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  1. Hey everyone and merry christmas to all of you! I enjoyed playing PZ with friends for a long time. Recently we had a longer break and wanted to start again since the stable build (in GOG) 38.30.3 is out. I updated my copy with the Galaxy client, my friend installed the updated version directly (he owns a copy but doesn't want to use a client) and we wanted to play, so I hosted a server but when he wanted to join, every single connection try resulted in a failure. The error message in his dos box said that a no steam client would not be able to connect to a steam client. As I mentioned, we both own PZ on GOG, so steam isn't involved anywhere. For today I hosted a new server which was an exact copy of an old one (with the very same settings). The old servers ran without any problems so I assume that those problems are a result of the recent updates. Is this a common problem at the moment or am I missing something here? I would really appreciate some advice. If you need to know anything, please just ask. Have a nice evening and happy hollidays! styx
  2. Congratulations RJ! I am very happy for you! To the rest of this mondoid: those are some amazing news TIS! I am really really psyched about the stuff that has already arrived in the game (like metalworking - really cool!) and that will come in the future! Keep on that amazing work! greetings, styx
  3. styxger


    I don't think that it's fair to always complain about such things. I really don't care about what's missing in an update or what was promised and didn't make it in the update. At this moment, I have 170+ hours on my GOG-clock for PZ and I'm far away from feeling bored. I just can't wait to see all the new stuff in Build 35 (when it's released to non-steam platforms) and I'm really excited about it. Let me add something about the discussion: I spend 13,79€ on PZ and played it 170 hours (and I'm far away from being done with it). I have really no reason whatsoever to complain about. TIS is slow in development? I couldn't care less. A few features are in delay? I really don't care. I just focus on the progress they make and I'm absolutely satisfied with that. And guys, I play PZ with my cousin and for a few weeks now, with my girlfriend too. We all love this game and will keep on playing it. Maybe this is kind of off-topic (and maybe you want to call me stupid because I ask), but: what is 'ETA'? I read it all the time and have absolutely no clue! Keep on with this great work!
  4. Thanks for the quick answer! Just can't wait to see all this new stuff
  5. Hi guys, I read in this thread a bit and looked through the main homepage but didn't find anything about it, so I thought I just ask: when will the new stable build be available for non-steam platforms such as gog.com? Please excuse if it was mentioned, I just didn't find it.
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