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  1. Pie
    Beard got a reaction from DRSHLK3000 in Build 41.36 Crashes   
    Can you try making sure to update your graphics drivers to the latest version?

    This should be the driver website where you can download them:
  2. Like
    Beard got a reaction from Damano in Localization doesn't work   
    Try going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and delete the "options.ini" file. Then when the game starts again it will let you choose the localization. Try picking Russian there and see if that works.
  3. Like
    Beard got a reaction from HolyKnight in the letters don't appearance   
    Try going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" on your computer and delete the "lua" folder there.
  4. Like
    Beard got a reaction from Thewhitewolf in Save files corrupt, world version 0   
    Hmm alright I have one more idea then, try creating a new game. Then go to the save folder for that game and copy the map_ver.bin to this saved game that doesn't work.
    If that doesn't help either I believe that the actual save became corrupted due to the crash, and I am out of ideas how to save it after that really.
  5. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to CaveCanem in Can't launch game with since build 41.30   
    Hey! That got it working again, thanks bunches stranger! 
  6. Spiffo
    Beard got a reaction from CaveCanem in Can't launch game with since build 41.30   
    Hm, in that case can you try unsubscribing from both those mods and then restarting the Steam client? After that go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and delete the "mods" folder there as well. This should stop the mods loading at the start and having your Steam restarted will remove them from your PC, then you can just subscribe to them again and they should load properly now.
  7. Spiffo
    Beard got a reaction from LucasAlves in Problem loading game menu   
    Try going to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and delete the "lua" folder there, that should fix this issue.
  8. Pie
    Beard got a reaction from ZombiesLoveBrainiacs in Can't start game if any mods are enabled: "couldn't find [file]"   
    Try going to "B:\Games\Steam\" and rename the "SteamApps folder to "steamapps", this is a Steam bug since they changed the name of the steamapps folder.
  9. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to Kevin Johnson in Can't launch game with since build 41.30   
    Just seen someone post on steam that its 'SteamApps' causing the problem. It needs to be renamed 'steamapps'. Just tryed it and the game loaded fine
  10. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to AngelBirb in Build 40.43 not loading UI anymore.   
    It worked! You have no idea how thankful we are. We've been trying to fix it for a while now.
  11. Like
    Beard got a reaction from Jack_Soundwave in Coffee bug   
    Can you go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid and upload the "Logs" folder? Just attach it to your next message, it will show us what those errors are exactly.
  12. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to Jack_Soundwave in Coffee bug   
    Okay, here are the logs from today's session.
    24-01-20_08-16-22_DebugLog.txt 24-01-20_08-26-32_client chat Bob.txt 24-01-20_08-27-00_ZombieSpawn.txt
  13. Like
    Beard got a reaction from DresdenBBQ in Redboid [24/7] [Hydrocraft] [ORGM]   

    To all PZ Survivors,
    Redboid has just had a fresh wipe for the New Year, New Decade!
    One of the longest running servers with a dedicated admin team and ever-growing community.
    Our focus is to provide an experience you will not forget! Ranging from events, factions, PvE, PvP and a touch of role-play.
    Let us not forget the hordes of the undead that plague the lands!
    The possibilities are endless. What will the zombie apocalypse turn you into?!
    A leader of a glorious faction? A ruler of ruthless bandits?
    Or just your general survivor, trying to get by in this wretched world.
    Here you will be virtually challenged both mentally and physically,
    dealing with a constant onslaught of zombies amongst other
    desperate survivors and mother nature herself.
    Whom can you trust? Will your best friend betray you?
    Will someone trip you to save their life from the horde?
    Or would they sacrifice their own, so you can live another day?
    Which path will you take? Come Join us on Redboid to find out!

