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    GOG Multiplayer

    Hi, I recently bought PZ after loving the demo, but I bought it off GOG instead of Steam, and now I seem to have shot myself in the foot as far as multiplayer goes -> I'm Australian, and I can't find any non password protected servers, whereas there's hundreds of steam limited servers. Kinda sucks because I love your game, I'm really impressed with the level of balance and challenge you've achieved, especially the trait system, really allows me to play my own way, just sucks having to play alone. I'd rather not ask GOG for a refund, I kind of like supporting what they're doing, so I was wondering if there's any updates in regards to some of the earlier comments I found from the PZ staff in regards to GOG galaxy server/steam server connectivity being under consideration. I don't suppose you could update the GOG page to mention that the GOG version can't play with most steam servers? Or even better, host a server somewhere in Aus? That would be amazing. Cheers for reading, have a good one.
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