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  1. Challenge Winter is coming

    Hello, I'm not on the vehicle test branch. I have tried a test to see if it was my games files that were causing the issue. I made a random character, started in Muldraugh, then sped up time, eating, drinking, and sleeping when I could. I made it to day 7 before I died, but before I died it got cold
  2. DrivPZr

    I did a little jig when I saw this
  3. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Hello! Thank you for putting this out for testing. As far as performance goes, I usually run the game at 60 fps and usually keep at around 58-60 fps depending on location and zombie count. On the Vehicle branch I was running at around 28-33 fps with it dropping to around 19 fps as I entered a more densely populated area (West Point) My CPU usage fluctuated between 43% and 68% again depending on area and zombie count. Spec: i7-4790k CPU @ 4Ghz 16GB Ram Nvidia GTX780 Ti GPU Windows 10 Home Toodles Also some texture bugs on the road from Muldraugh to Rosewood. Textures visible depend on viewing angle
  4. May Dayoid

    Hello! Keep up the good work. The golf course looks to be a nice addition to the map. I hope someone is working on a mod so that we can get in a quick 9 holes after a hard day surviving the apocalypse! Toodles
  5. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Hey guys, The game hanging on the click to start screen only seems to happen (at least for me) when I convert an old save to 37.3 Once I exit the game, the converted save loads as normal. Toodles
  6. How to use Admin commands

    Hey Wulfien, From what I remember (unless it's changed recently) you type the admin commands directly through the chat. Press T to bring up the chatbox, then type the command into chat using a "/" before the command, for example /chopper or /creathorde 1000 Toodles
  7. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Alarm on a digital watch now stops after three rings.
  8. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Hello, Thanks for the update. All carpentry items can be crafted instanteneous without the need for materials Toodles