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  1. Is it possible to replace large windows such as those in the police stations and storefronts? Broken windows are a pet peeve of mine, and while I've found I can replace the smaller windows found on houses, I can't seem to replace the aforementioned larger windows. I have had a go at replacement with a crowbar and hammer, but if it is possible, I haven't found the option for it. Filing this under suggestions because if it isn't possible, it sure would be nice to replace those broken storefront/station windows with actual glass. For reference, these are the irreplaceable windows I'm talking about:,0.14477308723500326,531.6014062388183,0.11698711479530158,369.1676432214016 (Both the floor-to-ceiling windows of the food market and those across the street)
  2. Did a forum search, found a few mentions of some gear in a few discussions here and there, and thought I'd expand upon it a little bit. With the animation update including lots of new models, I thought I'd mention usable gear that could display what players, zombies, and hopefully NPCs in the future, are carrying. That being said, let's get started! Utility Belts A brief mention of this both here and here, with the equipment involved and the benefits of the gear being visible to players. Utility belts are used by police officers to carry equipment including handcuffs, pistols, extra magazines/pistol rounds, flashlights, handheld radios, batons, knife or multi-functional tools, keys, basic first aid items, and disposable gloves. Soldiers also use packs and belts to an extent, though that's not really my area. Workers in and around construction areas *cough* McCoy Logging Co. *cough*, not to mention plumbers, mechanics, and other professions, frequently use utility belts to carry tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and the like. A few photos with some captions: I bring the utility belt up because as I mentioned in a separate thread, it would be worth checking to see if there's still a gun in the holster before making what might be an unnecessary risk to get it, or if a police-radio is still clipped onto the belt/uniform as seen in the photo, or dragging on the ground, which leads me to my second topic: Radios As mentioned in the aforementioned links, police officers use their radios to inform dispatch of the current situation, while soldiers use radios to keep in touch with their superiors/fellow soldiers. Useful gameplay-wise to just attach it and inform both players and possibly NPCs of information, with above-mentioned radio broadcasts. Graphically - I think they'd be awesome, and add a huge amount of atmosphere. More photos: And finally: Holsters Fairly straightforward, places for firearms - either slung over the back, in the waistband of the pants, or a holster by the side - would be both cool to see and important for gameplay purposes. As said in a separate thread, it'd be helpful to know if the man you're talking to has a gun in the waistband of his pants or a holster by his side, be it another player or an NPC. And that's about it!
  3. I was playing through an older Resident Evil the other day; going through a police station, I began to think of what some of the incoming reports of encounters between patrol officers and the undead must've looked like. One thing led to another, and here we are.
  4. I absolutely agree! And, as an extremely strange coincidence, I literally just finished this earlier today:
  5. Those camps however, as mentioned by T.V. reports, are on the other side of the boundary. I'm guessing that by the time the border around the event zones fall and the military pulls back, most of them would either be abandoned or destroyed by outgoing hordes. It would be nice to see some of them (or the remains of them), but those are not what I'm referring to. I'm mainly referring to inside the Exclusion Zone in between the points of initial infection and starting out as the player a few days later. Like I stated above, not everybody (though presumably a majority) turned overnight, and there must have been a time where the military set up camp in the town to establish aid centers before realizing what they were dealing with and maintaining a quarantine border. If there was time for citizens to make escape attempts, and time for soldiers to move into town to be infected and join the horde (as seen in the animation video), it's not far off to think of triages established in the Exclusion Zone much like the one in the photo I posted.
  6. Looking forward to Louisville being added into the game. An addition that large to the map opens up so many more possibilities with the game, including a much larger police force and therefore (hopefully) a lot more gear.
  7. Seeing as everybody has mentioned Riot Gear at one point in time or another, this had to happen sometime. I prefer patrol officers a bit more for several reasons, but nevertheless, here is the Riot Officer! Special thanks goes out to my Steam friend Dragon; huge props to him for helping me out with the cars!
