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  1. Seconding this - regularity not increasing beyond about two-thirds of max, no matter how many burpees I do.
  2. Would there be any appetite in having separate localizations (translations) for American English and British English? Currently the game's text is a mishmash of both (e.g. there are both Flashlights and Hand Torches). This is somewhat understandable as the developers are in the UK and the setting is in the US, but it's becoming increasingly strange as a few terms are not just unfamiliar on one side of the Atlantic ("hot cuppa" is an uncommon expression in the US) but also arguably vulgar ("fanny pack" is not used in British English). If we had separate files for either
  3. Can you clarify this? Stable build 35 still isn't up on GOG, in spite of indications to the contrary in the Boxingdoid post - did you mean to say that 35 would be next up on GOG ASAP, followed by beta/IWBUMS builds such as 36?
  4. PocketBrotector


    The Boxingdoid blog post (which doesn't have it's own forum topic) suggests that Build 35 was uploaded to GOG prior to Christmas, but GOG is still showing v34 for me. Is Build 35 for GOG still pending or should it be available now?
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