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  1. So in case anyone reads this thread later on, I was able to continue my save (at least the important parts) I was able to create a new sandbox, and use a database editor to overwrite the new character with my previous character from the backup save I was able to get my base back by traveling to the base location with my character and exiting, then I grabbed all the chunk data and map data files from my previous save and overwrote what was generated in the new save I was able to remove all the zeds from my base by copying and overwriting the zpop files from my previous save Not sure if it will remain 100% stable, but I have my character, I have my base, and I can play for now. which is better than I was doing before hope this helps someone
  2. I do have a backup of the save actually. Anything I can do using the backup?
  3. Hi, I played a loooong save file a few months ago and took a break as i didn't have time to play. Came back to the game today and steam auto updated my IWBMS build to the latest. I loaded up my save and it said "converting world to newer version, may take a while on the first run etc" so I thought OK awesome it wont be a problem. Unfortunately the game crashes as soon as this process is complete. "an error has occured program will now close" My world version is 158, Can I downgrade to an earlier IWBMS build in order to continue? attached is the console crash log that the game said may have information on the crash. console.txt
  4. Building a floor over a bloody spot on the ground results in a bloody wooden floor in which the blood is seemingly invisible. I needed to click around at random in order to clean up the blood in my new house so I would stop freaking out at night. (Hemophobic) Building a floor over it should remove the blood. In addition, shouldn't rain wash away blood on the ground over time?
  5. Hi, I recently built my own base by the construction site in rose wood. When I built my back door, it displayed the wrong texture for a wooden door, instead displaying the secure door Ive only seen in the military base so far. I thought nothing of it and moved on. Every night my character builds huge anxiety and I couldn't figure out why until I built another glitched door and found out that it was "closed" when it looked open, and "open" when it looked closed. (so I had been sleeping with the door open and not realizing it.) It only seems to affect doors that are built facing this direction, I can only rotate them to two positions instead of four, and when I place the door it appears open. The first door I built in this orientation had no problems (my front door near the chain link fence) I'm not sure what I did differently down there, but I don't think I had to place the door as "open" EDIT: my ability to place an outhouse door is functioning, when i rotate it it rotates 90 degrees, when I try to rotate the wooden door it rotates 180 degrees. It seems i somehow opened my preview door? This door is closed: This door is open:
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