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  1. Beard

    FPS Drops/Stuttering v40.43

    Hmm, it would be pretty difficult to identify as to what can cause those micro stutters. Since it only started happening these last few weeks it would usually mean that something outside of the game could slow it down. Maybe a new security program. Maybe a blue light filter program like f.lux. Maybe turning on Steam / Discord overlays and such. I would probably looks first there, if anything changed between those weeks before and now. You could also try changing a few settings in the Options, like turning off Post Process and lowering other settings. There are a few combinations of settings and different people are comfortable with different options there.
  2. Beard

    FPS Drops/Stuttering v40.43

    You could try deleting the Zomboid folder to start totally fresh, as that stays even after reinstalling the game. Other than that, have you installed any other external programs that would mess with the game? Or even changes some game settings to different values. With those specs, your game should be running just fine unless there is some weird mod messing with it or external programs.
  3. Beard

    Pixelated texture bug

    Hey, what graphics card do you have? Is it an integrated graphics card? Also, you can try turning off Post Process in the options to try and fix it.
  4. Beard

    El juego se cierra segundos de ser abierto

    Make sure that you have the latest graphics card drivers installed. Other than that, can you tell us what graphics card you have and how much RAM your machine has?
  5. Beard

    Server Crashing and Vehicles Duplicating

    This used to be a bug in the old versions but was fixed if you have the latest version installed. Other than that, I imagine the amount of mods could definitely mess with the server and the cars duplicating, I cannot tell which mod specifically can cause that, but usually outdated ones or those that change car properties are a good start.
  6. Beard

    change timescale

    Do you have any stutters if you start another save? Are you using any mods with the save?
  7. Beard

    Start-UP Zip error

    This specific error can easily be fixed by going to your Zomboid folder "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" When there, delete the "" file and the game should run just fine again after that.
  8. Beard

    Linux startup crash caused by missing xrandr

    Try editing the and make sure that the class path looks like this, thats another solution: SET PZ_CLASSPATH=java/jinput.jar;java/lwjgl.jar;java/lwjgl_util.jar;java/sqlite-jdbc-;java/trove-3.0.3.jar;java/uncommons-maths-1.2.3.jar;java/javacord-2.0.17-shaded.jar;java/guava-23.0.jar;java/ I believe this bug is pretty rare and it happened only when updating from the older 38 version to the new 40 version of the game if I remember correctly. Or did this happen on a fresh install?
  9. Beard

    mouse cursor disappearing?

    Another thing that comes to mind and could cause the issue are the windows DPI settings. Quote from this post ""
  10. Beard

    mouse cursor disappearing?

    Do you have mouse trails enabled on Windows in the Mouse Settings? Disabling that option should fix it. Disabling Precision in the same settings could work also if this doesn't help.
  11. Beard

    Car bugs (Dash Hud Not Showing up in Server)

    I wouldn't know honestly, I haven't tried those mods personally and I haven't had that dashboard bug either. Disabling all mods is usually the first step in figuring out what causes the problem. It might not be that specific mod causing it.
  12. Beard

    Car bugs (Dash Hud Not Showing up in Server)

    The faster reading one seems redundant too, as that is an option in the sandbox as well.
  13. Beard

    Car bugs (Dash Hud Not Showing up in Server)

    I do see several other mods that can cause a lot of issues with the game enabled in the console. I cannot really tell which ones would do that exactly, but taking them off one by one could fix the problem. Even if the mod doesnt directly edit the cars it can cause trouble. For example comments in this mod say that it breaks the game, it can be similar to the other trait mods and such: If you start a Sandbox game, you can add as many trait points as you want in the "Character tab", so trait points mods are pretty outdated. Also, make sure to backup your save game before taking off any mods, so you wont lose any progress if the specific mod wasnt the one breaking the game. You can go to "C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid\Saves\One Week Later" (or the specific game mode you picked) and backup the folder with the save name. Then you can put it back if you find the culprit.
  14. Beard

    Car bugs (Dash Hud Not Showing up in Server)

    Hmm, at this point I would try reinstalling the game in hopes that would fix it. Before that though, can you go to "Go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid" and grab the "" file and upload it here? Make sure you do this after you get the error again, since those logs only log the last few games and we wouldn't be able to see the error if it wasn't recent. Those logs should give us the whole console and we can check if there is anything else causing that problem.
  15. Beard

    Car bugs (Dash Hud Not Showing up in Server)

    Have you tried verifying the game as well? Something could have gone wrong in the files and certain errors can be fixed with doing that: Steam Library > Right click Project Zomboid > Properties > Local Files > Verify Local Files