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  1. Digital watch dissapear after latest update!
  2. Its because of mod, I dont have problem anymore
  3. I was using quick slot mod, now I removed and I will see if bug continue
  4. After reinstallation still get 3 buttons and still get bug
  5. After file verification still 3 buttons
  6. This is what I want to tell
  7. Does someone have this problem? Sometimes when I want to exit to main menu I got bug when all options disappear and I cant leave game. I can only force to close game from desktop and then my game wont save and I lose all progress. Please advise, Im playing IWBUMS.
  8. I notice problem with delay commands, like build, remove glass, remove car parts... To work need to wait or to ESC in menu then return and command start, or wait 10 sec to start but not always working
  9. I had crash on new game, two times tried.
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