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  1. sugarskull

    Inventory icon quality issues

    Well, if anyone is interested I solved the issue by changing references to item texture height from itemHgt-2 to itemHgt+1 (my guess is the texture is reporting the size based on 0 index). Icons look great in-game now! The only issue is some icons overlap a bit now so I'll need to adjust the inventory panel rows/columns.
  2. sugarskull

    Inventory icon quality issues

    I think the color loss was not in-game but from screenshot JPG compression, so ignore that... I'm testing further with 32x32 color blocks and also get artifacting like halos and appear 29x29 or so in game. The issue also appears to happen with the game's default icons. So I dug around in the code to see if I could find out what's happening. I found function ISInventoryPane:renderdetails in ISInventoryPane.lua and found this line that seems to reduce the item size by 2. When I took out the -2 the icons do appear larger as I wanted, although still don't look as nice as they should. They appear to be 31x31 and not 32x32. Hrmmmmm.... local texWH = math.min(self.itemHgt-2,32)
  3. sugarskull

    Inventory icon quality issues

    I'm working on a mod which adds lots of new icons for food items that use bowls. However, I've found that the icons look ugly in game. Please see the attached image. My icons are on the left, and the game version on the right. Original size plus 200% scale to see easier. The in-game icons look less colorful and there is artifacting from I guess a size change. My icons are 32 x 28, but I also tried 32 x 32 and they have the same problem. Does anyone have ideas/suggestions to resolve or is this just the way the game is?
  4. sugarskull

    Rotten food icons

    Hi all, I'm making a mod that in part replaces bowl icons when full of food. However, I can't find the code that defines the icons to use once a food has rotted. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Secondly, if I'm replacing icons of existing items, do I need to redefine the entire item in my script, or only the icon reference? Thank you!
  5. sugarskull

    RELEASED: Build 35.26

    Are we only supposed to be able to paint crafted furniture? I brought home some Birchwood Counters and Birchwood Floating Cabinets but was unable to paint them. It would be awesome if we could get a craftable floating cabinet, by the way. Great way to pack extra storage in my kitchen!
  6. sugarskull

    RELEASED: Build 36.4

    Loving the multi-tile item move, but I'm now getting lots of errors when trying to dismantle stuff (sinks, toilets, doors) via metalworking or carpentry. Tried to get the relevant stuff from the console, if that helps: