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  1. Actually it would be better to do this as an interval check, this will it will be more accurate and will not take up too many cycles. Basically on tick cycle, keep track of ms passed and every ~1 minute, do the check, since it should only be making changes if you are hanging around dead bodies anyway, if you're running along and there is a pile of bodies close by, it is no big deal but if you're hanging around them for several hours, this is another story!
  2. I am not asking for this feature, I just mentioned it would have been a good addition to the game
  3. Speak for yourself, regardless, I am not specifically stating this for electric vehicles, but for other potential items that would exist outside the predefined date..... as a procedural game content creator, game developer and programming language developer, I know exactly how much work it is developing features that require procedural generation or replacement.... creating new layouts for buildings is not hundreds of hours of work but instead days of planning and coordination, with some ideas between the current devs, I'm pretty sure they can do it...... (whether they would want to is a complete different story) buildings already can be pre-burned, so placing "invisible plots" for buildings that did not exist before and replacement buildings would not be difficult at all since they have already built the necessary tools.....
  4. I think it most definitely would be worth it (much more than vehicles), and it would not take much extra work to add in some additional items that are only spawned when the start date was > than item "introduction" date.
  5. That comparison is a bit over the top.... I think there is nothing wrong with a bit modern realism. Personally I'm not fond of cars in the game, since 90% of cars would have been taken out of the cities to escape, and most would be drained of fuel by the time u even find them.... bicycles would have been a better form of transport.
  6. Why not add it as a possibility? when you start a sandbox or server you can set the start date, if the start date is > 2010 or whatever, add electric vehicles in the spawn tables. Same goes for some other goodies that could be included, solar panels etc.
  7. I don't think this would quite fit the game.... however I do agree a little..... I think the problem is that you can die 1000 times and always recreate the same character..... I think there should be a multiplayer option that enforces random character starts, this way when they die they lose their character.... Imagine you get a random character with strong trait and good fitness.... you die, you respawn as another random with overweight obese.... that would suck, so it would make players really try NOT to die if they really want to keep their character... this worked very well with State of Decay, when you died and you took control of another member of the group, it sucked that the character you had came to like died, they had specific traits that you get used to, but if you are able to create a character with same traits over and over it takes away from the need to survive (because you can always get back to where you were)
  8. Does your torch have propane left? Edited: Nevermind, just seen you can barracade with metal sheets.
  9. Colin

    Swing State

    I agree with above ^ numerous times there have been hordes and with a pistol i have missed every shot.... even standing inches away from the zombie.... even the most useless of people could "accidently" shoot one of them... and at inches away is almost impossible to miss.....
  10. What????? When did this happen?? I must try this out. Thanks.
  11. Very cool idea, I like the idea of a working sink after water is off.... this could also make electrical skill more important as you would need to connect a pump inside of the barrel that will pump the water into a filter system and then to your tap! The filter system could be built with "plumbing" and "electrical" skill and would require maintenance to continue to filter the water. Not to mention a generator after the power goes out.
  12. Bug: Able to place objects over the compost bin. Related bug: Not able to pick up compost bin.
  13. Although I'm primarily an Assembly coder, I decided to give a shot making a very simple proof of concept lua script for testing, however I have zero experience with the PZ API and having a little difficulty finding the documentation for the API to perform tile/IsoObject destruction, currently I am testing with object:RemoveTileObject(floortile) which seems to work, however, it does not replicate over MP/network or remain permanent, there are a few other problems with the API so far but as a test bed to see how it would work I think it is fine. If anyone can tell me how to get RemoveTileObject to replicate on network, please do, I am very short on time at the moment, but if I solve this problem and make a few further adjustments I will post the script/mod as my first of hopefully many PZ mods.
  14. Probably, if a tile is "unstable", it should also use the lowest quality sprite, even if you have level 10... so if you build a tile outside of the possible range, it will use a level 1 floor sprite, this will give users a chance to think about whether it is safe to step on. There is also the possibility that it could instead receive damage as you walk on it and play a "creaking" sound, with enough time to turn back before it collapses.
  15. Actually, I think this will not be a problem. At level 1, they could build a 2x2 room, which for real, if someone can't build a wall without holes, they certainly can't build a roof that is stable... at level 7 at 4 by 4, they could build a 8x8 room, which could be extended even larger by using columns
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