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  1. Yep! All I did was that script file. This is the mod, here. I have no idea why it won't work. I've made it work before, but I think last time I just added the recipe to Hydrocraft manually (which I don't want to do now it's on the Workshop as I'll always be updating it). I'm doing it this way so my friend can pull it and I can keep our versions lined up for when we play. BYODogWhistle.7z
  2. That's fabulous, I bet that was pretty funny in bug testing. Anyway, I adjusted the script and it fixed it ... and now it crashes the game on server load. Oh well, I'm getting closer.
  3. I love how it's literally just a spelling mistake. It's always something tiny Thank you so much! Gonna give this a go tonight
  4. My friend and I always play with Hydrocraft, but something that bothers us is that you can make a Duck Call and a Bird Call but not a Dog Whistle. I have no intention of publicly sharing this mod, but I wanted to add the ability to carve a dog whistle. I made the mod, uploaded it to the Workshop under Friends Only (so she can get it but it's not public), but when I add it to our server to test and boot, it does this in the console: SERVER: info@coop mode enabled SERVER: status@initialising SERVER: process-status@terminated The mod itself is just a script file. It's c
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