  8. Going hand-in-hand with pre-barricaded houses, local triages and evacuation centers set up around the map containing mass amounts of both civilian zombies, zeds of certain occupations, and possibly certain types of supplies, including food, ammo, medicine, and also perhaps numerous civilian and emergency vehicles. The virus seemed to take a few days to set in (I believe three?) as evidenced by the presence of soldiers in-town in this video indicating a military presence was stationed in the town before presumably pulling back to the border, and also the devs saying in this previous Mondoid: Therefore, I reckon that in the time frame between initial infection and total quarantine, there must have been interaction between local law enforcement and the military in trying to establish order as the infection spread, not to mention later on in such locations as the recently-fallen Louisville when added, as surely there would have been such evacuation centers/triages established in a large metropolitan area. In addition to being great spots for supplies, they would (in my opinion) add a huge amount of atmosphere in seeing undead soldiers and police officers fallen at their posts. Ultimately, something like this:
  9. In the words of Negan, "Back to it!" Lexx2k and Trojan_Turps: I did think about stamina drain before starting up this thread; I'd say if anything were to be done with that, it would have to be done carefully. Any changes made in the system would have to be made carefully, of course, but I think more so with stamina. I've been focusing a bit more on combat it general because stamina did receive a huge nerf in a previous update. My main concern is that excessive stamina drain would become more of a nuisance/unnecessary hindrance, and its cons might outweigh its pros if not done properly. (Revamped) stamina drain is absolutely worth looking into, but again there is that line between fun gameplay and real life that needs to be balanced. I like what the devs have done with it so far, and, though I think an increased drain on stamina could help, I'll be reserving further judgement until animations are finally released and any changes made to the combat/movement in general can be seen. Queen Glory - This is kind of a separate issue entirely from combat. While it is an interesting concept, I can understand why people wouldn't want it added into the base game. Is it possible that you could craft yourself a battle axe or a sword with enough knowledge in metalworking? I reckon so. That being said, PZ just isn't that type of medieval game, and that's why certain features of metalworking didn't make it in. I've grown up in a small town my whole life, and I just can't see my neighbors walking down the street with a battle axe or a sword if the apocalypse hit. We have firearms for hunting and self-defense, we have gardening tools, sports equipment, and we builder's tools that could be used for defense. Again, it's not impossible that you'd see this stuff in an apocalypse (like with the Kingdom), but I can verify that you would have a very, very hard time finding it in a small, rural Kentucky town. I just don't see knight armor/battle axes and swords having a place in a (relatively) modern, rural American town. If we're talking armor, then I'd stick with a law enforcement bullet proof vest. But that's a separate topic entirely. Fortunately, there is always the chance of mods completely addressing this issue, and I'll say it right now that we owe The Indie Stone a huge thanks for making the game so accessible for modding. Again, this is a bit of a separate topic, but an interesting one nonetheless. zoeyflower - First of all, that's an awesome profile picture. These are good points made for one-hit kills. I would say the same thing that I'd say for stamina drain - it would have to be done carefully. I wouldn't want to be losing a weapon out of my hands every couple of minutes due to trying to execute a one-hit kill. I will say this it would be an improvement from repeatedly swing a weapon into a zombie again, and again, and again, for the same stumble-back and approach system. :) Fuji- This bring up a good point, and introduces a concept that could be taken into account if revamping the combat system. Vests and armor could protect players just as they protect the undead. Early on in The Walking Dead comics, Rick's life is saved when a zombie takes a chunk out of his vest rather than his shoulder, while riot armor saved another man's life when he was shot in the chest (albeit with injuries). In the opposite direction, the worth of the Accuracy skill in both firearms and melee weapons could benefit from the addition of officers still wearing bullet-proof vests, or undead riot officers walking around with riot armor on. A quick gunshot or swing to the head would be infinitely more useful when dealing with such tougher zombies than a bullet or an axe striking a kevlar vest. Many possibilities that could result from the introduction of such (and other types of police gear I've lobbied for) that could be balanced both realistically and for gameplay purposes that I hope that with the animation update, The Indie Stone considers, both pertaining to and beyond combat. Again, verging on a separate topic, but it does pertain to certain aspects of combat. Quick note on the impact Bulletproof vests can have:
