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  1. I personally wouldn't be able to take advantage of this, since I'm retired and don't go to school, but I think this game is good enough that it'd be great to stick on a USB key and take down to the computer lab or to play on your lunch hour. Old school classics like Quake 3, Counter Strike, and Unreal Tournament were made portable by their communities because they were so damn good people couldn't wait to get home in order to play. Now, this might be handing over the keys to the pirate crowd, but it also might be one of those "swing vote" issues for pirates that makes them say "these devs a
  2. I love these threads. You know a game is good when it makes you fantasize about your imaginary self like you're a little kid again.
  3. I had a safehouse set up in the Dr.'s office. Was pretty cozy, but I wanted to make a run to the large warehouse so I could get my hands on an ax. I misjudged how long the trip would be. It started to get dark, and travelling on the main road is always dicey. It was about 11pm by the time I made it there, and I was desperate to get inside and sleep. I was on the verge of passing out. I make it into the warehouse through the window. It's completely dark inside. I knew there was a zombie inside because I got spooked. However, because it was so dark, I couldn't properly judge when to swing. Got b
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