    We have a thriving community, along with friendly active Admins that are willing to answer any questions & help with any problems you may have.
    Our server is run in favor of you players to give you all different play experiences & opportunities. Come join us for the new season for some fun filled events, a brand new KOS area extension to try out & a play through experience you will remember!
    Vanilla - Midriver - Ballincoolin - Fort Redstone - Valley Station Military Checkpoint
    Hydrocraft ORGM Filibuster Rhymes' Used Cars Nocturnal Zombies Advanced Trading Post **(NEW!)** & Many more
    Server settings:
    3 alternate characters per player 5x character XP gain
    Reddit: reddit.com/r/redboid Discord: https://discord.gg/MSVhKKf Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9S2VFO6ij1kATWNCU3nPyg
      Please feel free to join our discord! Here you will have full access to all the server’s information and designated areas for questions, suggestions, announcements, direct contact with the admins and more.
    We shall look forward to seeing you there
    As always
    Have Fun & Be Safe!
    -The Redboid Admin Team
  14. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to crossed in Game keeps crashing   
    I put most of the items into containers and played for like an hour without crashing so I guess it worked, thanks both of you
  15. Spiffo
    Beard got a reaction from crossed in Game keeps crashing   
    Can you check if the area you are crashing around has a lot of trash / items lying around? I recognize this bug that it was fixed by cleaning up the area, just putting items into containers and not having them strewn on the ground.
    Even if there are a few items, can you try just putting them in containers and see if the crash happens again after doing that?
  16. Like
    Beard got a reaction from pop987 in 黑色邊框,退出時崩潰   
    It is usually recommended that a hosted server has a minimum of 2 GB, sometimes even 4 is necessary. The black border can also be the cause of the computer not being able to keep up with the map loading or the internet being slow between you two.
  17. Pie
    Beard reacted to Caturday in Engine quality   
    Engine quality is 91, its almost perfect.
    In additional, engine quality does not affect amount of attempts to start a car, it affects the speed of the car and starting velocity w/e its called.
    I have a step van with 49 engine quality (spawned with 90% engige condition) and current 77% condition, it never starts with more than in 2 tries unlike my ambilance.
    Step van:


    As you can see, ambulance engine is in a better shape, but since it has been spawned as "trash red car", and step van has been spawned as a good condition car, ambulance engine does not start properly.

  18. Pie
    Beard reacted to Geras in Engine quality   
    Can confirm, I have a Franklin All Terrain with 99 engine quality, and it often takes a few tries to start it. Spawned as a high condition car, performance parts etc.
    Also, engine quality can get over 100 and below 0. I've seen a car with 102 engine quality, and a car with negative engine quality. There seems to be something off about this value. Also I've seen cars with high condition parts (overall car condition 75-80%, but engine quality below 10.
    My 99 engine quality Franklin All Terrain:
    Negative engine quality:

  19. Like
    Beard got a reaction from Kuren in Game not quitting when quit is pressed   
    Could you try disabling your antivirus and try to save again? It might be that the game tries to actually save but gets stuck for some reason on the menu.
  20. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to Geras in [iwbums] Zombies shrinking into a pile of body parts   
    Attaching log.rar
    Hope this helps.
  21. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to HostofProselyte in [Build 41.18 Missing Weapon and Item Textures & Barricading Crash   
    i5-4300M Intel Core processor, 2.60 GHz CPU, 8gb RAM
  22. Like
    Beard got a reaction from Geras in [iwbums] Zombies shrinking into a pile of body parts   
    You can go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and upload the "Logs" folder from there here. It contains the logs from previous game starts, so it could be helpful in finding what caused this bug (if there were any errors)
    It would also be helpful to provide the day this happened on, as the Logs folder sorts by days.
  23. Spiffo
    Beard reacted to JustinDaniels in Dirty Laundry + Washer = BUGFEST!   
    Sure thing!  Here ya go!
    Logs Folder.rar
  24. Pie
    Beard got a reaction from Thelonestander in Cant change settings Build 38 - 41   
    Can you go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and upload the "Logs" folder and "console.txt" file from there here? Do this after the game freezes and crashes again, maybe we will see if there is anything causing that.
  25. Pie
    Beard reacted to Tonzint in Build 41 - Crouch jog speed unaffected by fractures   
    Fractures don't slow down character's movement speed while crouch jogging.
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