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  1. Until The End A game designed by me, Anthony Liparulo. Until The End is a top-down shooter, where during the day you explore the world for supplies, then use those supplies (like walls, tar, and ammo) to defend yourself against the monsters that come out at night. It will not be a simple task, these monsters killed EVERYONE besides you, whether from luck or skill it doesn't matter, all that matters now is to survive and find the secrets that lay deeper and darker than the night. The game was made by me, Anthony Liparulo. I coded, animated, modeled, and everything in between besides the soundtrack which has a 7 song original soundtrack. Right now you can get the Beta at the end of November by backing us on Kickstarter. It is on Kickstarter because I am just started out and would like to make the best possible video game to show off what I can do, and that doesn't come cheap. Other rewards can be obtained through the Kickstarter. Until The End comes with 3 maps, original soundtrack, dozens of secrets, a Level Editor, and a day-night system. Support me and the game through Kickstarter while also obtaining a fun, fast paced, zombie-shooter. Have a great day and thank you very much! Check out the Kickstarter here
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