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  1. I got a GTX 960. I saw similar bugs on streams of other people meanwhile. One of the devs of Hydrocraft told me, that it´s some tiles that are no longer valid in the vanilla tileset and since the maps use that tileset they bug out too.
  2. I found some weird graphics bugs in the base game. This are the coordinates: https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.58097054101531,0.2867881904172746,311.0196045167247 https://map.projectzomboid.com/#0.4818161821728963,0.22922098844396296,928.6995627732668 Here´s the screenshots: https://imgur.com/caJOczQ (without mods) https://imgur.com/vSgY9PJ (without mods) https://imgur.com/5JO3oNU (With AIZ 2 enhanced map mod) Someone else (Mumbler on Discord) has confirmed them. My graphics drivers are up to date. I validated the game files and redownloade
  3. drevil

    Hydrocraft Mod

    I think there is a bug with the sleeping bag. I unpacked it as usual, placed it on the ground and couldn´t sleep, only rest even though I was tired enough. Sleeping was possible in a bed. I got this error message in the logs when I tried to right click the bag and then click on sleep:
  4. drevil

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Guys seriously you are awsome, the new update for build 35 with all the nice new stuff and adjustments, wiki updated within notime and then that bugfix for the sprites, thaks!
  5. drevil

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Great mod so far, keep up the awesome work MR Hydromancerx! What I noticed is that the golden retriever is marked as a pack dog yet you can´t attach bags to him. Now I got my beloved Benny unemployed waiting for some hunting work to do. He is chewing up my boots, please do something about it
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