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  1. I found this too. In the short term, you can use an "attack", to break out of reading. I always thought the overheated moodle was about being overexposed to zombies, but in this case it's because you're sitting in the sun in Kentucky (in July, if you go with default settings). I think it makes sense. I'd love to see A/C, but think we'd need more drawbacks from not having A/C in the rest of the game for an impact. I'm an indoorsy type myself.
  2. So next metalwork addition will be to A-Team out your ride? Stick a cow-catcher on the front, that kind of thing?
  3. I have used the corvette. Interestingly, I didn't spin out as much as I expected to. I think all the handling characteristics are identical at the moment (or based on vehicle weight)? This can be differentiated in the future, I'm sure.
  4. This has been reported both in this thread (and I think in the IWBUMS 37.14 branch too!) Essentially, the roofs don't work. If you have a walkable floor above you, it blocks the rain, but roof tiles seem not to.
  5. I thought that was happening when I started testing -- what is actually happening is that your car is stalling out. The little engine icon at the bottom of your screen will turn black instead of green. And when the car isn't running, the fuel gauge reads "E". That confused me at first. You just have to hit "n" to re-crank the engine on.
  6. I get a "Take Gas" when holding a gas can and right clicking the car like you're doing. It'll fill the gas can completely. But I've never had to fill a car, as it is currently auto-refilling, in my experience. You have a number of anomalies in your game, friend. I guess we cross our fingers and it'll get worked out before making it to a IWBUMS release?
  7. No offense, and I understand that being a student makes you think you know a lot because you just learned it, but what makes you think stealing gas from a car is hard? As someone from the Midwest of the U.S., let me clue you in -- stealing gas is the pastime of many a redneck youth. All you need is a length of tube, and not enough sense to mind possibly inhaling gasoline when you screw up(or an actual siphon that costs about $6). It's a skill practiced on the regular by literally the stupidest members of our lowest economic classes here. Moreover, it was in fact way easier in 1993 than it is today, simply because of anti-rollover valves in modern cars.
  8. This might be related to corrupted saves (since quitting the game = crashing the game), but yesterday I had checked my post office for a particular book, so I'd reviewed all the shelves/boxes already. They were loaded with books, as you'd expect. Went back into the post office to check for a different book, and found half the shelves full of hardware store stuff. Saws, flashlights, nails, ropes, etc. Secondly, not to get onto a tangent, but for what BatCon is calling "Radius of Attraction", I thought I'd mention something I noticed while testing, I don't know if it's common to the main branch -- I was doing some work around my stronghold: Barricading a door drew some significant attention. I was upstairs barricading for carpentry xp, and drew a crowd of Zs downstairs. Disassembling a chair (though it played hammer/saw sounds for me) apparently doesn't. I was within a medium zoom sight of some Zs, and disassembled an entire dining room without drawing their attention at all. Does carpentry (create or disassemble) have a draw/noise radius? I'd think it should.
  9. I thought light switches were fixed, but today, they appeared broken again. I wonder if it has to do with saved games. Mind you, all of my saved games on this branch are possibly corrupted, since the app crashes out on exit every time.
  10. The trunk missing is bizarre. When you walk around the car, a tile beneath the car will light up green -- I see them on the driver side, passenger side, and the engine compartment (front of the car). Do you see those light up? Lexx makes a good point -- the cars are setup with driver-side on the left, it might not be obvious to everyone everywhere.
  11. You don't have to open anything -- just walk up to the car. In this case, it appears to use the "shelf" container.
  12. I didn't see it at first either -- when you walk up to a car trunk (or rear area for vans and trucks), a container shows up with "0/200" that you can shove stuff into, much the way you would a crate or something. I thought so at first, but I've tried playing a sandbox game the way I normally would, and I've found the car noise more believable and not insurmountable. Can you pull right up to your stronghold and jump out unmolested? Maybe not. But I can drive to the edge of town, or drive around the edge of town, enough to draw Zs, jump out, walk through the woods and circle around to my now-cleared neighborhood, as they've all went chasing off after car sounds. It makes the trunk a bit less useful, but depending on how destroy-able cars are, they might be decent long-term traveling containers. I think of that episode from season 1 of Walking Dead where the car-alarmed sports car draws Zs in from miles away, hours after he's returned and turned it off. It's not clear to me how big a radius a car engine should draw Zs in from, but if the world is silent, a running car might be pretty noticeable.
  13. Load tables fixed! Nice. Cars make a nice way to mitigate helicopter events -- they're like constant gun shot draws. Think I saw it reported before, but at least some roofs won't keep out the rain. Crash on exit. I grabbed the terminal while the game was crashing, but I don't think there's much in the way of useful info:
  14. Ok, I got drove around a while, got into a building (without stairs, so safe, but there are Zs downstairs, maybe a lot), and slept. Since waking, UI is sluggish. Sometimes the right-click menu doesn't work -- I'll right click on a door and say 'Open', and nothing happens. I'll stop moving, but my animation still shows me walking. Right-click and 'walk to' or 'rest' will generally fix the animation. I'm in a building, so not near a car, and my term shows the following: I noticed you can also read skill books while you're driving. While reading, you can't eat or move inventory around, or do any vehicle behavior (ignition, headlights, radio) and driving doesn't stop you from reading, so the only way to stop reading while driving is to "attack". Also, if I hit "U" while driving, I'll get my vehicle info, but if I'm traveling at speed, I can't move that window around or close it. If I slow down, or come to a halt, I can move that window around and close it.
  15. When I quit my game last night, it crashed out. I tried "Continue" today. Got this terminal error, and the car I had been standing next to was gone when the game loaded.