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  1. Basements

    Agreed, but most people want it as a feature from what I've seen.
  2. Good sources of metal bars?

    There are some stores like the one on Riverside where you can find plenty. Idk where else since I've never survived long enough to use metalworking.
  3. Thanks for letting me know! So to do it you just press/hold CTRL?
  4. Drive Bys-After reading the latest thursdoid and seeing the hit-and-run capibility being added, I thought, maybe we can also do drive-by shootings in PvP enviroments later down the line, kinda like GTA I suppose. I don't know if this would be a great idea or not because it might be too unbalanced as one can simply get a quick injure or possible kill with this tactic and run away with it, or maybe even kill multiple zombies in the safety of your own car. Of course my idea to balance this would be as the driver, your handling of the vehicle would be impaired by 50% when doing a solo drive-by. Meaning you can crash if you take off too fast or your car turns randomly like when your character is impaired when drinking alcohol. Or when accuracy is impaired aswell. Your friends can also help you out and you act as the get-away, this could be cool in RP situations or would make for some cool moments. Vehicle explosions, fires, and disabling damage- Right now to me, vehicles are missing a crucial part to making them feel more "dangerous" to drive. It isn't punishing to just get an injury when crashing at 100Mph into a tree/building/car just to be able to take off like nothing happened other than some broken headlights and a totaled hood and windshield. You can still drive the car fine as there is no broken radiator that's on smoke and no possible engine fires either. The explosions would be rare, as they would require certain conditions to make them "explode". (car "pops" and is engulfed in flames, not a GTA type explosion where the car goes flying.) If you're in the car the moment you crash and you don't get out in time, you could die immediately or suffer heavy injuries such as burns and fractured bones. Also, cars being shot with fire-arms can damage modules on them, ie. windows, tires, engine etc... After all, you guys are trying to make the game pretty realistic right? EDIT: Nevermind, since no one bothered to tell us you can do drive bys in like no where at all then how am I supposed to know it's actually a thing. I never tried it because I thought it wasn't a thing, as I don't recall it being mentioned on Thursdoids. Anyways that's cool I suppose but it can use some further improvement later on. But I wanna know what you guys think of the second topic. So far, people agree with me. Thanks for your comments
  5. Basements

    I thought they said the current engine wouldn't allow this. Idk. But would be a cool feature later down the line.
  6. Is this on the weather build by any chance? Because I am seeing the same problem there.

    Also another thing I noticed that should work, is that the car headlights don't allow for clearer visibility during fog, as in real life, you can set it the lights to low beam and high beam depending on the thickness of the fog, though I don't think you should go as far as to putting 3 settings for headlight conditions. Atleast being able to see better with them on should be a thing. The new shaders can also mess the lighting brightness at night (as I previously reported). I am guessing this is all unintentional and is being worked on of course.

    I am probably going to end up testing the build more if I have time, but right away as I started a new game, I encounter a bug that can get annoying when it gets foggy. There appears to be black lines that get on screen and fade away as the fog goes away aswell. If you zoom in, you can still see the lines up to a point, so playing zoomed out is not good. Also, I am not sure if this is intended but, is the interior lighting supposed to be almost the same as the outside one? When turning on the lights it looks the same, and at night, it just seems as if there were no lights. (These are day time screenshots btw.)
  9. Will they be affected by rain? Like your car can skid/get out of control if you turn to hard when it's raining? Maybe some roads are slippery and some aren't depending on where they are located and what type of terrain it is. Snow could mess your engine up in the winter if you don't run your car's engine at all as freezing it will cause damage which would then be repaired with a high mechanic skill and might even need replacement parts. Maybe your character's visibility is decreased when raining and snowing unless the wipers are on. These could all be helpful if you think vehicles need to be harder to maintain, since this game does a good job with realism. I could put more things but those are the first that come to mind. Also, you guys never implemented a digital clock on the cars....
  10. I've been wondering about that too. Also, about those old mondoid vids that showed cool little things like tree swaying, and other minor details that I'd think would be put in game in upcoming builds.
  11. Build 39: Vehicles released!

    You guys work really hard at TIS. Thank you for the amazing updates and for listening to your community. Looking forward to anims and other minor updates!
  12. New Animations and Clothing

    Yeah, I'd suppose it lacks all the *minor* detail additions they have been working/will work on (things like wheather, and other cool little detailed things) that make the game look better. I'd be able to make a whole list of other things they could/will add before release, but eh, you all should already know if you read the Mondoids/Thursdoids.
  13. Restrictive Dresses + Animation

    But who would wear a dress and heels in a zombie outbreak? EDIT: Nvm, the idea of Role-playing didn't come to mind until now...
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Yup, I'd imagine pouring cologne into a wound would be horribly painful and would probably make things worse. But your idea of irritation would be a cool little addition.