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  1. No mods. Pick yours up and place it again? I know when antique ovens got broken a few releases back, mine worked fine where it was until I picked it up and placed it again. Just not sure if this is a feature or a bug, since it _will_ work in the middle of the room, just not up against any of the walls I've tried so far. NEVERMIND -- I was unaccountably not holding something burnable when testing against the wall, but was when testing in the middle of the room. I find it hard to believe too, but I guess I wasn't paying attention.
  2. Is there some rule that governs antique oven placement? If I place it in the middle of the room, it works, but if I stick it up against a wall (ideally to vent to the outside, right?) or even up against an open window, it doesn't act like an oven.
  3. I haven't done the requisite leg work to say for certain, but it might be the case that coal you've already found on existing maps are always going to be coal. New bags you find will be charcoal. Either that or you would need to start a new game.
  4. I think this was a fairly recent addition, i.e. added since the last stable release. They help a great deal when searching for recipe books.
  5. The rest of what you wrote stands for itself as self-evident, so there was nothing to say. The game is in alpha, officially, and of course balance (not to mention new features) might make canning more or less attractive in the future. The single sentence was the only bit I to which I wanted to reply . . . isn't that ok?
  6. I didn't think it was a debate -- I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I'm a developer myself, of a different kind of software, so while I appreciate that suggestions can sound like demands, I'm trying to be clear I'm just throwing out ideas. I am myself convinced that the people working on this game are thoughtful folks, and they seem to be soliciting people's opinions and ideas on a development forum. I can understand if another user differs with my opinion on something, I'm just a little surprised at adversarial tones.
  7. Don't be disappointed! Why do you have expectations at all? That's silly. Wood stoves are present not just because of the availability of wood, but because the rural setting is a result of a lack of development -- the rural Midwest and South have a lot of stuff laying around (and still being used) from the previous generation, whether that means rotting old barns, vintage tractors or Ball jars that stopped being manufactured in the 1920's. That's all I'm getting at. You can calm down, I'm not trying to say I'm right about any choices in the game, just thinking out loud.
  8. I read it, I responded. Are you mad?
  9. Modern canning lids are -- the ones that self-seal (i.e. have glue on them). But the old-timey canning jars would lock on mechanically, and you could just boil them to sterilize. Were they abundant in '93? In Kentucky? I'd think they'd be at least as popular as wood burning stoves. If root cellars (basements) ever make it into the map, I can see already-canned food becoming an expected find. Just my thoughts!
  10. To me, this translates as "you can completely ignore pickling, you'll never use it". So I have to find jars, and lids, sugar, and vinegar (all non-renewable resources) in order to make some vegetables last a little longer? With foraging, fishing, trapping, and farming, there are far easier (and renewable) ways to stay fed all year long.
  11. Have you considered loading keys in drawers or shelves in places like Police Stations and Prisons? My understanding is that right now keys only load on dead zombies, but irl large institutions, keys to doors don't normally leave the building.
  12. I'll reiterate for the sake of completeness my favorite least favorite bugs: 1) Wood burning stove stops working on move. 2) Missing composter art in the build menu and composter won't build visibly. 3) Large fence won't build anywhere. That's what I can think of at the moment. Thanks!
  13. I've heard the French don't like it when people speak incorrectly in French, but I don't understand why. English is my primary language, and every time I read this reply to myself, I laugh out loud. I love it.
  14. Weird. Can you disassemble metal things like sinks and stuff?
  15. Now that you mention it, I bet it was this. I was on a feeding binge trying to get my weight up, and didn't consider it would wreck my sleep, but that actually happens in real life too. Reminds me of Dicken's "A Christmas Carol" where Scrooge accused the ghost of being a bit of undigested pork.