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  1. Surely the new "boiling to sterilise" mechanic would deal with this issue? Bacteria and viruses die when heated over 80c IIRC - so while they may be blood stained, they will be sterile, and good for medical use in a pinch.
  2. Doesn't matter - just died. Almost 4 months and 4000 zeds. Here we go again. Appreciate the recent fixes, devs. Thanks for the hard work.
  3. Yeah mine has been reset to 999xp to next level. I got the free 1 level too. Pretty sure I earned like 20,000xp during the "crisis"... but I'll take it! It is a beta apocalypse after all. Survivors can't be choosers.
  4. TBH I can wait as long as it takes for NPCs. Once they're added they won't "make" the game - they'll fluff it out. I appreciate the extra "right-clicks" we're getting; dig graves, clean clothes, boil bandages etc. Those are the kind of things I want short term to keep me locked in. The not-so-recent addition of metalwork was nice, adds variety to constructions - and that's what we need despite what we want. The game is being bulked out with core features that immerse you in survival mindset. Let's not forget recent town additions in a one-map world. I like the changes we're getting now. They're steady, re-playable and useful. Although I do think 2020 is a reasonable time to expect NPCs. Especially good ones.
  5. Sorry to raise this again - I didn't see it moved to General Discussion. Was it established if the 40,000exp for a skill point was intentional (or even new)? I noticed the same on my current character - but assumed it was part of the "skill cap" system. But I do not have the excess 50 odd points Christophlette had, I have 6 surplus with none of my skills maxed (around 2m 3w IG). I have about 2 per movement skill, 5&7 blade (due to log walls), 6 carpentry 4 cooking 6 farming. Pretty much everything else is less than 2, mostly nil if I remember rightly. I feel like I will have to choose between sprinting, carpentry 7 and strength at this rate and maybe get one more point in the next 2 IG months. Not completely against it, I can understand the exponential increase in exp requirements. Wasn't sure I'd hit the high ceiling so soon though.
  6. So when I opened the game yesterday and got the 38.8 patch notes... when I loaded up my game I suddenly had a house alarm in my player base. I've been held up in the farmhouse/cornfield for over 2 months now, log walls all around etc. Was standing in the house when the game reloaded. Granted it gave me one of the most exhilarating "clean up" jobs of my entire PZ life - gonna take days to bury the bodies. (also no corn textures in the field now, just mud - is that a thing?) I also noticed an area I had been thinning out zombie hordes for a few in game days (near Spiffo's/Knox) had what seemed to be a complete respawn of all hordes. It took 3 days to clear the hordes from the house alarm, surely they shouldn't have respawned in such great numbers in that space of time? No biggie. I just used up most of my knives My only concern is, are house alarms likely reset in already looted buildings? (Already grinds me that I get alarms in zombie crashed houses).
  7. Hi I have just created an account with on the PZ Wiki looking to contribute. Has a system like the above been put into place? Or can I just begin adding to it? Shall I just try to prioritise what's listed on the community portal? (Updated May 17) And do you have any guidelines/rules besides those listed on the CP? Thanks.
  8. This happened to me about a month ago - I saw a thread on here that mentioned the same issue, and also stated it would be fixed in build 38. So once I saw that I started a new game and the issue never reoccurred - the old save where I already started bleeding forever never healed though. If it's a long-term save it could be that you have to suck it up and start again. https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?app=tcbugtracker&module=tracker&controller=issues&id=1020
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