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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to Batsphinx in Wednesday 28th IWBUMS Server Megatest - Free PZ codes for participants   
    Just added to the IWBUMS public beta is an MP server option that Stas from General Arcade has been working on.
    This momentarily pauses all player activity when admins require server saving, instead of having it stretch out while players are out performing various in-game actions. Stas has also worked on shortening these save times – so this should all help lag, black boxes and the like. It’ll also need a stress test. So…
    This Wednesday 28th June at 7pm GMT (8pm BST, 9pm CEST, 2pm ET) we will be running a test IWBUMS server with this new function and anyone willing to jump on and play the game for an hour will get a free Project Zomboid code to give to a friend/enemy/close family relation.
    All we need is for you to be running around on the server for an hour or so, and it’ll probably be quite a fun escapade.
    Everyone who is online one hour after the event start (so an exact moment around/about 9pm BST) will be given a free PZ Steam code upon PM-ing an organiser with:
    The Steam ID number they were playing with. An in-game screenshot of the player scoreboard with your Steam account / character name visible. (Press ESC -> Players)  
    No free codes will be handed out beyond this set time at/around 9pm BST.
    Event Begins at 8PM (BST / GMT+1)

    IWBUMS 38.4
    Port: 16261
    Password protected until 7PM (BST / GMT+1))

    Q. Who are the event organizers?
    Q. How do I get my Steam ID?
    Q. What should the screenshot look like?
    Q. How long will it take to get my key?

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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to nasKo in 37 n’ Next   
    Hello! A public build release today, along with a general overview of where we’ll be at with different stuff in the coming weeks.
    This morning we pushed Build 37.8 to Stable. This is predominantly an RJ build, apart from the Mash maps and some Yuri fixes, so our thanks to him keeping the wheel turning while work continues in our various other branches. It contains lots of fiddly longstanding fix stuff that can be read here, but the highlights run as follows:
    Maps of urban locations within the Knox Event Exclusion Zone can be found in relevant towns, in particular spawning in gas stations. They look a bit like this.
    You can make text and emblem markings on maps and share with friends and faction members in MP. In SP you also run a chance of discovering pre-annotated maps that’ve been marked up by deceased fellow survivors. These are mainly found on zombies and can lead you to stashes of weapons, tools and general places of interest. Loot at these locations could be hidden in cupboards, crates, bags left on the floor or even hidden under the floorboards. General improvements to cooking, cooking systems and food. Split screen co-op fixes. Gamepad fixes. Improved sleeping system for online servers who like to snooze. New forage UI to limit item build-up on the map. Portuguese Brazilian community translation by HiveFuse. Clearer moodle impact descriptions. New ‘version info’ box on main screen.  
    The internal tests and updates of our new physics-enhanced vehicles continue, if you haven’t seen it then our latest vid (made by Mark.exe) can be seen here. The current focus is in fixing up what we have now so that it’s all in a state that could be considered for wider testing. We will need, after all, performance feedback from as many PC set ups as we can.
    This week, then, Yuri had been looking at the build’s most glaring performance issues and glitches. There’s an oddly catastrophic slowdown that hits after twenty minutes of play that’s being looked at right now, for example, while vehicle and tree pop-in also needs addressing. Likewise frame-rate stutters seemingly tied to zooming. In recent days we’ve made good progress on reported (non-vehicular) crashes and garbage collection hang-ups, so we’ll keep on ticking off the list. Likewise, it’d be nice if we could solve some clipping and draw order issues.
    As a general ‘where we’re at’ overview, right now we have pick-ups, station wagons, ambulances, sports cars, small cars and vans in-game (although they’re yet to have different handling stats). They spawn in relevant places, and according to the affluence/role of area on the Exclusion Zone map. They crash and roll, and they really, really attract zombies – potentially a little too much. They have working headlights and are generally found locked – although keys can be found on zombies or in houses. Every car has storage in the boot, and have a handy glove box too.
    We’re also looking at two (subtle) different ways of colouring vehicle textures – so answers on a postcard if you can tell us your opinion of which if these vehicles fits in best with the PZ game world.

