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  1. One item I think ought to be represented more frequently in survival games and would be a worthwhile addition to PZ with animations (imo) is the Halligan Bar, a tool used by both firefighters and law enforcement for forcible entry. Adopted widely by both police agencies and fire departments across the nation since its introduction in 1948, it is a useful tool for prying, twisting, punching, and striking, consisting of a claw, a blade, and a tapered pick. The Halligan Bar has a number of real-life uses, including the following: The tapered pick is especially useful in quickly breaching many types of locked doors; a large number of techniques can be utilized by the user(s) using both ends of the Halligan to open several types of doors, from the weaker residential/commercial to the stronger industrial types. The tool can be used to pry open the hood of a car when it is jammed from an accident. The Halligan can be tied to a rope and act as an anchor in the window frame, for improvised bailout. The Halligan and a flathead axe can be joined together/interlocked head-to-toe to form The Irons, an efficient breaching tool (and weapon in this instance). The Halligan can be used to knock down a wall in a house to get to another area. Depending on whether or not stronger vehicle glass/stronger commercial and industrial glass types will be introduced, the point can be used to break glass on a car or building for access or ventilation. With a growing prominence back in the 90s, I think the Halligan Bar would be both a worthwhile weapon and an incredibly useful tool for forcible entry when needed in-game. With the potential to be found primarily among fire department and law enforcement locations, vehicles, and personnel, the Halligan Bar could serve as a useful, unique, and realistic tool and weapon.
  2. Trumbull Valley is a fantastic idea. Funny coincidence seeing this as I just finished the main story of State Of Decay a few days ago; I loved traveling around the valley and progressing through the various towns/locations, and I would personally love to see the entirety of the region in PZ. If/when Creative Mode ever drops, I'd start working on it myself as a future map. As noted, there would be certain aspects mentioned that would need to be worked around, but overall I think this is an excellent idea - I'd love to see it at some point in the future.
  3. Exactly. Having unique starting scenarios such as that with every occupation would (imo) be great to see, and would add much-needed variety to both professions and the game overall. I don't agree with this. I think this would be stepping too far into generalizing occupations and limit whatever RPG-elements are already present - such as if I wanted to spawn in as a police officer, not a corrections officer in a prison - and would severely limit, not benefit, unique starts and playstyles. Concerning experience, those professions shouldn't be thrown together under those broad titles - a police officer/deputy sheriff would have much different experience and training than a corrections officer would, and both would/should be in different locations starting out (such as a police station versus a jail or prison). The same could go for your 'Health Care' division - a doctor, a nurse, and a paramedic would each have separate experiences, skills, and knowledge regarding their particular areas. Overall, I wouldn't vouch for this system as I think it'd be far too vague and would hamper professions overall rather than help them.
  4. After going through the list of occupations over on the wiki here recently, there were some suggestions I wanted to make regarding what I would like to see with both existing professions and future professions I would like to see in-game. I think it's worth noting that all of this is in my opinion, and would have to be tried and tested to ensure everything is properly balanced and fair for both gameplay and fun; there were several professions I either thought were fine as is/didn't know what additions could be made, and some I do not regularly play (such as Electrician, Engineer, and Metalworker), and as a result haven't addressed them to avoid accidentally extremely upsetting a balance. Feedback or suggestions for additional changes would be appreciated. Existing Professions: Fire Officer - I think this profession should have additional points in strength and fitness due to the physical training required of firefighters; I'd also suggest experience in both first aid and blade. A change I'd suggest apart from skills would be to change the name from 'Fire Officer' to Firefighter, as in KY they are referred to as such and I don't believe I've ever heard anybody refer to firefighters here using the term 'Fire Officer'. Police Officer - For this, I would suggest minor additional experience in strength, along with minor experience in First Aid and minor experience in Blunt based on police training (baton, basic first aid training). Park Ranger - Park Ranger overall should be more similar to the Police Officer occupation, including more experience with firearms. Though requirements vary depending on the agency, rangers are federally commissioned law enforcement officers that act as the police force within the majority of national parks they work for. In Kentucky specifically, park rangers go through the Department of Criminal Justice Training and are certified law enforcement officers (https://docjt.ky.gov/) - they should carry the same equipment that a normal police officer would carry, including firearms. Lumberjack - Minor boosts in strength and blade maintenance. Carpenter - Minor boost to experience in Blunt and Blunt Maintenance. Veteran - As a profession by itself, I'd leave it as-is. An idea that's been tossed around before is that, rather than being a profession, Veteran should instead be a trait - something I think might be worth considering, such as with veterans who continue working in other areas of employment. New Professions: There are several future professions I would like to see be implemented in the future not addressed by the wiki page, including the following: (Ex)Convict - 'Current' or ex-convicts, with 'current' convicts spawning in relevant jails or correctional facilities, possibly minor firearms and melee experience (taking from TWD prisoners utilizing guards' weapons during the outbreak), with distinguishable orange inmate uniforms bearing black lettering, or orange uniform pants with white T-shirts (as seen with TWD prison population). Corrections Officer - Similar