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  1. Hi guys, We're constantly working on our game - Skullstone - and we've made a lot of progress. A lot of work was done during last months! We've completed most of the characters. There's 20 of them and each has a different set of skills and abilities. It's up to you to choose the team of adventurers best suiting your playstyle! Food system - nearly done. It's based on our own decisions and assumptions as we wanted to further differentiate Skullstone from other dungeon crawlers in development and on the market. There will be quite a few kinds of food, but don't think you can find the highest quality products in the dungeon. These will only be available as a reward. Your character will be eating nasty stuff mostly. Such as the mushrooms shown on the screenshot below. Bon app├ętit! Speaking of screenshots, we would love to present you more of them. You can see a lot of stuff: monsters, items, decors, second visual style of dungeon levels. At this very moment we are focused on creating assets. There's still a lot to do and we hope you like what we did so far. You can see more of our work at Skullstone facebook page. Please visit if you wanna learn more about the game, as what's written here is only a summary of just the most recent things. And now, more screenshots. Enough. More screenshots can be found on our facebook page. What do you think about the project? Please share your opinion with us. We will greatly appreciate it
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