    What vehicles haven’t got is much ‘Zomboid’ gameplay tied to them right now – mechanic profession, maintenance, damage, player injury and other vital stuff isn’t in yet. Likewise they have no engine sound playing, the info panel UI is temporary and collision with zeds and survivors needs work. The focus right now, however, is getting their operation as glitch-free as possible – so all this will come in future weeks.
    We mentioned it last week but now have an extra body on-board in TIS Towers, in the form of Mark – a man who comes with a wealth of games industry experience and battle-hardiness.
    He’s going to be jumping into the trenches fairly imminently to help us sort out various other technical issues surrounding the new animation system, as well as tie up any other loose ends or missing bits that are holding back the release.
    In the meantime he has been implementing Assimp as our default model and animation loader, this will allow models to be loaded in in a variety of common formats that will not only aid modders in being able to easily expand the game, but will hopefully unearth a few issues with the existing loader that have prevented the rotational root motion system from being finished off.
    Mark’s experience in animation systems could then lead onto other improvements once everything is in-game, but we’ll leave expanding on that until we finally have the basic models in testing. In the mean-time it’s now clear that vehicles will release before animations, so we’re continuing the work required to let them make the best of each other.
    Work in and around animations will provide some advantages to the vehicles once they land, such as the elimination of the old system of off-screen textures that are rendered every frame in 3D and drawn in place as sprites, being replaced with the game actually drawing the 3D models directly into the screen at the correct position in a more accurate ISO perspective. This will hopefully improve things such as zombie like vehicle collisions, and make multiple vehicles integrate into the scene together better.
    With the release of 37 work begins on the more general features and improvements for 38. Its overall contents are currently under discussion but the new map expansion is pretty much certain to be in 38, alongside the MP Discord integration. Hopefully Turbo’s devices code rewrite will also be ready in time, as well as some of the improvements it can provide.
    We ran an interview with prolific PZ modder Nolan the other week, but forgot to give it a Mondoid flag. Do check it out though, as he’s a very interesting chap.

