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  1. The game stop responding right after I click to start the game after initial load and I have the manually kill it (the game itself never shows up, just the black screen with the click to start text at the bottom). The .exe ends with this: 1511648947088 reanimate: saved 0 zombies 1511648947100 game loading took 26 seconds STATE: exit zombie.gameStates.GameLoadingState 1511648957912 1 players found 1511648957912 player 0 is mouse 1511648957913 PLAYER DATA OFFSET 0 1511648957913 573 1511648957913 0 1511648957914 1147 1511648957914 480 STATE: enter zombie.gameStates.IngameState COMMAND QUEUE stallCount = 0 peakUsage = 1408 Leaving it for a few minute and nothing happens. On Win 10 Home fully updated with no mods enabled
  2. So as I was looking as what I assume are the loot table files (stuff in /scrips/) of other mods, it did not seem like there was a way to define the rarity of the item though I would imagine there would be a way to do that (I mean I have seen dozens of hammers in my 20-25 hours of playing and only less than a handful of axes). Is there a way to set the rarity of an item?
  3. So at some point I would like to (whether or not I actually get to it is another question) create some mods both on the mapping side of things and on the new items / crafting side of things and had a questions on the mapping stuff. The first question related to overlapping of maps with other mods and even new maps the TIS might provide in the base game. From my understanding of the limited time I have spent in PZ (15-20 hours) and the overlaying feature of map.projectzomboid.com, it seems like that mods can both add new sections to the map (like New Denver) or add content to the existing map (like The Walking Dead Prison). How does PZ handle it if 2 maps occupy the same same in the game world? This can be a problem with multiple map mods if they both add content to the same location but also for maps added by TIS (I mean the latest build added a new map content to the existing map and what if The Walking Dead Prison map was made in the same location that TIS wanted to put Rosewood (or Roosewood, however it is spelt))? The other question related to the upcoming creative mode. Will this mode be able to completely or partially replace the existing tool set for creating maps / buildings? While I know just because it has been announced and we have seen preview videos of it, that does not determine that it is close for release however it seems like the tools that were shown in the preview videos would be a lot easier to use than what I have heard about creating maps / buildings in PZ and I would not want to spend time learning one tool set when another one is going to replace it. If creative mode would be able to completely replace the current set of tools for map making then I would just work on the items / crafting mod type stuff first.
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