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  1. Looking at the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

    Thanks! Regarding your story, that's actually really cool - going through deserted streets and actually delivering pizzas to the soldiers is crazy. As bad as the riots were, it's interesting finding out and hearing these stories surrounding them, so thank you for sharing yours. I absolutely agree with this sentiment. Larger, special structures such as those (municipal buildings, such as police precincts, fire stations, courthouses, etc.) should have those pre-existing elements surrounding them to represent either a last-stand or remnants of those groups actively surviving in those structures (the latter, of course, could only be possible with NPCs). Again, police, fire & rescue, and NG/military vehicles placed around those areas. In regards to mentioning the fire station being used as a makeshift HQ - going off of that, I think that idea could also contribute to the environment of PZ in other ways as well. I remember the current LAPD police chief, Charlie Beck, mentioning an in interview looking over the riots that LAPD officers established a command center at a bus yard - because the coroner's office couldn't respond at the time during the riots, they ended up laying out victims in a makeshift morgue in that bus yard. Again going back to the environment of PZ, seeing special areas such as this or those areas you mentioned harkening back to the early days of the outbreak, panic, confusion, and possibly rioting, would contribute much-needed atmosphere to the game overall imo. That's good to know you looked at the riots regarding clothing and vehicles. Ayou mentioned, vehicles are still definitely a WIP, but overall I felt it worth addressing a few commonplace models (in addition to certain vehicles, such as the Caprice or the fire engine) that were seen throughout the riots and not in PZ. Still a WIP zone however, so looking forward to future work in the area. Certainly don't want to pry information regarding the pile ups, but I'll hazard a guess - I'm assuming as the illness spread initially throughout the towns, a mass panic ensued - people rushed for the borders, only to have the military suddenly move in and cut off the evac routes. Motorists stuck in gridlock had to choose between being gunned down by the military ahead of them, being eaten alive by the living dead behind them, or run blindly through the woods. That being said, I still think the highways ought to have a more disheveled look around them. I remember the riot helmet being shown back in 2015, which was cool to see - that's really cool that we'll being seeing nightsticks in-game, that's one of the things I suggested a few times for animations, so hurray! Here's hoping to see a photo of it sometime in the future! Regarding these items, I suppose the only thing I'd have left to say regarding this would be seeing those items carried by utility belts. This idea was talked about on the Discord channel as well, and I linked a few threads in the original post above - seeing an undead (or alive player/NPC) police officer still wearing a bullet-proof vest, carrying a baton, holster with or w/o a firearm, flashlight, radio and microphone, and cuffs on a utility belt, or a logger/mechanic that still has a bloody axe or wrench still lodged in their utility belt, going off what you see in the photos of the police officers during the riots. Seen in the photos of the police officers throughout the riots, all of those items are easily visible on the police officers (and presumably would be with other applicable occupations carrying utility belts and respective items). I've talked about the benefits in the other threads linked above in the original post so I'll refrain from diverging more than I already have here, but in regards to clothing that's the last thing I personally wanted to address. It's cool that you've looked at the riots, and I'm hoping some of what's seen with the rioting can make it's way over to PZ eventually. Thanks for the response, appreciate it.
  2. Looking at the 1992 Los Angeles Riots

