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  1. Parking Lots (of zombies)

    Excitement levels over 9000!!!!
  2. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    I was just going to mention that not a lot of people are testing other things out other than just driving around in vehicles. Like what about testing out other game mechanics and see if the vehicles broke them. I've seen a person say they can't turn on house lights anymore.
  3. May Dayoid

    is all I can express.
  4. Eastoid

    Interesting progress.
  5. Here In My Car

    Amazing! I like how it actually fits in the game! Smooth and everything. Can't wait...
  6. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Really good ideas that i've seen so far!
  7. RELEASED: Build 37.14

    Cool, now i can play some more PZ! Good job guys
  8. In-Game Mappage

    Love this idea!
  9. In-Game Mappage

    Sounds like some real meaty updates are coming. I am so excited. So much progress being made! My goodness!
  10. Animations/Clothing Update Suggestions.

    Thanks for the answers
  11. Animations/Clothing Update Suggestions.

    Yup that's what i was referring too. So yeah thanks for clearing that up. All we have to do is wait until the release of IWBUMS with animations update really soon. As hinted more than enough in the most recent Mondoid. (Dead Territory) Thanks for your fredback on my thread.
  12. Dead Territory

    Amazing news! Great mondoid. Thank you for keeping us updated yet again on the upcoming features that are being worked on. (Nice to see cooking system is also being worked on) Great job so far on the animations! Really looking forward to the mondoids to come this year.
  13. Animations/Clothing Update Suggestions.

    Oh well, atleast i tried lol. Just letting my thoughts free. I don't like having ideas stuck and hidden away in my mind.
  14. Animations/Clothing Update Suggestions.

    I agree on that one.
  15. I decided to gather up a lot of comments today on Youtube of people's suggestions for the clothing and animations update, shorten them up, and compile them in a single forum. Please note that all these ideas are from the majority of people, and not just from me. Giving you a heads up of what the community thinks should be added. NOTE:This is not to add on to the current progress of the great, hard working, already busy, devs. I do not want them to take this as more pressure or work "To-Do". These are just suggestions after all, not something that should be in the game if the devs wish to. There is already too much work being made by them, but i decided to do this anyways just to give more ideas. In case they want to add this AFTER the planned builds are fully out (speaking after build 1.0) i don't want to delay the build release time... Ok here we go... Suggestions -Zombies ignore you when having soaking blood wet clothes. "Also imagine you got so much blood on you. The walkers will start thinking you are one of them because you smell like one. But the down side is that you will feel uncomfortable like walking makes you slower. Don't feel like eating before cleaning yourself up etc." -Blood footprints. -New showering/cleaning system. "Maybe now showers and bathtubs will have some utility besides decorating and being used to fill water bottles. Also, wet bath towels should be useful as well. showers will have use now with these bloods stains on player? mabye with soap you can get clean buff? " Zombie clothing decay/variation. "Strangely, all zombies wear perfect shoes... One might expect them to lose one boot or both after a while... And also, clothing has to have various levels of deterioration too... Right now all zombies look too fancy even with the blood cover on..." -Wearing clothes with zombie blood can infect untreated wounds. "Do you plan to add some sort of infection due to blood on your character? That chance being increased the more wounds/untreated wounds your character have." -Zombies with certain clothes/equipment can't harm you. "also recommend that zombies with a helmet are made unable to bite you, it would make sense if the same went for zombies with gloves on." -New panic mechanic. (Already answered) "when you fall over a fence, the "recovery" animation should be dependent on how high your panic is!! With high panic resulting in scrambling up again quickly and low panic being like "oh that hurt, gonna take a moment here." But it depends on panic level." Another guy said: "maybe they should scurry along the floor until they find their feet when trying to run, after being knocked/tripped over rather than lying on the floor. Or maybe even mash to bring them to their senses a bit faster." Chris Simpson's answer:"Already a thing we have anims for scrambling across the floor trying to get up in a panic, scrabbling backwards on your ass kicking zoms in the face etc. It's gonna be ace but not 100% sure that'll make it into first version." FAQ by the community "You can't swing at more than one zombie anymore? Or are those animations being worked on?" "Will this update impact my low spec pc badly?" "Is this completely CPU dependent or can my GPU also handle some of the rendering?" "Is there a way i can switch back to the old sprites or versions of the game?" "The textures of the world look off and don't fit the character's models and clothing anymore. (in some people's opinion) Will you work to make shaders and improve them?" I made this because i thought it would be good to get the people's major suggestions out to the people at the forums to see. I hope you understood this doesn't have to be implement if the devs don't want to... again i don't want to annoy them by any means. Thank you devs for working on such a great game! I appreciate your hard work, and time that you're putting into this game. I am looking forward to what the community thinks of this. Thank you again.