to Police Officer with the ability to spawn in primarily correctional facilities/jails; should have unique uniforms (dark blue with badges & patches) and equipment, with experience in firearms and minor experience in first aid. Reporter - As a reporter in the wrong place at the wrong time (evidenced by the news vans around town with vehicles), I think the Reporter occupation should spawn in with minor experience in Sneak, possibly minor experience in Sprinting, and possibly minor experience in aiming/reloading (harkening back to reporters carrying firearms in the book World War Z); I also think, given the nature of the occupation, reporters (along with other certain occupation groups, such as first responders) should be able to interact with other NPCs a bit more easily than other occupations might be. Paramedic - A healthcare professional - predominantly in the pre-hospital and out-of-hospital environment, and working mainly as part of emergency medical services - should be accompanied by experience in First Aid, with a minor boost to strength and possibly nimble, with minor combat experience - distinguishable uniforms and equipment (such as medical supplies and radios) ought to accompany the occupation as well. Military Soldier/Military Officer - These two particular occupations are mentioned on the list of planned occupations on the wiki - I did want to address these as I think they should instead be combined to created one occupation, 'Soldier' - active duty, separate from Veteran, though bearing marksmanship similar to if not better than Veteran. On a somewhat separate note from skills but still tied to professions, I think the idea talked about here by Rockenbach regarding certain professions spawning in with job-specific items ought to be looked at again and reconsidered. Again, all of this is my opinion based off of what I believe should be in-game and what certain occupations should have; as said before, any feedback or suggestions for additional changes would be appreciated. Things worth checking out: List of current and planned future occupations (future occupations near the bottom of the page): http://pzwiki.net/wiki/Occupation#Not_Implemented_Occupations Job Specific Items thread by Rockenbach: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/23384-job-specific-items/
  5. Not to gravedig, but this is a great thread with great suggestions - golf carts are a must-have for the Riverside golf course/country club area, and I think seeing certain GMC variant vehicles (including the armored bank truck) and a hearse in-game would be especially great to see. Similar to the Ford Taurus, and seen especially in Louisville, I'd suggest some variant of a 1990-1993 Chevy Caprice and/or Crown Victoria: Falling in with the GMC suggestions, I think larger SUVs overall would be appropriate for Louisville and for the towns, such as the early-90s Chevrolet Suburban: I believe that, if the dashboards included radio scanners/microphones and if lighting from the interior of the vehicle or a bubble light on top is possible, undercover police cars in relevant locations and randomly throughout the city would also be both cool and realistic enough to see in Louisville due to the size of the police force: More sports cars, older and newer, would also (imo) be appropriate for the city area. Overall, some vehicles I think might be appropriate and realistic enough to include with Louisville and occasionally scattered around the map. Great idea with the thread and great suggestions!
  6. Obviously not a priority right now, but I would like to suggest that eventually different vehicles have different dashboards and different dashboard designs. Taking from this thread by Jere, certain vehicles - such as taxis, military, and emergency services vehicles - could have built-in radios and microphones into the dashboard; older vehicles could have older designs, while newer models could have a more 'modern' dashboard appearance. An example I made based on the 1993 Chevrolet Caprice (police edition) for an in-game Chevalier: The hope with this would not only be having unique designs with different vehicles but also having several vehicle controls easily accessible and viewable (i.e. immediately clicking on the siren controls, or clicking on the microphone to talk), and presenting more of the idea that if the player's character sees it, the player ought to see it too. Again, not necessarily a priority, but something I would like to address and suggest as I think it would add to vehicles and gameplay overall.
  7. Working with opening car doors, hoods and trunks, would vehicles be capable of having real see-through glass (such as that in building windows) to see through into the interior, rather than a solid color? I was going back through a few forums posts and didn't see this pop up anywhere - would implementing this be possible down the line with vehicles? I think it would help with the atmosphere in general - including being able to see any players or even zombies belted inside, and might help with the look of vehicles overall.
  8. As a suggestion, movable sections of fencing/gating around certain areas, such as police station parking lots or industrial zones (warehouses, the train yard, etc.) that can be opened and closed without having to build walls; possibly able to be locked with pickable/breakable locks (i.e. padlocks). Especially with vehicles entering the game, I think it'd be important to have pre-existing fencing/gating that could provided as a sturdy access point to certain areas, and allow for secure parking/storage, while contributing significantly to the environment of the game. Examples:
  9. I believe this might have been mentioned once or twice on the forums some time ago, but here's to make an official suggestion for usable washing machines, clothes dryers, and laundry detergent. With newer builds of Zomboid putting an emphasis on keeping clothes clean every now and then, I'd suggest being able to use the laundry machines found in houses across the map (and in the laundromats across the map) to help keep clothes clean. Without a dryer, clothes remain 'wet' and need to dry off over time (similar to wet bath towels). These machines could also serve as a much-needed incentive to have power after the electricity has shut off. Additionally, they could serve as regular storage units even after the power is off. An additional laundry item I'd suggest would be laundry detergent for washing clothes in addition to bleach; separately, being able to use bleach to wash clothes in addition to soap.
  10. Deputy

