bookshelf. This seems related to the previous issue - where the system possibly fills containers for some players but not for others. - At the start of the game, we had an issue with all storage containers in our base appearing as empty for one player. Fixed upon relog. My theory is that this is related to whether or not a player is in the same chunk when items are being added to containers. - Disappearing items. For example, we picked up an Axe, put it into a container and suddenly it was gone. Likely related to the previous issues. - Item duping upon looting a dead body. When someone dies and another player loots their body, this body seems to still have all items for other players on it and can be looted once by each player. Will update if i come across anything more tonight!