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  1. Took the better part of forever, but finally found some relevant photos concerning the topic of the police! I was able to find this video set in Muldraugh in 2013, in which Sheriff's Deputies and State Police responded to a call concerning a shooting: In the video, you can see several State Police cruisers responding to the incident; Several Deputy Sheriffs were there, but were not shown in the video. A Muldraugh Police Officer (dark blue uniform) can be seen talking to a State Trooper (gray uniform with the hat). I'm unaware of the extent of the MPD in the 1990s, as I can barely find any information on it as is. It'd be safe to say though that State Police and the Sheriff's Department would most likely be the first responders. As for the livery of the police cars, it is white with blue stripes curving horizontally, with a red/blue light bar. I was lucky enough to see one a few years ago passing through (they may have changed it since, though I doubt it); additionally, in a separate video (pardon the quality), you can see the general makeup of a Muldraugh Police Cruiser which conveniently passes by the camera: Alternatively, here's a West Point Police Cruiser: Note the difference between the color scheme of those cars and that of a 1990s Kentucky State Police cruiser (minus the light bar): In the metropolitan area, a Louisville Police Cruiser would not have the makeup of a Louisville Metro Police Department cruiser as that department was not formed until 2003; that cruiser would follow the Louisville Division of Police makeup, as seen in the following images in 1989, only a few years before the events of PZ: Louisville Division of Police responding to a shooting. County Sheriff's Cruisers would most likely look something like this (couldn't find Meade County photos from the 1990s, this is from a neighboring county): The livery would be based upon whether or not the county is Meade County or Knox County; I'm 90% certain it's Knox, based upon the way it's alluded to in-game. I'd be fine with the current police livery in-game representing the Sheriff's Department based upon it's similarity. Seeing as the color scheme has remained consistent with many police departments, such as the NYPD, LAPD, CPD, KY State Police, etc., I think it would be safe to assume the current Muldraugh and West Point Police liveries are the same ones used back in the 1990s, or at least very solid foundations for creating new schemes to base them upon. And that's about it from me, took way too long to find some of those photos. In case anybody was curious about the schemes of the cruisers, here they are.
  2. Little unsure of whether or not to place this under the "Bug Tracker" section or not, but I've noticed that there are a few doors on the map that should lock but don't. The doors I'm referring to are mainly the ones in the police stations. The front doors of the Rosewood police station, the front doors of the West Point police station, and the garage entrance of the Muldraugh police station can't be locked with keys, in addition to several other certain doors I've found on the map, and I suspect that it's due to the overhanging ceilings. Even though they are outside doors, they are classified as "inside" doors due to the roofs overhead, and therefore can't be locked. Just something I picked up on while setting up safe houses/stopping points at these locations, and for both multiplayer and when NPCs are in, it'd be nice if they couldn't waltz on into the building because I was unable to lock the doors.
  3. My best guess would be that the virus is man-made, perhaps accidentally released, as evidenced by the phone lines in and out of the towns initially infected being down days before the virus took hold. Initially the virus was (presumably) airborne; a very large majority of the towns turned very quickly, while a few individuals were uninfected by the airborne strain. The virus remained stationary in the towns for a bit, before escaping the quarantine, both when zombies broke through the border and individuals in separate cities and countries began falling ill despite never seeing a zombie - and that's where it gets interesting. The way it works is that some people are immune to the airborne strain; nobody is immune to a bite. I'd guess that scratches vary from person to person based upon the severity of the scratch. The virus can be caught like an actual cold or flu without bites/scratches by those not immune to the airborne strain of the virus, and therefore zombies are created very quickly; it's not like in The Walking Dead where the virus is dormant in everyone and only jumpstarts the body after death, but rather the airborne virus in PZ actually kills you first and then reanimates you. (Otherwise, drinking bleach without being infected in Single Player would result in your character getting up undead and walking around, but that doesn't happen.) I doubt tainted meat and the meteor shower caused the outbreak due to the knowledge that something was going on as evidenced by the phone lines, but who knows? That's the fun of the mystery. That being said, I'd want to talk to somebody working with Knox Telecommunications before the virus took full force; they would be the best start in finding out what was going on with the phones, and who may have incited them to do so.
  4. Again, not trying to grave dig, but here's another report if you'd like.
  5. No problem!
  6. Prison Report, working alongside the Coroner's Report and the Muldraugh Police Report. Hopefully the names are familiar to a few people like in the other reports.
