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  1. What is the official lore/timeline for PZ?

    I actually kept a written record of all T.V. and radio broadcasts I saw in a run through PZ to help with an upcoming WordZed project and to help keep consistency between the project and current PZ events, so I'd be happy to answer this question. Please note - major spoilers for the T.V./Radio Broadcasts. This is the relatively condensed form (still wrote up to 7 pages) - I might've missed one or two events (didn't scan the "hidden" channels), but this should be the majority.
  2. As the title suggests, nice slacks, suit jackets and ties on collared shirts (long-sleeved and short-sleeved) for undead office stiffs and players hoping to look a little more classy in the apocalypse, sports jerseys for undead fans and players alike (an opportunity for another Spiffo logo on a shirt), and mechanics' uniforms for the undead mechanics of Knox County (especially taking into consideration the recently added garage and junkyard in Riverside) - Taking inspiration from Left 4 Dead Common Infected. Short/Long-sleeved shirts, sports jersey, and suit: Mechanic's Uniform: Sports Jersey: Suit and Tie: Would also be nice to have collared shirts and ties in-game, so as to properly represent this awesome concept art for Zomboid:
  3. Nightsticks/Flashlights

    Taking inspiration from Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2, police batons for self-defense, standard carry for police officers back in 1993: I'd also suggest at least two separate types of flashlights - A large type, heavier than the other type but usable for self-defense (similar to the flashlight in-game currently), or a smaller flashlight, lighter and brighter, with a better range than the larger flashlight; also possible to clip on smaller flashlights to clothing and certain weapons (Left 4 Dead again) and therefore eliminating the need to keep equipping a flashlight in a primary slot. I'd carry a flashlight around more often in PZ if the current one was able to be used for self-defense, or if it wasn't so heavy and didn't take up a primary or secondary slot. This post is the extremely condensed version of gear suggested here, and two of the more important items I'd like to see when animations arrive.
  4. Vehicle Build: Why You Also Need Newer Vehicles

    Zomboid does take place in 1993 - would love to see some form of suburban and other SUV in-game, along with a variant of the Cadillac Deville. Branching off the Cheap Sedan, I'd also suggest some variant of a 1990-1993 Chevy Caprice and/or Crown Victoria: A variant or variants of a sedan other than the current generic sedan model in-game would be nice to have (imo).
  5. Hazards/Lightbars

    Was playing through Left 4 Dead and found a few locations I forgot about that I actually really liked (+ a better angle of the second screenshot from the original post): I'd also like to consider placement of such running vehicles and the locations they're found in/around, such as with two running patrol cars outside Mercy Hospital: A separate screenshot I found from the Resident Evil series again (note the fire/police presence directly outside the hospital): Seeing as the spawning of abandoned vehicles has been discussed as mentioned by RJ: Something that might be worth considering is increasing the chances for such running vehicles to be found outside certain locations, such as hospitals, clinics, or police stations (in addition to spawning randomly on the streets with other vehicles), when emergency vehicles would be scattered both randomly and at key locations around the map. Location/placement can be just as important as the lighting itself (imo).
  6. Regarding the idea of plywood, you aren't alone in suggesting it (talked about it here as a suggestion); it'd be nice to have one plywood sheet covering up large shop/house/police station windows, similar to how they've been protected in real life. Agree with the idea that improvements could be made to the current furniture-barricades mechanic in-game; actually overturning and using furniture to fully block doors and windows would be a great feature to see implemented.
  7. Hazards/Lightbars

    In the last Mondoid, it was nice to see that attention was being given to brake lights and physical headlights; I was thinking that it might be nice to extend that to both hazard lights and emergency lightbars on vehicles as well. Seeing vehicles in the beginning of the outbreak (recently abandoned or otherwise) with hazards on, headlights running and lightbars on emergency services/utility vehicles has been included in several zombie games (Resident Evil, The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead, No More Room in Hell, etc.) - Having the ability to find vehicles in such a way at the beginning of the apocalypse in PZ and being able to activate/deactivate such features of vehicles would be nice to have (imo), especially if in-game nights/darkness are made darker and players have to rely more upon such environmental lighting in addition to flashlights. Resident Evil has done this well at times, RE3 especially as seen with the last stand of police vs zombies (apologies for the logo): More on lighting here, in which L4D developers talk about how the use of certain forms of lighting such as car headlights or running lightbars from emergency vehicles helped with both gameplay and atmosphere.
  8. Locking Doors Under Roofs

