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  1. Override base game recipe

    Following the steps in the thread I linked worked. To be clear: Included the original base recipe in my mod script file, adding the property "Obsolete: true" to it. Then, adding my own recipe (I did so in the same file) with the property "Override:true". Cheers tommy!
  2. Override base game recipe

    At your suggestion I was able to find this thread: https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21914-help-obsoletetrue-recipefeature/&tab=comments#comment-251392 I'll try that when I get home from and work and examine the properties of recipes more closely as well, and provide an update then.
  3. Override base game recipe

    I've been doing some research, and I see that overriding an item for the base game is pretty straightforward. However, I can't seem to override a base game recipe. I want to change the way the "Gather Gunpowder" recipe works for a mod I'm working on, but when I do something like (having copied the recipe and editing it, to account for any typos) the following, I just end up with the base game recipe and then the one that I added, instead of it replacing the base one. module Base{ recipe Gather Gunpowder{ xyz... } } Is there another method for replacing base game recipes? I searched the forum for examples, but could only find ones relating to items.