    This week’s last stand from Isnah81. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here.
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to RobertJohnson in RELEASED: Build 37.14   
    Added a "toggle to run" option in key bindings. Allows you to auto-run without holding the run key, and can be toggled on/off. Integrated a better system for the translation of the News_EN.txt on the menu screen, which now can be used for each new version. Added a "Version Info" button on the menu screen Improved ovens and microwaves: You now have access to a new oven/microwave settings UI, through right clicking and selecting 'Settings'. You can change the temperature, and use the timer dial. Ovens will 'ding' when the time is up, microwaves will turn off. Putting metal in a microwave can result in fire. Added new sounds to oven/microwave. Added "operating" light to oven/microwave. Food Changes: Some food will become less edible when microwaved, increasing character sadness. Eating food hot/cold will have relevant impact on character happiness/sadness. Lootable Map Items: Maps of urban locations within the Knox Event Exclusion Zone can be found in relevant towns, in particular spawning in gas stations. Current maps you can find cover Muldraugh, West Point, Rosewood and March Ridge. To look at a map right click it and then select "Read Map". Using the new map UI you can zoom with the mouse wheel, add your own notes and a bunch of provided symbols. You can write in 4 different colors: grey, black, red and blue - but you'll need to have found the relevant pens! Mistakes can be erased by clicking the "Delete Element" button and selecting what you want removed. Annotated maps can be shared with friends and faction members in MP Updated windows jre to 8u121. Added "annoted map" system: You'll sometimes find annoted map,just like regular map but with annotations from other survivors, they are mainly found on zombies. They can lead to foods, tools, weapons, give you some interesting places.. But they can also lead you to big crow of zombies or boarded up/trapped houses! Loots could be in cupboard, crates, bag on the floor or even hidden under the floorboards! Not all are done yet, so their spawn rate is quite high for now, will balance it during the IWBUMS tests. Added some new wood crack sounds for wood floor with stash. Deer thropies and Wheelie dumpsters to be movable. Turkish translation fixes for radio by DemirHerif. Added a "Make Small Metal Sheet" recipe, done from a metal sheet + blowtorch/welding mask, gives 3 small metal sheets. Added new server option "HoursForWorldItemRemoval": Number of hours it takes for items left loose on the ground (not in containers) to disappear. Intended to prevent item build-up putting unnecessary strain on servers. Added a new Forage UI, when foraging it'll let you choose what you're looking for (mushrooms, berries, plants, animals, materials...). Added Portuguese Brazilian translation by HiveFuze.    
    Lowered the sound radius of tap water drips. Reduced the number of random building (burnt, safehouse..) from 20% to 10%. Crafting metal roof now require 1 use of the blowtorch.  
    [Bug Fix]
    Thunder sound is now tied to ambient volume. Fixed a problem in UI_EN.txt. Fixed Rosewood player spawns also resetting the spawn_region. Fixing not being able to reload weapons in normal/hard reloading difficulty. Fixed some languages having menu screen buttons misplaced. Fixed a bug where you couldn't add ingredients to evolved recipes that had already been cooked(adding sauce after cooking pasta etc) Fixed stairs pillar not set as carrying wall. Fixed nullpointer in BodyDamage.  Now stop all current action before doing a trade. Fixing walking during trade could cause duplication of traded items.           Fixed cutting cooked fish fillet resulting in non cooked fish fillet. Fixed nullPointer with certain evolved recipes. Fixed peanut butter/cheese sandwich not having nutritious values. Fixed short concrete walls blocking vision. Fixed metalwork menu popping out even if you couldn't build something. Fixed various bugs about some evolved recipes. Fixed west metal bar barricades being on the bottom of the window. Fixed random safehouse spawning incorrect zombies number. Fixed collapsed map still displaying symbols & notes. Fixed not being allowed to cut small fish fillet (weight < 1.0). Fixed some wrong painting reference for carpentry. Fixed a nullpointerExpection with dry towel. Several wall objects not being able to places (including many single facing signs). Hospital bed not being able to be picked up and showing error box when trying. Radio data reader timestamp bug causing some early broadcasts to rejected by the system. Radio/Tv commercials not working. Some erosion visual glitches like cracks appearing on fences, vines not showing properly. Radio in hand chat not logging in MP chat log. Issue with a bunch of movables turning into indestructable objects. Bug that made makeshift radio turn into a normal radio after being placed down. Office water dispensers retain water when moving. Exit sign can be places above door frames. Multi tile bath not being able to be placed again after pick up. Mannequin's can now be placed on table surfaces, and their original base tile is now considered a table. Certain objects like Tv's and radio's no longer snap to the table surface so they can be rotated in any case. Fixed some fishes having wrong weight value calcul (pikes too heavy, etc..). Fixed thunder being played for Deaf players. Fixed a crash when sleeping and spawning zombies. Added code check to avoid doing fall damage when running down stairs on laggy servers. Fixed having bleach in inventory stopping you from eating evolved recipes with more than 3 ingredients. Fixed a crash due to burning IsoCompost item. Fixed blowtorch being removed if become empty. Fixed "e" context key not working to climb down a sheet rope. Fixed server crashes when removing a non-pvp zone. Fixed a bug in the calcul of reanimate time making every reanimate to zombie almost instant. Remove bush is now possible with a stone axe. Fixed metal door fences blocking the vision. Fixed vision not updating when barricading player made construction. Now walking to the ashes when doing "clear ashes" action. Fixed a wrong calcul of the non pvp zone size when creating it. Fixed wrong properties on Lettuce item. Fixed clicking "details" in main screen open up multiple UI multiple time. Fixed duplicating factions. Remove plants + erosion data when placing floor Server options for radio tranmission staff members/invis players Some tiledef fixes Fixed oven and microwave can not be controlled from joypad Fixed do not stop alarm if alarm clock on the ground. Player can not activate alarm clock from joypad. Fixed 'Buffs/Debuffs in 4p overlap eachother' Fixed If one player is wake up in MP. Other players see screen flicker black quickly. Fixed player opening dialog window on joypad, and close on mouse will mistake the joypad focus. Fixed if joypad contain space character in the name - The game won't save it Fixed The players do not wake up without the alarm clock in MP. Fixed if players wake up in MP - the second player sees black screen. Fixed eat sounds repeated very quickly bug. Possible fix for multiplying rain collector on the ground when raining. Fixed nullpointer when testing vision of a non-existent item. Fixed players sleep mode logic. Player see "sleep clock", if he sleep. Each player wake up independently of other players. Each players can wake up if he press move keys. Added missing sync between players: curtains, LightSwitchs, Windows, AlarmClocks. Player can now select the inactive option (Sleep) from the joystick. The joypad has no control on join server page. Fixed coffee appearing 2 times in hot beverage recipe (Base.Coffee is now obsolete). Hot beverage now give thirst reduction. Fixed renaming something always put game speed at 1. Context menu "Barricade (Sheet Metal)" changed into Barricade (Metal Sheet). Your character will no longer auto drink from tainted water items. Fixed game freeze with alarm clock and -nosound option.       Fixed some of the moodles descriptions. Fixed adding fuel to a BBQ displayed "add petrol" action. Fixed wrong items distribution in bar. You can now walk over composter but are slowed by it.  
    New versions:
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to Snakeman in CartoZed   
    Thanks to all!!!
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to Snakeman in CartoZed   
    Thanks, i shared some screenshots now... this mod have language support.

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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to Snakeman in CartoZed   
    ooohh well, i need to restart my modproject

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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to turbotutone in CartoZed   
    CartoZed is a little tool that can draw 2d topdown images from lotheader/lotpack data. It should work for custom maps as well.
    The new version also has the option to export isometric renders of cells.
    Most recent version:
    CartoZed 1.2 (Full) || CartoZed 1.2 (Update)
    Older versions:
    CartoZed 1.1
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to Z3759xy in Z3759xy 's tbx-Topic   
    * Manhattown
    Unfinished mod, based on a part of Manhattan.

