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  1. In terms of purpose, the helicopter seems to be mainly an observation tour/scout by the US Army - one of the radio broadcasts says something to the extent of: If the pictures had been taken on ground level, I think people would quickly realize not everything is "normal" inside the Zone. I remember things were being said about the helicopter taking potshots at zombies, but I've neither seen/heard that happen in any of my runs, nor have I seen anybody remarking on something like that happening. In terms of the helicopter interacting with players beyond dragging zombies to our bases and screwing all of us over, Military Aid is a confirmed NO - once NPCs are in, I think we'll see the true hostility of the military. In terms of helicopters, that would rule out supply drops. Bombing runs should be out of the question- Bombing Muldraugh/West Point in the early days would (literally) blow the military's cover of a "relatively harmless virus" - a bombing would send up red flags everywhere, no matter how they tried to hide it. Bombing Mulraugh/West Point in late-game would realistically be fruitless as: - There would most likely not be enough soldiers/equipment alive and well enough to do so. -Every major urban center across the country is now an undead hotspot. In terms of bombing locations, towns would be small pickings. -It'd be like bolting the gate way, way after the horse took off, and make no difference in reclaiming American soil.
  2. Yes, when the new player models/animations and all that jazz make it to public builds.
  3. The vehicles appear to be rather large because in the upcoming animation build, the player's character model is larger than what it is now - when the animations drop, the vehicles should look a bit more normal in terms of size.
  4. Concerning the hordes, I think that the farther away you are from your original base - the better. If there is a separate heli event, the best bet is to leave your base and then get back to it once the helicopter event has passed, as zombies will migrate only to the area that you are currently in, and not the area that you were in. Taking a few days' vacation away from your base might be best until either the second event has happened or the timeframe allowing for it has elapsed. Best of luck to you with your save! On a slightly separate note, I just received a photo from a friend earlier from when we were visiting downtown West Point (strange coincidence), and it couldn't help but get me thinking: "How many times has this guy screwed us over?"
  5. You've brought up very good points concerning who the first responders (military-wise) would be in the Louisville area, and what equipment they'd be using - I'd also like to say thank you for the photos, as (like I've said before) I'm not hugely knowledgeable in military vehicles, and it's nice to see the difference between the two. Again, I'm not sure if the line will be drawn between the two, or how noticeable it will be if a distinction is made. One thing I forgot to leave out earlier was this police helmet I found from a while ago: There is no KYPD - Police Departments cover towns, cities, and counties (sheriff's office usually), but not the whole state - that would fall under Kentucky State Police, or even Highway Patrol. The devs seem to be sticking to generic names/models (for purposes well warranted I'm sure). Based on this helmet and the police cars, I'd say to expect basic forms of Humvees, transports, and hopefully an army jeep here and there. I bet tanks (fingers crossed for the M1 Abrams model) will be added, but I'm not sure what functionality if any will be associated with them for gameplay purposes/balancing. Not to sound like a broken record, but only time will tell - fingers crossed.
  6. These are all well-thought out and awesome ideas, Brex! Excellent suggestions - These would definitely set and add to the atmosphere and tone that PZ is aiming for. These three especially - awesome ideas. Huge +1.
  7. Concerning the military, I'm considering the whole map, including Louisville. The Kentucky National Guard would be the ones dealing with the fallout and working with law enforcement in the major metropolitan area concerning the rise of the undead and the fall of the city. There are several NG locations in and surrounding Louisville, so taking note of MC equipment isn't off-beat. They aren't the army, but they'd be the ones in the city with Humvees and transports maintaining order. The actual US Army as mentioned in-game are the ones setting up the quarantine around the Event Zone, so you're certainly correct in saying it's not the MC responding, it was the US Army; also, you made some very good points concerning the two forces. However, I don't know how clear, or if any, the distinction between the MC and the Army will be made. This sort of comes down to what I talked about here regarding Kentucky State Police, Muldraugh Police, West Point Police, and the Louisville Division of Police - There are distinctions between all those departments and their respective locations. What we see, however, is the generic police car without jurisdiction markings, regardless of the town. What I think will happen is that, regardless of the location, we'll see a generic Humvee, a generic transport truck, a generic tank - vehicles like the ones in the photos above. I believe this would be done not only for simplicity's sake but also for potential copyright issues that would arise if exact models were created. The generic vehicle models also get the message across to all players in any location - The Army is here. The Army was here. A police officer responded to this location. A firetruck had been called out to this house. Etc. - You don't need to know the exact make and model of the vehicle, just what it is and what it represents, if that makes sense. If very specific vehicle models are made to show the distinction between the MC and the US Army, I have no problem with it. However, based upon what we've seen with the police cars, I think we'll just be seeing generic variants of the Humvee, transport trucks, and tanks in-game. Only time will tell.