    I absolutely agree with the more 'cluttered' feel. Regarding the vehicles, PZ covers quite a bit of the types of vehicles seen in the photos, but there are other vehicles seen throughout photos of the riots that would be worth considering imo - namely a few older models of some sedans and pickups, sports cars, and so on, in addition to newer models (such as the Caprice). Some photos I excluded from the original post for the sake of condensing it with the aforementioned vehicles: That's an interesting coincidence for sure - glad to hear your dad got out before the riots started. My purpose for addressing the fires during the rioting was two-fold - in regards to the smoke and fire, though we'd be probably be unable to see large plumes of smoke from these types of fires due to the nature of the game, I'm hoping for somewhat of an overhaul with the smoke/fire effects overall, as they seem incredibly weak in contrast to both the rest of the game and the fires seen in photos of the rioting. Additionally, concerning the environment, I would like to see either large fires still burning or multiple structures that have been burnt out, especially in the city districts - fire ought to be a huge issue concerning the city overall, and there ought to be a heavy police/fire presence coupled with still burning/burnt-out structures throughout the map overall. In cities such as Louisville, I'd expect much more in regards to rioting as you mentioned - active violence, mass looting, and arson. With the smaller towns, I'd say it's somewhat up in the air. If we knew what happened in the three days between initial infection and starting out in Survival, we'd have more of a foundation to say just how bad the towns ought to look. That being said, while the rioting might not be as big of an aspect in the towns as they are in the city, I still thought it'd be worth addressing for the sake of heavy police/fire presence where they responded to calls (such as with two police cars blocking off the street with a fire engine in-between), police barricades, and presumably looting, though again not to the extent of the cities. If people had time in those three days to make a mass-evacuation towards the borders of the towns (as evidenced by the pile-ups outside of the towns), I think it would make sense for them to have been fighting for supplies at local stores. Even without mass rioting, I believe the environments of the towns are far too clean - especially between the amount of infected and the evacuations outside of town. Going off this statement, I agree. Gridlock for the most part should be the cause of abandonment - perhaps with one or two burnt-out cars that got into accidents, and presumably backed up traffic even more during the evacuations. Damaged, yes, as motorists would've been attacked by undead in their cars while sitting in gridlock, but not completely burnt-out. Going off of this, police and fire should also have a presence on the highway as well imo - either from responding to accidents before falling to the infection, or from intentionally blocking off roads (as seen with the photo above of the squad car to the right of the second military convoy). Again, because we don't know what happens in those initial three days before the game kicks off I can't say with 100% certainty how it ought to be, but I think the presence of police and fire on highways/nearby gridlock would represent first responders responding to calls and assisting the public before becoming deceased, and again help with the overall environment of the game.
  3. TL;DR - Regarding vehicles, NPCs, environment, and various aspects of the animation build including clothing, weaponry, and other equipment that would be present at the time of PZ, I think it's worth taking a look at the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Although the riots mark a rough spot in American history, they do provide a near-perfect snapshot into what PZ could and/or should include regarding the aforementioned features, exemplified especially through local/national response to a crisis of such a large magnitude, that would be seen in Project Zomboid - from rioting nationwide to the fall of major metropolitan areas to the virus. Although certain features of animations have been shown already (as with new clothing and guns), I think the riots - as a model situated in the near-exact timeframe PZ takes place - still ought to be taken into consideration. Imo, they have the potential to create significant, positive impacts on the gameplay and overall environment of PZ. Examples below (lots of text/photos - be warned!) - Vehicles: Equipment/Clothing: Environment: The point I'm trying to drive home here is that a lot of what's seen with the riots could (and should, imo) be carried over to PZ - especially in terms of the environment. The riots fit almost perfectly with the time frame of PZ, and represent an accurate depiction of the equipment, personnel, media coverage, and environment you'd see in a crisis. I think it's at least worth considering looking at the LA riots, as they could benefit PZ greatly in quite a few areas.
  4. Movable Fencing/Gates

    As a suggestion, movable sections of fencing/gating around certain areas, such as police station parking lots or industrial zones (warehouses, the train yard, etc.) that can be opened and closed without having to build walls; possibly able to be locked with pickable/breakable locks (i.e. padlocks). Especially with vehicles entering the game, I think it'd be important to have pre-existing fencing/gating that could provided as a sturdy access point to certain areas, and allow for secure parking/storage, while contributing significantly to the environment of the game. Examples:
  5. I believe this might have been mentioned once or twice on the forums some time ago, but here's to make an official suggestion for usable washing machines, clothes dryers, and laundry detergent. With newer builds of Zomboid putting an emphasis on keeping clothes clean every now and then, I'd suggest being able to use the laundry machines found in houses across the map (and in the laundromats across the map) to help keep clothes clean. Without a dryer, clothes remain 'wet' and need to dry off over time (similar to wet bath towels). These machines could also serve as a much-needed incentive to have power after the electricity has shut off. Additionally, they could serve as regular storage units even after the power is off. An additional laundry item I'd suggest would be laundry detergent for washing clothes in addition to bleach; separately, being able to use bleach to wash clothes in addition to soap.
  6. I would love to see that - either the corpses of professions next to their vehicles, or seeing actual profession zombies near their respective cars before wandering off due to outside noise (such as seeing soldiers spawning next to Humvees, police officers next to cruisers, firefighters next to fire engines). On a topic somewhat related, I'd like to also see those particular vehicles left with headlights on and lightbars (if applicable) running, and doors/trunks left open, to give a sense of a last-stand and emergency. (Fun fact - that video I linked in the earlier post [from The Return of the Living Dead] takes place in 1984 Louisville. Between that and Project Zomboid, Louisville isn't getting a break with the zombies. )
  7. Wondering where the zombies are after finding a player's corpse in multiplayer and then requesting help from other players shortly thereafter:
  8. Police Cruiser Textures

