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    T-Titenic? reacted to throttlekitty in Map Question: Spawnpoint won't show at ingame selection ( SOLVED )   
    I think the line "lots=Kentucky" is what ties yours into the main world, not "Muldraugh". But anyway, my standalone has "lots=testMap1" and I think that's the only thing.
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    T-Titenic? reacted to Arsenal26 in Map Question: Spawnpoint won't show at ingame selection ( SOLVED )   
    Not sure if it makes a difference or not, but comparing to the spawnpoints.lua on my custom map, I do not have commas at the end as you do in lines (6,10,14,18,22,26) unless there are multiple spawn point coordinates under that occupation... And in that instance there is no comma after the last set of coords in that group... Also, I don't have a comma after the last occupation as you have in line 27...
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    T-Titenic? reacted to throttlekitty in Map Question: Spawnpoint won't show at ingame selection ( SOLVED )   
    Try removing Spawnpoints.lua on line 1.
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    T-Titenic? reacted to RingoD123 in Map Question: Spawnpoint won't show at ingame selection ( SOLVED )   
    The mod.info file that is in the folder with your lotheader, bin etc should actually be map.info.
    comprehensive guide can be found here: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21951-the-one-stop-tilezed-mapping-shop/
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    T-Titenic? reacted to MrBlue in FRONTIER | Public role-play | Newcomers welcome! | Hydrocraft | Classes | Balanced PVP! (16 slot)   
    No - this was done to encourage rather than creating jack of all trades characters (who are seen awfully often in many RP servers in the past) the driving of interaction out of necessity. Need to build a base? Find construction workers. Need to farm? Find a farmer. By no means does this make solo-survival (that is, survival away from a group, which is perfectly plausible in an RP setting where you could be a trader who lives alone and comes into town to trade for example) impossible, but both group survival and solo survival now have their own advantages and disadvantages.
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    T-Titenic? reacted to darknano in FRONTIER | Public role-play | Newcomers welcome! | Hydrocraft | Classes | Balanced PVP! (16 slot)   
    Introducing the Trinity Update!
    The Trinity Update adds three new characters for players to interact with. These three new characters, Mia, Garrett, and Vance are event givers. Every week, each character will provide a detailed event which players can respond to and participate in game. Players can chose to go down the path of a Raider, a Survivalist, or a Caravanier. By completing these tasks either by yourself or with a team, you can obtain a renown coin, which you can trade in for specific items.
    Mia, The Raider

    Mia used to work for a game design company way back before. After the death of her fiance and mother, her ideology of the world changed drastically. She saw what people were capable of, what they could do to get what they want and how they struggled to claw and grasp at the concept of power. She decided that if she had all the power, there wouldn't be any more fighting. Mia is a Raider Class Event giver, and will give Raider-based events.
    Garrett, the Survivalist

    Garrett was a busser at a restaurant in smalltown Bedford. After watching the city go to hell, and the National Guard fail to save his mother, he decided he would keep living for her sake. Garrett has fought through hell and back, and does not intend to back down now. He knows of the hardships of this world, and knows that one more infected dead is one more redemption for the death of his mother. Garrett is a Survivalist Event giver, and will give Survivalist-based Events.
    Vance, the Trader

    Vance was a stock trader before the Event. He watched his trades drop and the world fall apart. Stuck in New York City by a military-imposed quarantine zone, he managed to escape by blowing open Lincoln Tunnel and escaping barely with his life, killing innocents in the way. Stuck with guilt, he nearly killed himself if it wasn't for his partner, Tracy, who showed him the ways of Caravans. There, he could redo what he's done bad by helping others, even if it was for something in return, using the expertise he gained from before. Vance is a Caravan-based Event Giver, and will give Caravan-based events.

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    T-Titenic? reacted to darknano in FRONTIER | Public role-play | Newcomers welcome! | Hydrocraft | Classes | Balanced PVP! (16 slot)   
    By the creators of Project Morbus 2017.
    PORT: 56361

    From the creators of Project Morbus Role-play 2017, we welcome you to the Frontier! Frontier is a role-play based off a living, breathing world which players can experience in its full glory. Experience factions fighting over their own separate ideologies, hordes of infected coming for you, and a balanced class system which provides a sense of teamwork and creativity to those joining.
    Not only that, but Frontier is completely application-free. Anyone can join at any time, from anywhere! Frontier's goal is to open the ideas of role-play to those interested, and allow them to grow and prosper their creativity in ways never before thought possible. 

    Frontier introduces a new, rudimentary system based off classes! There is zero skill progression, and players are forced to work together using a series of 22 specialized classes to improve their settlements and help one another survive! Each class provides specific strength and fitness boosts, separate and unique kits, as well as known skill sets, such as high-level Carpentry skill for the Carpentry class.
    Every class has been compared and balanced accordingly to one another, so no class is more powerful than the other. This allows for different specializations depending on your character, and requires team work in order to survive completely.

    Frontier, utilizing its aforementioned class system, includes a balanced PvP to Project Zomboid. Honing in on the skills for firearms, we've found a suitable balance which draws a clear line between accurate and inaccurate. This means that players will have to be much more tactical with their movements and decisions when it comes to fighting another player! Furthermore, it adds onto the teamwork availability. More people means better odds!

    Events in Frontier will never punish the player for participating. Players who participate in events will almost always gain, and never lose anything. The event organizers of Frontier will make sure that players will always be entertained, and gain from spending time to participate. Alongside those attributes, Frontier Events are always filled with story and lore. Every character has a backstory, and can be delved into via journals, caches, and left-behind items. Some events may even include characters, such as roaming caravans, with the absolute option to raid them if one so pleases.

    Frontier presents to you a completely original back story, introducing incredible elements such as caravans, factions with individual struggles, and a believable turn of events. Players can discover this lore by wandering the wastelands, finding journals and people along the way to show them the story of the lands. Every area has new things to discover, with remnants of unique people who used to roam there so long ago.
    Frontier takes place five years after the Event, in which a venerable, yet mysterious disease rendered civilization crippled after just four weeks. With little supplies, you are a survivor on the Frontier, a massive unexplored section of the central United States.

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    T-Titenic? reacted to Monsterly in PZRP Serious Roleplay [RP] [Whitelist]   
    Good evening, I would like to publicly announce our up-coming serious roleplay server.
    Our goal at PZRP is to provide a unique, serious roleplay experience for everyone involved on the server. A custom-built storyline that is solely shaped by the characters and members of the community.
    Please join our discord for more information @ https://discord.gg/eGPUtWM
    In addition, I am also looking for some people to help me manage the roleplay. If you would be willing to assist in any way your help would be greatly appreciated! I am very excited about this, and as a veteran roleplayer myself, I look forward to seeing what kind of story we can make together.
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