  8. I hope that in terms of military gear, Humvee variants, Arrmored Personnel Carriers, transport trucks, and tanks (most likely the M1A1 Abrams variant as used by the army) are included. APCs are mentioned as being used by the army by television broadcasts in-game, and Fort Knox, being such a large military installation, ought to have tanks - for show at least, if nothing else. The 1992 Los Angeles Riots (1 year before the events of PZ) would be a very good reference for both law enforcement and military equipment and vehicles; I'm not that good with specific names as I'm not too versed in the military, but I can make up for it with photos: 1992 National Guard Units: A Marine convoy moving up the I-5: Transports arriving in downtown and Compton:
  9. I came back from work to find out this actually made it into a Mondoid?! That's crazy! It definitely made me and my friends' days, that's for sure! (Though I would like to say for the record that any terrorizing of the locals by Spiffo was completely accidental and unintended. )
  10. Exactly! I was thinking about mentioning that game, but I thought it might be a bit too old for anybody to know about it. Still have it downloaded and active on my computer. The images Fort Zombie portrays is exactly what I was aiming to get across in my original post. Military and police convoys, law enforcement cruisers with police officers wandering around nearby, and ambulances/firetrucks that responded to fires and car accidents with EMTs/firefighters close to the vehicles. That's exactly what I was thinking about when I made the first post, and I'm happy that somebody else knows about Fort Zombie and its depiction of the undead apocalypse in regards to vehicles.
  11. Fortunately, no! We did meet a worker who knew about Project Zomboid, which was pretty cool. Other townsfolk we met with were very friendly and up for talking about the history of the town(s), and what it's like living right by Fort Knox. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip! Yep! Printed them out in the event that we ended up heading through the towns, which we did - I took a page out of Spiffo's 'always be prepared' book.
  12. Thanks! And yep, signs on the safe room told us that it was for tornados and other such disasters.
  13. Ended up passing through Muldraugh and West Point (in real life) on a trip with a few friends after going through Louisville, got the chance to stop and take a few pictures, and also talk with a few of the locals! Thought I might share a few of the photos we took, as well as some links to the places as they appear in-game. Photos taken in Muldraugh: The elementary school/city hall/police department:,0.22008822438989325,95.39621664406894 Coincidentally, speaking of military vehicles in the last Mondoid, this was out behind the police station: And of course, the iconic Church:,0.23082318256466686,114.47545997288273 A few photos in West Point: The other iconic large church in downtown West Point:,0.1715292371247736,95.39621664406896 The Bank and the Post Office:,0.16742378377068737,114.47545997288274 And finally, the Ohio River as it appears in-game:,0.15606003057343506,55.20614389124362 Also saw quite a few military aircraft flying over the towns into/out of Fort Knox, can't wait to see the in-game version of it: And that's about it! Photos of ground-zero of the Knox Event in real life for anybody who's never been. All of the locals we met during the trip were very friendly.
  14. With the introduction of the awesome new vehicles, the potential for subtle (and blatant) story-telling and the general apocalyptic feeling is huge. It's already seen with the traffic pile-ups on the highways leading out of the towns, which are an awesome addition. In the towns and the future city, are there plans for accident scenes/crime scenes - and will profession-based spawn around the vehicles of such incidents when animations arrive? Something like this: Areas where first responders (police, paramedics, fire & rescue) took up emergency calls and fell at their posts, leaving behind their vehicles, useful supplies, and possibly a running radio/set of headlights, with relevant career-zeds spawning according to the cars (firefighters for the truck, police officers for the cruisers, etc.). Related are also evacuation centers/triages (which I touched upon here) involving medical staff, law enforcement and military that would not only be great spots for supplies, but also (in my opinion) add a huge amount of atmosphere in seeing undead soldiers and police officers fallen at their posts at points such as churches, police stations, or schools. Mainly something like this (taken from The Walking Dead): Vehicle and career-zed placement, such as seeing an undead police officer around a patrol car near a traffic accident, or finding two deceased paramedics + a few zeds in a house with an ambulance parked out front, would be cool to see as in TWD and set the foundations for a seemingly endless amount of stories to be told without using any words, while setting up an apocalyptic vibe that would go hand-in-hand with pre-barricaded/burnt-out houses, survivor corpses, and other such game mechanics. I've seen a few mentions of this here and there on the forums but couldn't find an official thread about it after searching on the forums (wasn't too sure what the title would be, so that might've done it), so here we are.