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  1. Hey mate. It's a shame my youtube got hacked, so loads of Issues got taken down. River Freeman was a good man, the voice of reason lol Will send you a PM
  2. Haven't been on in ages. Just a heads up to any of the old faces on here, dunno if you still use the forums. My youtube got hacked I lost loads of my videos, I'm at the moment thinking about either re-uploading them onto my channel or starting a new youtube channel for any old fans who wish to see them. I might work on some new zomboid type episodes as well, hopefully some of the old group of fans are still knocking around. peace out
  3. I have been trying to get a hold of you but can't seem to, been sending you some messages. Was trying to get you for my Friday the 13th game film. Needed some voices
  4. Check out our online RP Zomboid experience.

    Nothing was planned we met lots of cool people on it!



  5. I much more excited for animations then npcs since I just use roleplay servers. I'm hoping it will be out mid 2017.
  6. Hey mate can't seem to add you, could you send me a pm and add and your steam nane


     need some help filming a new film if you're game 

  7. Hey guys I'm back using a new email, couldn't log in to my other one. Yeah I am just waiting for the update and will do more. Thanks for the help Have you guys checked out my latest horror film, tried to contact you guys for voices on it. Have it in 2 parts as it was a long film. Check it out guys
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