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  1. Mr_ARX

    Problem with dedicated server

    Thanks a lot for the response! Do you perhaps have a source for that? It could help me a lot when I will contact them
  2. Mr_ARX

    Problem with dedicated server

    Hi there! I've rent a project zomboid server at 4netplayers but i have a serious unresolved issue: Everytime i try to start my serv it stop and the customer service gave me this message: The server throws an error while downloading a mod. Workshop: item state DownloadPending -> Fail ID=498455406 Please check the mod and / or ask the mod developer why the mod can not be downloaded from Steam. My last log: Here is my servertest.ini: For me it look like perfectly fine but server stop each time I try to start it. And if I empty the line "WorkshopItems=" serv start up but obviously without mods. (Note: serv is freshly made without any added files) My question is: is this config fine? If yes can I assume the problem is coming from the host? I deeply thank anyone who can aswer! PS: sorry for typo i'm a french player