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  1. I've seen this in 37.8 too. A bookshelf that looks full of books, but in the entire house, nothing in any container. Huge bummer.
  2. Might be unrelated, as I recently did some hardware swap outs on my system, but I noticed running Zomboid, then paused it (esc) and went to pull up the zomboid map online. All 4 of my CPUs were spiked to 100%, and Zomboid had most of the CPU usage. I still have to check my bios settings and what not to see if I flipped a switch somewhere I shouldn't have, but just wanted to see if anyone else was seeing performance issues on the update.
  3. Thought you were taking the piss for a minute. I guess I'm kind of stunned that that's an actual concern, but sure enough:
  4. Please excuse my ignorance -- what's the significance of a blue cross over a red one? Is it just an aesthetic thing?
  5. Don't know if this is true for anyone else, but since the latest update, the Dig action hasn't been automating trowel usage for me. Example: I'd designate a spot to Dig (axe in both hands, trowel in main inventory), and nothing happened. Equipped the trowel Primary, and designated the spot to Dig, and it worked.
  6. I think that's what the heavy eater means, man. It's kind of right there in the name.
  7. Well, that explains my map issues in West Point. No civic pride!
  8. When building from the carpentry menu, you can use planks in your worn container. When building a wall or window onto a wall frame, you have to have your planks in your main inventory. A little inconsistent.
  9. A bug I've noticed for a long time, but just remembered to report: If you make a salad (probably works for stir-fry and other cooking projects too), and eat half of it, then add another ingredient, the salad will add the hunger reduction of the new ingredient to the original salad total -- so you can exploit for a pretty substantial endless salad bar.
  10. I start in West Point, and over the course of multiple games, I've found a dozen or so Muldraugh maps, some annotated, but not one map of West Point or anywhere else. Also, can you disassemble walls or wall frames you've built? You can disassemble built fences, I assumed you could do it with walls just as easily, but I'm having no luck, though I have a saw, screwdriver, and hammer.
  11. No mods. Pick yours up and place it again? I know when antique ovens got broken a few releases back, mine worked fine where it was until I picked it up and placed it again. Just not sure if this is a feature or a bug, since it _will_ work in the middle of the room, just not up against any of the walls I've tried so far. NEVERMIND -- I was unaccountably not holding something burnable when testing against the wall, but was when testing in the middle of the room. I find it hard to believe too, but I guess I wasn't paying attention.
  12. Is there some rule that governs antique oven placement? If I place it in the middle of the room, it works, but if I stick it up against a wall (ideally to vent to the outside, right?) or even up against an open window, it doesn't act like an oven.
  13. I haven't done the requisite leg work to say for certain, but it might be the case that coal you've already found on existing maps are always going to be coal. New bags you find will be charcoal. Either that or you would need to start a new game.
  14. I think this was a fairly recent addition, i.e. added since the last stable release. They help a great deal when searching for recipe books.
  15. The rest of what you wrote stands for itself as self-evident, so there was nothing to say. The game is in alpha, officially, and of course balance (not to mention new features) might make canning more or less attractive in the future. The single sentence was the only bit I to which I wanted to reply . . . isn't that ok?