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  1. 1. This is a big one... I don't get why the devs are so much against silencers if it's balanced properly. Weapon mods are already rare, silencers would be rare too, and simply make a weapon with silencers break much faster than one without. That means a weapon with silencers can only be used sparingly...And finally, silencers don't actually silence the sound, they suppress it, meaning it's still pretty loud and would attract nearby Zeds, just not the entire town. 2. I think this is being worked on. 3. Perhaps through metalworking, I approve of this. 4. Agreed. Also pets you can keep in your home would be nice too, I especially want a Fox!
  2. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Oh my you got to live when the Xerox Alto popped up and computer GUI got invented! :3 Nice!
  3. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Seriously though, imagine finding floppy disks containing games and notes and stuff for your PC...Ahh the nostalgia. xD PCs were like that when I was really young. (Born in 91)
  4. Gurluas

    School Reopening

    Omg that Computer! I've always been wanting to use computers in Zomboid...Here's hoping I can play Doom!
  5. Gurluas


    During those days you had video rental stores. Perhaps video tapes can be collected in such stores? While VCRs have to be acquired at a video store and can rarely be found with a TV. Finally: What about the Video game consoles? You find cute handheld consoles, giving functionality to those would be nice!
  6. Gurluas

    2020 vision

    Great to see map updates! :3
  7. Gurluas


    This would be nice, during winter my character tends to be really cold while sleeping.
  8. I fully support this, weapon variety is always nice!
  9. Gurluas


    If I recall zombies can have different stats in hearing and such, in this case, their decay level/body status could influence how fast they turn and how quickly.
  10. Actually there's been plenty of additions like the military base in the woods. We're about to head into Build 41, and the map is still build 39.
  11. Is this project dead? Haven't heard from it in ages.
  12. Bites and broken bones take a very long time to heal, just keep eating/disinfecting the wound.
  13. Gurluas


    Short, brief and to the point Will silencers for guns ever be an option by the way? At least in the Survivor mode? The gun variety is amazing in build 41, I'd love to be able to make a character that sneaks around and uses silenced guns to kill while having to scrounge for bullets. Currently firing a gun still attracts the entire neighbourhood.
  14. Aren't they? I've survived a bite once.
  15. Gurluas


    Soap is quite rare though and it is needed to wash outfits and yourself. Being able to craft a weaker variant of soap based on fat would go a long way.
  16. They're already ingame, there's a spiffo doll which is super rare, and now you have super rare outfits in the game.
  17. I recommend keeping Muldraugh relatively low pop on zombies so people can gear up.
  18. I am a pacifist (When it comes to animals) and an animal lover but I'd love to have a fox pet and to still be able to enjoy the presence of animals without killing them. I realize that taming adult wild animals is unrealistic and unfeasible but I have a different idea. I propose a system where you can find baby animals and raise them, the baby animal will then trust you and not run away from you. That way you could eventually have a fox or deer pen. I think this is a nicer alternative to hunting but it also gives animals a purpose for those who just wants them around. What do you think? (Also please include Foxes)
  19. I think the creative mode they talked about once was for this but it's not out. There's a map editor out there somewhere though since there's custom maps.
  20. It really depends...We have a lot of skills now. A new skill should only be added for something that absolutely doesn't fit under the other skills. If there's a new feature added that fits under an existing skill, it should be put there.
  21. Gurluas

    Vehicle IWBUMS

    A complete savegame wipe? That's terrible was hoping to continue some worlds with vehicles...Or does the savegame incompatibility only apply to IWBUMS?
  22. I'd also like to detach attack speed form Zombie movement speed. Sprinters right now are impossible to play against due to their insane attack speed.
  23. Generally if you play the proper hardcore experience,, surviving to the point where you get a skill to level 10 is REALLY hard due to how dangerous the world is and how limited supplies are. This is why I believe that you can balance this out by making everyone happy. Add the "self-sufficient" features at the end of a skill. If you can survive for 6 months and get your metalworking and carpentry to 10, then you deserve to be able to be a bit self-sufficient. People who want to be 100% self-sufficient from the start can use mods or experience multipliers. I definitely would like to see you being rewarded for surviving and making it alive and mastering a discipline in spite of the state of the world and limited supplies.
  24. I think it's fine that they show things, people just assumed it was close to release because of how polished it looked. Regardless, I for one am willing to wait. the devs have done amazing things with Zomboid and it feels so good to see the game evolve and grow overtime. I remember when the map ended near the pony roam-o. Now it's twice as big, and the graphics got updated, so many new features were added. Now vehicles are coming and whatnot. These people are doing an amazing job.
  25. I want to add my two cents to this. I believe Metalworking should be mostly welding stuff together and reforging existing stuff, at least until the later level 9/10. Around 9/10 I don't see why the player can't make rudimentary weapons or tools, doors, etc. You have to remember how much practice and work it takes to reach the later levels of a skill, once you get there, you should be able to do great stuff.
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