    Place the "Manhattown" folder inside your  ".../Zomboid/Workshop" folder to explore (no foraging).
    What is there to explore?
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to Z3759xy in Z3759xy 's tbx-Topic   
    Sadly, I'm unable to finish some projects.
    As I do not have the same amount of spare time when I started building.
    So I share all the _.tbx-files I used (Free for all). And hope it will help other members with there projects.
    * Downtown

    Included, are some (adjusted) buildings made by other members:
     - DoctahWong_Cortman Medical
     - Doublebrain_ Abandoned Factory
     - Jinja_ House-1 and House-2
     - Veged_Small House
     - Phex_Garages
     Thanks, to those members for sharing.
    * Oil-Gas/Container/Grain Terminal

    Have Fun!
    Kind regards,
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to turbotutone in ItemZed (updated 1.1b)   
    Scripts & Distribution editor.
    Welcome to ItemZed!
    ItemZed is a development and modding tool that is used to edit the contents of script modules (foodstuff items, weapons, recipes etc) and the distribution table that dictates where different in-game items can be found and looted on the map. Additionally, it loads texturepacks containing icons so you can change how things appear in-game.
    On top of the manual editing of data, there are options for the batch refactoring of large numbers of items and in-game objects.
    We have also added lua integration that allows the entire data set to be programmatically modified, and output to any sort of format – meaning that changes and new items can quickly and easily become part of user mods, and a part of the main game. They can also be used to created handy tables in html and wiki format.
    Video I
    Video II
    Most recent version:
    ItemZed 1.3 (FULL) | ItemZed 1.3 (UPDATE)
    Old versions:
    ItemZed 1.2 (FULL) | ItemZed 1.2 (UPDATE)
    ItemZed Version 1.1b download.
    (if you have 1.0 installed, put this one in a seperate directory, dont update the 1.0 version)
    ItemZed Version 1.0 download.
    ItemZed instructions
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    Sitte I. von Strolch reacted to nasKo in In-Game Mappage   
    Howdy survivor. Hope your apocalyptic nightmare scenario is going well. Here’s some news from the land of zeds…
    For many PZ players the alt-tab to Blindcoder’s map has become something of a ritual, but for a long time we’ve needed a way for players to get their bearings in-game. Using the power of Turbo’s CartoZed tool we now have the power to create top-down maps, which means that we can now also feed them to our resident artist Mash to create lootable in-game items like this. [Still somewhat work in progress – town slogan to change!]

    These maps won’t track your position, but you will be able to get you bearings and make markings on them. After all, what’s a map if you can’t mark safehouses, the homes you’ve looted and whatever other vital survival locations on it? Using this initial March Ridge template map RJ has been implementing mouse zoom, the ability to mark notes and also a ‘symbol stamping’ system that will let you annotate the maps that you find with skulls, house images, crosses etc. You can even choose your own text and icon colours. Please note that the following video is a work-in-progress!

    Importantly, too, the work has been done to make sure that these are transferable between co-op and MP players. This is a fully moddable system too, and the .png files could be expanded to faction leaflets, community maps and various other world-building materials.
    Right now the system is in place, but it’ll take a little while for maps of each major town area to be produced – West Point and Muldraugh are sizeably bigger than the March Ridge test case after all. At first, meanwhile, we will only be concentrating on urban areas and avoiding any areas that are still in-flux or could potentially change in the main game.
    Turbo’s development and modding tool ItemZed has just been released in beta form for community testing. It lets you easily play around with loot locations, item attributes, recipe contents, spawn rates and all that jazz. For further information please go here. Work at the anims coalface continues, as mentioned last week we’re turning our focus back to getting an SP build out in a Steam beta branch. We have General Arcade on the case with improving PZ’s netcode and map streaming to pave the way for EasyPickins’ vehicles work, again as discussed last week, but now also have an extra body from the Russian Mothership in the form of Eugene for the next few months. He’ll be working on engine and quality of life stuff and we’re super-excited to have him with us for the next little while. Our apologies for the delay of the recent build releases on GOG. The new versions are with the GOG guys, and should be going live very soon, if not already. COMMUNITY MAPPAGE
    A quick shout out to Z3759xy on our forums who has had to step away from some, quite frankly, incredible PZ map-making projects due to the amount of spare time he has on his hands – and we dearly hope that someone else picks up his .tbx baton, or performs a team-up operation. Some really great stuff in here!
    The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is now open for chat and hijinks too. A general overview of the content of PZ builds past, in testing and upcoming can be found here. Today’s image of desolation and destruction from .exe. 
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