    Police Cruiser Textures

    Nice work! I would absolutely be interested in collaborating down the line when vehicles are released officially to the public, and hopefully when modding custom vehicles into the game is made available to the playerbase.
  11. Deputy

    Police Cruiser Textures

    Louisville Police pickup variant: S.W.A.T. Van (going to try to include a lightbar if possible): Both are still WIPs like with the earlier textures, so any feedback would be appreciated.
  12. Deputy

    Police Cruiser Textures

    First of the pickups - will be working on the other variants of the trucks and will see if I can get a screenshot of a truck with the cover over the bed. Knox County Sheriff's Office:
  13. Deputy

    Police Cruiser Textures

    According to Connall, this is what Martin had to say about adding custom vehicles: So unfortunately, in addition to the map creation feature and animations, we might not be seeing the ability to add custom vehicles for some time. That being said, if it is added, a bubble light on certain cruisers is a must-have.
  14. Deputy

    Police Cruiser Textures

    I may experiment with the modern car to see if it can be a police car. In my opinion its size doesn't do either the Crown Victoria or the Caprice justice, but we'll see. Separately, I've looked at the game's files, and I am unable to find the actual physical vehicle models to edit or use for scale for new models. Current vehicle models seem to be locked behind .text files, and not actual models that I can open with a program (i.e. Blender). There hasn't been any word by the developers either (to my knowledge, at least) or any guides on adding custom vehicles. Hopefully, a guide gets out there at some point on how to do it. (If anybody has any information on actually adding custom vehicles, feel free to post it!) One way or another, I aim to make sure that a variant of a Crown Victoria, a Chevy Caprice, or both ends up in-game.
  15. Deputy

    Police Cruiser Textures

    Thanks! The first three police textures are mean to provide a somewhat 'real' counterpart to the current generic (somewhat boring imo) police texture in-game - I'll be doing the pickup variants for each police car design to accompany the sedans, and then seeing if I'll be able to have State Police and Knox County cruisers spawn around the southern part of the map, with Louisville police cars spawning further up north and (hopefully) eventually in the city - not sure how long this may take. This is my first go at modding, and I still have a ways to go in terms of figuring things out aside from artwork, but I am hoping to eventually have all of these textures available as mods. Thanks for the feedback! I've suggested an early 90s Caprice and/or Crown Victoria here on the forums, but I'm unsure as to whether or not those will be included by the developers. I am planning to make at least one variant of the two vehicles (if not both), but actually adding in vehicle models as opposed to editing the textures is somewhat tricky. However, I am definitely looking at adding at least one of those vehicles, as they symbolized a new generation of police vehicles. Awesome suggestions! Thanks for all the feedback guys, it really is appreciated, and helps with making future designs.
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