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  1. Winter is Coming Challenge - 3rd times the charm

    Hello! Part 2 of Attempt 3 is now live! You can check it out HERE or by clicking the link below. Toodles
  2. Hello fellow survivors! I've decided to give the Winter Challenge one more try. You can check out Part 1 HERE or by clicking the link below. Hope you enjoy! Toodles
  3. Winter is Coming Challenge - Attempt 2

    Hello survivors! You can catch up on Episode 2 of Part 2 HERE, or by following the link below. Toodles
  4. Winter is Coming Challenge - Attempt 2

    No, Mo is still going strong. Unfortunately winter refused to appear in that play through so it became pointless to continue
  5. Hello fellow survivors! Well, what can I say, it looks like our first attempt at the challenge was a bit buggy So here's attempt 2! Hope you enjoy. Toodles!
  6. Challenge Winter is coming

    Hello, I'm not on the vehicle test branch. I have tried a test to see if it was my games files that were causing the issue. I made a random character, started in Muldraugh, then sped up time, eating, drinking, and sleeping when I could. I made it to day 7 before I died, but before I died it got cold
  7. Winter is Coming Challenge

    I'm back! but I didn't bring the snow
  8. Winter is Coming Challenge

    Will it, or wont it?
  9. Winter is Coming Challenge

    Hi, I use OBS Studio to record my footage. I have an NVidia card so I use NVENC H.264 encoder. I use CQP for rate control with a CQP value set at 12.
  10. Winter is Coming Challenge

    Hey Guys, Part 9 of my attempt at The Winter is never going to arrive Challenge is now live! Enjoy! Toodles
  11. Winter is Coming Challenge

    Will this be the episode when it eventually starts snowing?
  12. Winter is Coming Challenge

    Oh, the weather outside is frightful,But the fire is so delightful.And since we've got no place to go,Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!

    Give the helicopter event a 0.01% chance to land and rescue the survivor, then everyone would love the helicopter! Personally I don't mind the event, I tend to make sure I'm scavenging on the other side of town between day 6 and 9 usually and that tends to work out for me Toodles