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  1. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Oh god, I just looked through the text file and there seems to be a lot of errors consisting of "missing tiles". Wow, maybe that's the problem? Those are to many errors. Hopefully that's the bug that's causing the cars to disappear.
  2. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Alright! Cool, thanks for letting us know where to search in-case anyone encounters it again. It does seem to be rare though, but will definitely report it here if I catch the game slipping. Also, can I please have the instructions on how to find and get an error file/text? I am quite new to this bug reporting thing and I just want to be sure I help out with the errors we encounter. Or did you just list every step in your last comment?
  3. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    I've had generators on my cars before and have never seen this issue. I'll test this out in my current save and risk some of the vehicles I have near my base. I'll post any error (if any) I get from doing that. Also, hearing multiple people reporting that their vehicles are disappearing after loading a save is worrying me lol.
  4. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Currently I have been playing on a custom survival setting on sandbox and things have been pretty good even with multiple mods of my choice being used. I am currently at around Day 17 and my power has gone out in-game, and so far so good. The zeds are forming pretty big hordes and my game has yet to still lag or stutter at all. I used to have horrible lag and stutters before but not any more. Averaging from a solid 100fps to a constant 60fps when big hordes and action is going on. I haven't experienced any horrible bugs or glitches or for a matter of fact, any game problems that have to do with my system like any crashes or errors popping up..... and yes, I have tested mostly everything from different scenarios and settings on sandbox and they all work great. I can give out screenshots of the settings and mods if you'd like later. Even in-game performance with the FPS counter on top. I have been enjoying the new addition of vehicles and have been able to do things I didn't do before like take long trips without worrying about wasting time running to that location, therefore moving bases, and items, are now a more viable thing for me. Since I never had the courage of moving from one base to another place. Ex. Setting a base at Riverside then moving to Muldraugh. I can escape dire and dangerous situations where as before I'd probably die. I could write much more about how many things vehicles have changed in terms of game play. I do have some complaints and more feedback to give to the devs but I can't think of too much right now since I am at work at the time of writing this. If you want the extra feedback or want to ask me specific questions, feel free to ask them. I will give my best responses to help with the feedback gathering. Also I will be giving my PC specs once I get home. QnA made by myself: Q:Do you think vehicles are overpowered? Or game breaking? A:No I firmly believe that at their current state they are not op in any way due to the fact that they will at some point break down and you can get in a situation where you're stuck and the zeds will end up breaking your windows for their tasty meal. You can even have injuries if you crash which makes driving vehicles less op. They are great at the moment and I believe they are balanced. At some point you won't be able to refuel your car since power goes out, gas goes too. So stocking up on gas is crucial. Q: Have you ran over zombies and crashed? A: Yes, I have gotten a few zeds killed just by ramming into them but it isn't the best way of clearing them, again, it's balanced. And yes I've had accidents. Q: Have you experienced any game breaking vehicle bugs or glitches? A: No, not yet atleast. They are working fine. Q: Does it lag or stutter at all when driving around the map? A: Not really, even though I do get the occasional lag hiccup every now and then. But only had it happen 4 times when there's a lot of trees around. I'll reply to question instead of putting them here. Feedback regarding car sounds: I don't like that the sounds can be heard looping, specially when sounding the horn, backing up in vans, and sometimes the engine sounds hiccup or can be heard looping. Please add more variety of crashing sounds instead of the generic glass shattering sound. Driving: It's good where it's at. Additional vehicle details that I would like to see: The heater and cooler don't seem to be working, everything is fine but it seems like it either is ineffective or not working. Please add a digital clock to the car dashboard. Some vehicles damage textures are weird, like red paint on the glass? Will there be visible movement/actions whenever the anims come out? Like if I open the car door or trunk, will we see that? On an old mondoid I saw a car with an open door. Will we get more vehicles like bikes, motorcycles, buses, big trucks/commercial trucks etc..? Ok that's it for now, this is the biggest thread I've made and I don't want to make it any bigger than this or else readers will ignore and not see this. I just want to help the devs and contribute to the topic. Thank you.
  5. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.49

    Maybe they've added food "experition/good-by" mechanics. Which is better for gameplay since it's realistic. I mean, food doesn't last forever, even if refrigerated, it only helps it last longer than if not refrigerated. EDIT: I have never noticed this since I've never lasted long enough to experience the food degradation due to time.
  6. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Alright, will try when I get home.
  7. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Any anims news about how close we are to using them in a test branch? If not then that's all good. Just curious to see how close vehicles are done at this point. EDIT: Never mind. I just read the newest and latest great Thursdoid page! Nice, closer and closer to it. Um, also on a side note, did anyone notice the issue I am still having with something wrong on Sandbox? It's the constant lag hiccups that happen every 2 seconds after 5 minutes of starting a custom survival setting. (More details on my comment from like 2 days ago.)
  8. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Wait, so does that mean that if everything goes fine with the current vehicles build, and is moved to IWBUMS, is it a step closer to releasing it to the actual stable game version? Or did I read and interpret something wrong? Just curious.
  9. RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Recently I've tried playing with the newest vehicles build "40.6", I started up a sandbox with "survival" mode with the following changes made only to the zombie lore: -Peak Day set to 28 -Initial Zombie Pop. Multiplier set to 0.001 -Peak Zombie Pop. Multiplier set to 4.0 -Respawning is set to 0 (off) I tried out playing like this because a youtuber (ambiguous amphibian) is playing with this settings and with "Super Survivors" and he has had no problems what so ever. After 5-10 mins of playing, the game started stuttering every 2 seconds (which was ridicoulous). I did have mods on but it turned out that none of them are the issue. These are the 5 mods I had on: -Super Survivors -Souls Cooking Time -Souls Farming Time -Zombie Cure Cocktail -I can Shoot and Use Generators It turned out that those mods had nothing to do with the game/s worlds problems. Which then I tried messing with the graphics settings and game modes and nothing helped. Just to make sure, I even verified game file integrity but that didn't fix it either. I then proceeded to only play on game mode presets like "Initial Infection" up to "six months later" and not sandbox. This solved the issue but that means that there might be an issue within the game acting weird when using sandbox changes. I get no error boxes either or game crashes. I have a good PC and have never had issues with stuttering up until this build. My general PC specs are: CPU-Intel i5 7400 3GHz GPU-AMD RX 580 4GB RAM-8 GB At this point I will not touch sandbox at all, considering that's whats been causing problems.
  10. Parking Lots (of zombies)

    Excitement levels over 9000!!!!
  11. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I was just going to mention that not a lot of people are testing other things out other than just driving around in vehicles. Like what about testing out other game mechanics and see if the vehicles broke them. I've seen a person say they can't turn on house lights anymore.
  12. May Dayoid

    is all I can express.
  13. Eastoid

    Interesting progress.
  14. Here In My Car

    Amazing! I like how it actually fits in the game! Smooth and everything. Can't wait...
  15. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Really good ideas that i've seen so far!