    I've noticed that there are a few doors on the map that should lock but don't. The doors I'm referring to are mainly the ones in the police stations. The front doors of the Rosewood police station, the front doors of the West Point police station, and the garage entrance of the Muldraugh police station can't be locked with keys, in addition to several other certain doors I've found on the map, and I suspect that it's due to the overhanging ceilings. Even though they are outside doors and should be able to be locked and unlocked, they are classified as "inside" doors due to the roofs overhead, and therefore can't be locked. Doors I am referring to:,0.11612617169710698,541.8897052794558,0.18221695133828553,255.29632745642206,0.14588626830849286,98.01985887069257 (Goes for both the front doors of the police station and the firehouse.)
  9. Replacing Large Windows

    Unable to replace larger windows, such as the floor-to-ceiling ones in the banks/West Point food market and those in the police stations/storefronts. The system used to replace the smaller house windows does not work with those larger windows. Windows I am referring to:,0.14453637920325138,202.0421106185786,0.14142401276379152,282.6204505522311,0.11695387777989671,279.52936770424157 (Both those in the food market and those across the street.)
  10. Riversiders

    Riverside in PZ is not the town in Ohio for several reasons: The developers have noted that Riverside, KY is a fictional location, along with Rosewood. If the area in question is south of the Ohio River, it's Kentucky territory, as the river is the boundary for both Indiana and Ohio state lines. Riverside, OH is in Montgomery County, OH - to get there (north-east), you'd have to go past Louisville, past several large towns/cities, jump the Ohio River, pass Cincinnati, and cut through several counties with even more towns. As much as I'd love to see either Indiana or Ohio in-game, neither have been included yet, unfortunately.
  11. Riversiders

    I believe that when the map of Riverside says, "Pride Of The Mighty Ohio", it is referring to the Ohio River (hence: 'The Ohio', not 'Ohio'), rather than the state of Ohio. West Point, Muldraugh, and Louisville sit directly south of Indiana, not Ohio - and as long as the towns are south of the river below the border, it's Kentucky territory. On a separate note, I like that the river somewhat resembles its real-life counterpart -
  12. Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    Just a heads up, the police cars seem to be a bit out of whack - the livery on the SUVs is still blue while the sedans' liveries are black, and the wording is backwards on the front of the sedan while forwards on the front of the SUV - also, the lettering is backwards on the back of the sedan, which doesn't make sense. Separately, the lightbar is in the correct position on the SUVs (red, white, blue from left to right), but in the incorrect position on the sedans: Also, looking at the most recent Mondoid, it looks like the lightbar flipped on the police car to the correct position, as opposed to the non-destroyed version: Thought it might be best to bring attention to these on the forums after noticing the oddities with the aesthetics in a screenshot on Steam.
  13. So... What happened to Creative Mode?

    Work on Creative Mode was delayed due to work on animations and NPCs, as at the time TIS didn't have enough people to work on all the requested features at once. The most-recent official quote I could find on it which was back in February by EnigmaGrey: Full quote by Lemmy back in August, 2016: I also found that, in addition to lacking the man-power to work on it, steps would have to be taken to make Creative Mode more user-friendly in-general. Not sure if Creative Mode is being worked on now that Mark has joined the team, or if it's still on the backburner.

    In terms of purpose, the helicopter seems to be mainly an observation tour/scout by the US Army - one of the radio broadcasts says something to the extent of: If the pictures had been taken on ground level, I think people would quickly realize not everything is "normal" inside the Zone. I remember things were being said about the helicopter taking potshots at zombies, but I've neither seen/heard that happen in any of my runs, nor have I seen anybody remarking on something like that happening. In terms of the helicopter interacting with players beyond dragging zombies to our bases and screwing all of us over, Military Aid is a confirmed NO - once NPCs are in, I think we'll see the true hostility of the military. In terms of helicopters, that would rule out supply drops. Bombing runs should be out of the question- Bombing Muldraugh/West Point in the early days would (literally) blow the military's cover of a "relatively harmless virus" - a bombing would send up red flags everywhere, no matter how they tried to hide it. Bombing Mulraugh/West Point in late-game would realistically be fruitless as: - There would most likely not be enough soldiers/equipment alive and well enough to do so. -Every major urban center across the country is now an undead hotspot. In terms of bombing locations, towns would be small pickings. -It'd be like bolting the gate way, way after the horse took off, and make no difference in reclaiming American soil.