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  1. Bjerk

    Floating cars

    Finally I managed somehow to push the floating car back to the floor. Lots of struggle involved.
  2. Bjerk

    Floating cars

    I pushed a car in the road with my vehicle and I got strange animations. My vehicle was stucked till I finally managed to push through, resulting in a floating car that I can access, but can't drive.
  3. Should not, what happened to your last character ? You're the first who report that problem, I try to make everything so nothing is wiped during an update... I've also lost all my character's skills, the barricaded windows and aaaaall the loot I had so far . Great update, though!
  4. Thanks! Indeed, Steam is downloading something right now! OMG, can't wait a second!!
  5. Forgive my ignorance, but... according to today's Mondoid, branch 26 is been released but when I look at betas in Steam there's the olde list with build23, buil25 a, b and c and the IWBMS, which I suppose it's the anticipated branch 26. Is this correct? Can I load this branch with no problemo? Thnx!
  6. I don't know if there are many realistic action films. I think realism is not about "is this possible in real life?", but "is this reasonable given the context of the story? Is it shown in a beliavable way?".
  7. Ok, I understand all the "technical" stuff, but anyway, Hershel was bitten and had half of his leg amputated by complete amateur surgeons and there he was, runnig happily across the fields until he got his neck amputated by the Governor and that was, yes, the ultimate amputation. I'm not sure if implementing amputation would be fun or not, but I think that if we stick too tight to realism then maybe we shouldn't play a game which is about... well... surviving a zombie apocalypse.
  8. Maybe not that interesting for commiting suicide, but as a weapon (specially against intruder NPCs), hell, yes!
  9. I don't understand why, after near 2 years and 5k zeds killed, i still so rewarding finding those damn canned beans...
  10. I agree. But sometimes, when I enter a house and there are a couple or 3 zeds in a room and I happily enter this room without much care... damn, they still scare the shit out of me!! :S
  11. Do you wear suspenders and a bra, as well? lol
  12. Nope, it only goes down as you kill them off. BUT, I've killed 'bout 5.000 of them and still finding hordes in Muldraugh... D:
  13. Following this topic, don't you think that traits could be then more RPG oriented? For instance, you could eventually get the coward trait if you are always inside your safehouse and the whole set of traits could change depending on your actions. Also, if you think about sprinting, why do you need to spend UNCOUNTABLE HOURS running to get fit (= fulfill the 5 slots)? And conversely, how can you be a whole month stucked at home without losing your fitness? Just random thoughts...
  14. I have this game in where I've killed about 5k zeds and my character still gets panicked when he sees ONE damn single zombie! Wouldn't it be a fair implementation to gain traits as you overcome different situations? (f.e. getting the "brave" trait once you've killed an specific amount of zombies, or becoming overweight if you eat too much -or too much chips...-, etc.).
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