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  1. Not sure if i quite understand What's happening but the pic below is pretty cringe and kekworthy at the same time so ill give it a 8/10 Have another thread will you? Not sure if everyone understands the joke, but everyone who knows atleast a little about 4chan will. It's pretty funny.
  2. I'm replying 2 years later, but still. You're a true hero. IMO The best song on Master of puppets. A song capable of achieving the raw metal Feel and a headbanging experience even without lyrics. In my opinion, Cliff burton's best work after call of ktulu, (their other instrumental) With Phenomenal bass Track, The bass solo almost makes me jizz my pants when i hear it. You have a great taste, anon. This post literally made me Dust off the LP copy of MOP and start listening to it. Thank you.
  3. It's the unspoken rule of 4chan Which goes like this. If OP demands something (Most likely a specific number at the end of a post) And some random lucky anon Happens to get it, OP is Obligated to do the deed he promised to do. Most OP's don't follow their demand tho, but these are the lucky ones that did, and we got a really good laugh out of it. Almost too funny to be true, and that's the best part of 4chan. Almost makes me want to return, but nowadays /b/ (aka the place where all the funny shit happens) is mostly full of Pr0n threads and other threads mostly affiliated with sex, or sexy women Which is sad since /b/ used to be a fun place. Here's another random thread i found really funny
  4. Omg that's funny, even funnier When i'm Finnish myself lol. 10/10 no points spared. Now have this one i cropped myself
  5. Aight how bout dis then. This is one of my favorite greentext back when i lurked 4chan. I still have many, and i find them very humorous. Atleast IMO.
  6. I have nothing to say in this thread, but after reading all of the posts i can say That this paul walker guy just does not give a single fuck. That's fugin siccc
  7. Lennyface i r8 6/10 bcuz its not cancerous and will probably never go away, but it's just not funny tho.
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