  10. Wow, a lot of replies! Alright, let's start. I've replied to all the comments in sequential order, so if you can't be darned to read everything, feel free to scroll down to just the response to your comment. Queen Glory - That sums up quite a bit of my feelings towards combat at the moment. Being able to hit and take out 3 zombies at a time swinging the axe, especially. The shotgun taking out multiple Zeds at a time - While I understand it's meant to be an easier-to-kill-with weapon, it seems a bit silly with the spread. For reference with a 12-gauge: I understand that different shotguns may have different spreads, but this seems to be the general spread I've found. There is that factor of game vs real life, but I think that guns leave much to be desired especially. It would suck to have a bunch of new firearms in game and not be able to hit anything with them (apart from the shotguns, which are a bit too powerful). That's also why I started this thread - to get opinions and see what other players might have to say about the combat. trombonaught - Absolutely. I agree. Headshots or nothing is what ultimately makes zombies, zombies. Still make zombies killable upon initial encounters, but also place an emphasis on disabling when needed. This could also make firearms apart from the shotgun, though still dangerous because of the noise, useful, rather than very large paperweights. Love your post. thiosk - Few things: I'm mainly referring to hardcore vanilla survival. If death is around every corner, it must be running away from me because I'm taking out virtually every horde I see. While I admit that 2000+ hours logged into the game might have helped, I just feel that combat itself leaves a bit to be desired. While I would like to see hordes of undead flowing out of Louisville looking for food - The survival rate in West Point and Muldraugh is virtually zero, according to the in-game T.V. and radio broadcasts. The virus had an airborne strain that infected all but I'm guessing around 1% of the populations. In each town, respectively, you are dealing with thousands of zombies confined in a relatively small area. In terms of groaning, I agree. It'd be nice to see "herds" as seen in The Walking Dead, which a character describes as one zombie following a sound, another following that zombie, and so on, until large "herds" of zombies begin to form, roaming. Though we are seeing a bit of that going on with clumps of zombies spawning together, I'm guessing because the noise they made drew each other together, they stay balled up - they never really go anywhere, and therefore pose no threat as long as you avoid them while in the area. Gunshots won't bring them out of the city to your farmhouse. Fuji - This is an interesting take on it, but I have several qualms with the combat in general to address. Being able to hit multiple zombies at once with the baseball bat or the axe, in particular. In the animation video released just over a year ago/the "You Got Blood On You" video, we see a player hitting only one zombie at a time, though I have no idea if that's been changed, and no info on the axe. While suppositions might be part of the problem, I ultimately feel that combat is a part of the problem. Zeds become more of a nuisance than a life or death matter for me in hardcore survival, and if I'm ever given the choice between stealthing my way around town or just taking the horde head on, I'll just take the horde head on. If they're not in the hundreds-they're manageable, and that sort of defeats the purpose in stealth. Take a look at this: I could take that number out easy in PZ, but I don't think I should be able to. Shane would rather put a bullet into the leg of a fellow survivor, take his supplies, and haul it, rather than take them on. These are relatively experienced survivors, mind you. Imagine if this happened with NPCs; you can't take on every zombie, and it's either you both die, or you cripple your buddy and leave. Improved combat, imo, would greatly help. Another example: Two experienced survivors (hiding behind the police car off-screen) are sneaking around. I'd like to see a heavier emphasis on stealth, like this. Sneaking in, taking out only which zombies you can, and getting out with the stuff you need as fast as possible. Make those runs into the heart of the city dangerous and dreaded when your supplies are low, your crops fail, and your people are hungry. I feel improved combat has a lot to do with this. Millitron - On the off chance your post isn't a joke (no offense intended), headshot-only is largely what makes zombies, zombies. That's why unaware soldiers, police officers, and civilians aiming for the center mass fail and join the horde. They are, at least in the lore and sake of zombies, clinically deceased. The virus killed them, then jumpstarted their brains, bringing them back to life with a hunger. Blood no longer flows in their veins, their hearts do not pump blood. They are deceased yet moving; they are the walking dead. Zombies as explained by Dr. Edward Jenner: Alright, break time for me.
