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  1. Here is our new intro video:
  2. rob

    Union City

    Just wanted to say you guys did an amazing job on this design! Wowzers!
  3. Hey all! I'm ambiguous amphibian on YouTube (aka Rob) and I'd love to have you come try my PZ server. We just upped our player count to 20 max at once and I hope to take that quite literally, as we want this server to become more unpredictable and fun to play on. Plenty of mods for balanced, exciting play, including ORGM, Hydrocraft, and nocturnal zombies, and everything ususally runs pretty smoothly. Great community of people up for PvP or PvE. I'm always open to suggestions and I'm very active at improving this community. Would love you to join, as it's totally free thanks to our patrons! We've even got a few factions rising up already in here and there's plenty of stuff to still grab, so please join! Server Details: Server Name - ambiguousamphibian | https://discord.gg/fPpQv5j Mods Required - (See Discord under #server-information) IP Address - (See Discord under #server-information) Port - (See Discord under #server-information) All the best, Rob (ambiguous amphibian)
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