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  1. Star

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I just couldnt pour pots into the Ibc
  2. Star

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Yes you can't pour into bottles, or on the ground. Can't even pour into Ibcs. I have been making soups to cure my thirst for now. Also wondering if we could think about adding Blankets to the game Also I was informed that you cant dig the ground with a spade like you can with a trowel or a shoe. You can only dig dirt into a bag
  3. Star

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Yes all containers of water are bugged. You can not pour out or into any thing else. Also any way to add plates? You can pour soup into bowls but stir fry and casseroles stay in pans. Would be nice to add them to bowls or plates.
  4. Star

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Sorry to hear for your loss. take all the time you need.
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