  11. Anybody else feel like hordes are a bit too easy to fight? There, got to the gist of it! Now I'll state my reasoning. I was watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead yesterday, back when survivors were trapped in the downtown district of Atlanta. When two survivors (Rick and Glenn) cover themselves up in guts to sneak through the horde, I counted around 20-25ish zombies in the general area. I realized that in PZ, I'd have no problem clearing out that number with a few butter knives or a hammer. What they would avoid at all costs in TWD, I'd have no problem clearing out in PZ. In TWD, zombies are to be avoided like the plague, literally. Guns take them out quickly, but also quickly draw more in. Fighting them is common, but they aren't actively going out in killing sprees; survivors fight them only when they have to. In PZ, however, (might just be me), hordes aren't that scary. Like I said, you can take out a street or even a whole downtown block with just a few butter knives. I have no problem going out and finding them. Guns are pretty much next to worthless, yes, but the zombies don't seem to be giving out a sense of "avoid as much as possible" but rather "kill however many as you want whenever you want." I'm bringing this up now because with the animation update around the corner, I was wondering if anybody else felt like this, and, if so, what could/should be done in terms of combat and stealth to give survivors a sense of not having to go out of their way to kill anything moving. Basically, making zombies, for lack of a better word, 'scary'; threats that should be fought when needed, but not unnecessarily/excessively. I'm talking purely vanilla hardcore survival here. Anybody is absolutely free to disagree with me, I just think it's a bit of a problem being able to take out streets and blocks of hordes with butter knives and a hammer. Edit: For anybody wondering, this is the scene I am mainly referring to:
  12. After a forum search on both this site and Steam for the usage of plywood, I found several mentions of it but none really concerning its use as a barricade. Fairly straightforward, I think it'd be nice to see sheets of plywood to either be crafted/found in lumberyards or construction areas for use in barricading (and possibly in other areas of building further on), especially for large store-front and police=station windows, such as:,0.1175569676169563,492.2235242952022 , and,0.11598198917404345,492.2235242952022 Plywood has been used in many large catastrophe scenarios for the increased protection and security of homes and businesses. I don't think it'd be uncommon to find shops where the windows were boarded/half boarded up by owners. It might also be nice to find plywood over windows of buildings abandoned and condemned long before the virus hit Muldraugh, West Point, or Louisville. Separately, plywood makes an excellent canvas for graffiti, either by civilians or military. If anybody here's played Telltale's The Walking Dead, they might remember this had been spray-painted onto the plywood of every building: Just something that I think would be common in the area and add some usefulness and atmosphere to the game.
  13. Strats- I also liked how just a short while after that, the main character's neighbor shoots a few zombies, which ends up bringing the whole neighborhood down on his house, much like in Project Zomboid. BaldGuyPlaysGames-No problem, hope you like the series! Matusware- Thanks for the heads up!
  14. Found a copy of a book from this series about two weeks back in a cornerstone, and I couldn't put it down. It got me to return back to PZ after taking a break for a bit, and I'm wondering if anybody here has read any books in this series? For anybody unaware of what I'm referring to, Day By Day Armageddon is a series of books by author J.L. Bourne that focus primarily on the onset of the undead apocalypse, from initial infection to a year after civilization falls. It focuses so carefully on the freefall of society and goes into such great depth on the story behind the (Romero-style) zombies that I'd say it really captures what chaos and "hell on earth", as the main character puts it, the virus in Project Zomboid would bring. I tried looking up any threads about this in the GD, but didn't see anything. Just wondering if any other zombie fans have read this, and any comparisons between the books and PZ. For anybody who's a fan of the undead apocalypse/the downfall of society, I'd say the books are definitely worth a look.
  15. The first image is what I'd imagine a secluded, abandoned train-station-converted-safe-house would look like in-game, after visiting one in-game in Muldraugh some time ago (,0.15996134569165365,55.206143891243606). The second photo is what I think a local newspaper would look like just before the virus made its way to Muldraugh and West Point, based off of the in-game television and radio reports. I'm sure people have seen on Steam, but I did want to put it up because, as I've stated before, I recently started using this account and I thought it'd be nice for it to have a place in the official PZ Fan Art section. (Edit: The police cars were drawn before the awesome vehicle video ( was released. From now on, I'll be sure to base any police vehicles on the ones shown. )