  7. The map photo and the Ranger's vehicle art both look awesome. Glad to hear about the work on animations and vehicles, thank you guys for the progress report and the cool features provided in Build 37. Keep up the awesome work!
  8. Thanks for the comments guys, they made my day!
  9. I know it's sort of an old post, but seeing as it's with the idea of the thread, have a coroner's report.
  10. If there's a police report, there has to be a Coroner's report, too. West Point Coroner's report on a not-so-dead corpse.
  11. I was going through the most recent Mondoid, and getting to the section concerning vehicles I saw this concerning keys: I would first like to say that it's awesome that vehicle keys are going to be a thing, rather than walking up to and starting any vehicle without needing a key. That being said, how will the correlation work between car keys and the cars? House keys are limited to spawning on zombies you lead into a house, along with (rarely) spawning in certain drawers, so I'm guessing the plan for keys may work similarly - to have a car spawn in the driveway of a house, then have a corresponding key spawn in the house or a nearby zed. However, what if the zombie with the key walks to a different part of the map? Additionally, what will keep multiple keys from spawning for one car, so that all you need to unlock a car is to lure zombies from the neighboring area towards it (which would be really inconvenient for parking your car in multiplayer)? On a slightly different note, will profession-based zombies have corresponding keys to their vehicles when animations make it in? For example, if a police car that's stalled out in an intersection has two officers shuffling around it, will one of them have a high chance of having a key for the cruiser? The same can go for an ambulance parked out in front of a house with paramedics nearby/inside the house with the keys, or firefighters with a firetruck in the Firehouse in Rosewood. Again, love that car keys are making it into the game, just curious as to how the system concerning the keys will work.
  12. Awesome, loved it from start to finish! Excellent pacing, attention to detail, and overall nice portrayal of two patrol officers leading up to initial outbreak. Love the mention of breaking the regulations, definitely a nice touch. In the event you're interested, here are some LMPD radio codes carried over from the former Louisville police department that might be useful: And just for the heck of it:
  13. Is it possible to replace large windows such as those in the police stations and storefronts? Broken windows are a pet peeve of mine, and while I've found I can replace the smaller windows found on houses, I can't seem to replace the aforementioned larger windows. I have had a go at replacement with a crowbar and hammer, but if it is possible, I haven't found the option for it. Filing this under suggestions because if it isn't possible, it sure would be nice to replace those broken storefront/station windows with actual glass. For reference, these are the irreplaceable windows I'm talking about:,0.14477308723500326,531.6014062388183,0.11698711479530158,369.1676432214016 (Both the floor-to-ceiling windows of the food market and those across the street)
  14. Did a forum search, found a few mentions of some gear in a few discussions here and there, and thought I'd expand upon it a little bit. With the animation update including lots of new models, I thought I'd mention usable gear that could display what players, zombies, and hopefully NPCs in the future, are carrying. That being said, let's get started! Utility Belts A brief mention of this both here and here, with the equipment involved and the benefits of the gear being visible to players. Utility belts are used by police officers to carry equipment including handcuffs, pistols, extra magazines/pistol rounds, flashlights, handheld radios, batons, knife or multi-functional tools, keys, basic first aid items, and disposable gloves. Soldiers also use packs and belts to an extent, though that's not really my area. Workers in and around construction areas *cough* McCoy Logging Co. *cough*, not to mention plumbers, mechanics, and other professions, frequently use utility belts to carry tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and the like. A few photos with some captions: I bring the utility belt up because as I mentioned in a separate thread, it would be worth checking to see if there's still a gun in the holster before making what might be an unnecessary risk to get it, or if a police-radio is still clipped onto the belt/uniform as seen in the photo, or dragging on the ground, which leads me to my second topic: Radios As mentioned in the aforementioned links, police officers use their radios to inform dispatch of the current situation, while soldiers use radios to keep in touch with their superiors/fellow soldiers. Useful gameplay-wise to just attach it and inform both players and possibly NPCs of information, with above-mentioned radio broadcasts. Graphically - I think they'd be awesome, and add a huge amount of atmosphere. More photos: And finally: Holsters Fairly straightforward, places for firearms - either slung over the back, in the waistband of the pants, or a holster by the side - would be both cool to see and important for gameplay purposes. As said in a separate thread, it'd be helpful to know if the man you're talking to has a gun in the waistband of his pants or a holster by his side, be it another player or an NPC. And that's about it!
  15. I was playing through an older Resident Evil the other day; going through a police station, I began to think of what some of the incoming reports of encounters between patrol officers and the undead must've looked like. One thing led to another, and here we are.