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  1. Beard

    game stop working

    Hey, could you tell us what your graphics card is? Could you also try setting 3D models in your Options to "None" and see if the game is playable with that.
  2. Beard

    The wall of logs is not available

    Could you give us a list of all the mods that you have enabled?
  3. Beard

    The wall of logs is not available

    Are you using any mods? Especially any that change how building works.
  4. Beard

    vehicle invisible

    Unfortunately, I dont think that your graphics card can handle the 3D graphics that the game requires to play with Vehicles. You can always go back to the last version without cars if you want: Right-click Project Zomboid in the Steam games list Go to Properties Go to the Betas tab Select Build 38.30 from the drop-down list Press OK
  5. Beard

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    I can say it is a pretty weird problem that has not happened before, the only thing that comes to mind right now is to send us the console logs, so we can maybe see if anything specific in there would cause the problem. So, to proceed: - Play the game, co op or otherwise and try driving the car. The car wont move, but just keep trying to drive it for several seconds, then just quit out of the game - After you quit out, go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid folder on your computer. There you will find a "" file, upload it here. It should contain information about the game and the logs from it. So if any errors or anything weird is happening, we can take a look at that.
  6. Beard

    vehicle invisible

    Turn the player models on again and let the game crash, then go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid and upload the "" file here. It should contain useful information about the crash, so we can see what exactly the error is.
  7. Beard

    vehicle invisible

    What are your computer specifications? Mainly what is your graphics card? You can try updating your graphic drivers, maybe the latest update has a fix for the crashes.
  8. Beard

    Bug with red BBQ Build 40.43

    Are you using any mods? If I remember correctly, hydrocraft would cause this bug where certain fuel items would not register.
  9. Beard

    Car eyes trait is not working

    Are you using any mods? For example the Hydrocraft mod allows you to wear glasses, and one of the glasses actually darken your vision. You can also ask the server admin to try to remove the trait and add it back, you should see the difference instantly and see if it works.
  10. Beard

    Vehicles Just Spinning Out and Not Moving

    Are you using a controller to drive? If so, what kind of controller. Has driving worked just fine when you were playing alone?
  11. Beard

    losing weight This is a good guide for weight gain and weight loss, you would need to eat very low calorie foods and do a lot of running or jumping over fences, or even try hitting trees (get close to them and hold the space bar to just keep punching them, its a fast way to waste calories and lose weight)
  12. Beard

    game wont open

    Could you tell us what your system specifications are? Mainly the graphics card, since this problem is directly tied to it and it should be fixed when you upgrade your graphics card driver, otherwise it can mean that your graphics card might be outdated for the current game version, and you would need to roll back to the previous version to be able to play (build 38 for example)
  13. Try disabling Zoom in the game options. If that doesn't work, try running the game in compatibility mode. Start the game through the Steam Library and pick Compatibility mode when starting it. You can also try what this player did - Setting the game to a higher priority in the task manager:
  14. Beard

    White Screen on startup

    Hey, go to C:\Users\YourUserName\Zomboid on your computer and upload the "console.txt" file here. It should contain more information about the problem.
  15. Beard

    Mac OS problem 3D

    Make sure you have the latest updates and drivers and install this latest Nvidia driver: