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  1. A number of the planned jobs (waiter, customer service, salesman, cashier) seem like they will give bonuses to NPC interaction. I think retiree would be interesting, where you're weaker, but start with loads of stuff (guns, meds, etc), and NPCs all feel compelled to help you. Maybe its even WWII vet, so you also have some firearm proficiency. This ones a bit morbid, but housewife? Bonuses to cooking, first aid, maybe fitness, but a constant drain on happiness (you DO spawn alone). Maybe a grieving trait would be good.
  2. After deciding to try shooting (and attracting a horde), noticed the shocking exp gain. I think that rather than giving a certain amount of exp per zombie, it might be best to do something of a scale, like a certain amount of exp per square root of the number of zombies. With 100 zombies around, you get 10x exp, not 100x. In the gif below, I get 45 exp in about 5 seconds.
  3. 308. Currently, sawing logs in one square while standing in another moves them to your square, without picking them up. This means you can stack planks in a single square in amounts far in excess of the tile weight limit. Keeping the planks in the original square, or moving them to your inventory, would fix this. 309. Tea with milk? Not all of us are heathens who add sugar to tea 310. Ability to assign ground attack and non-ground attack to separate buttons. This might also work as a more 'hardcore' setting, forcing you to decide when to use one or the other (and not panic at the wrong time!) 311. Ability to see which window/ledge we are set to climb over, or prioritizing of certain options. I have several times fallen when climbing from the double hotel windows, or climbing over the edge in the NE warehouse when trying to leave the south-facing window, or climbing through the window with the jagged glass, rather than the adjacent window I just cleared.
  4. Oh god please, a couple weeks back I was building in the warehouse, and wondered, "Huh, can I walk on this 3-high crate stack? One way to find out!" 2 seconds and a broken leg later, I find out. It could be fun to be able to climb up a crate, but maybe it's harder to do than a sheetrope (which, irl, is actually kinda hard)?
  5. Rida

    Court Short

    Really interesting to see how the animations are integrated into the rest of the game like that. Plus, it makes me more excited for the final animations. More and more detailed animations mean more potential pathways to connect all of these elements, and a much more in-depth game. I wonder if something like sneaking along a fence (assuming its a crouching animation) will give different modifiers to sneaking along a wall, or something.
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