    Nice work! I would absolutely be interested in collaborating down the line when vehicles are released officially to the public, and hopefully when modding custom vehicles into the game is made available to the playerbase.
  9. I'm interested to see what people think about how tall skyscrapers ought to be for when the Louisville update (eventually) drops, and players can explore the downtown area. I was also looking through previous Mondoids about the map editor, and found this post which states that height limits could be improved beyond eight floors. In my personal opinion, I believe the maximum amount of floors allowed should be forty; it is a generous amount of floors, and would cover the skyscraper in downtown Louisville in real life that has the most levels (forty). I believe it should at the very least be over thirty floors, as several skyscrapers in the downtown area run in the thirties range. Separately, for those planning to work on other real American cities (Indianapolis, Cincinnati, etc.) with the Creative Mode (eventually), skyscrapers often range from anywhere in the mid-twenties to thirties, and often have at least one building ranging somewhere in the forties. Just my opinion, and curious as to what other people think regarding the total number of floors. List of the tallest buildings in Louisville: Building with the most floors in Louisville:
  10. Police Cruiser Textures

    Louisville Police pickup variant: S.W.A.T. Van (going to try to include a lightbar if possible): Both are still WIPs like with the earlier textures, so any feedback would be appreciated.
  11. Police Cruiser Textures

    First of the pickups - will be working on the other variants of the trucks and will see if I can get a screenshot of a truck with the cover over the bed. Knox County Sheriff's Office:
  12. Police Cruiser Textures

    According to Connall, this is what Martin had to say about adding custom vehicles: So unfortunately, in addition to the map creation feature and animations, we might not be seeing the ability to add custom vehicles for some time. That being said, if it is added, a bubble light on certain cruisers is a must-have.
  13. Police Cruiser Textures

    I may experiment with the modern car to see if it can be a police car. In my opinion its size doesn't do either the Crown Victoria or the Caprice justice, but we'll see. Separately, I've looked at the game's files, and I am unable to find the actual physical vehicle models to edit or use for scale for new models. Current vehicle models seem to be locked behind .text files, and not actual models that I can open with a program (i.e. Blender). There hasn't been any word by the developers either (to my knowledge, at least) or any guides on adding custom vehicles. Hopefully, a guide gets out there at some point on how to do it. (If anybody has any information on actually adding custom vehicles, feel free to post it!) One way or another, I aim to make sure that a variant of a Crown Victoria, a Chevy Caprice, or both ends up in-game.
  14. Police Cruiser Textures

    Thanks! The first three police textures are mean to provide a somewhat 'real' counterpart to the current generic (somewhat boring imo) police texture in-game - I'll be doing the pickup variants for each police car design to accompany the sedans, and then seeing if I'll be able to have State Police and Knox County cruisers spawn around the southern part of the map, with Louisville police cars spawning further up north and (hopefully) eventually in the city - not sure how long this may take. This is my first go at modding, and I still have a ways to go in terms of figuring things out aside from artwork, but I am hoping to eventually have all of these textures available as mods. Thanks for the feedback! I've suggested an early 90s Caprice and/or Crown Victoria here on the forums, but I'm unsure as to whether or not those will be included by the developers. I am planning to make at least one variant of the two vehicles (if not both), but actually adding in vehicle models as opposed to editing the textures is somewhat tricky. However, I am definitely looking at adding at least one of those vehicles, as they symbolized a new generation of police vehicles. Awesome suggestions! Thanks for all the feedback guys, it really is appreciated, and helps with making future designs.
  15. Police Cruiser Textures

    Might need some more work, but do you suppose this would work?