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  1. What if it depends on your fitness level? if you are too out of shape or have the obesse trait then you cant do it unless you somehow get high enough fitness, the stamina drain would also be quite big for someone who would be climbing boxes while out of shape and a lot slower. If we make it restricted from people who are out of shape then the the game would give you more to think about wether you pick high strength or fitness.
  2. As far as I'm aware, you can stack big wooden crates up to 3 times which when you think about it, is the normal size of a room if I remember correctly. So what if 3 crates on top of each other would serve as flooring on the second floor? I think it's realistic and a great new way to move from floor to floor. it will also allow the person to be able to climb to second floors without the need of carpentry level 6 so they can start making their second floors before tediously farming for carpentry Lv.6
  3. As we all know breaking your legs is a pain in the butt and while playing with a friend and watching him break his thighs got me an idea. Why not put those stackable boxes to good use? you could use them as makeshift stairs to get up on higher places or just use them to cushion your fall, jumping off of the warehouse railing into 3 stacks of boxes shouldn't let you clip through them and get you stuck there and shatter your legs. Placing the boxes in an elevating fashion would help greatly with climbing up and down especially in the warehouse where there are lots of boxes and if you get
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