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  1. Pretty sure the one labeled Survival in the sandbox is still the default settings.
  2. Until you have cooking maxed anyway at which point you can still use the rotten food. Plus you can use it as compost as well.
  3. I think the only options that are different would be, if I remember correctly, the option to hit/push more than one enemy and higher zombie count to counter the easier combat. Other than that I'm pretty sure everything else is just default.
  4. Pretty sure the issue is tying them to a 2D object, which is apparently a real pain.
  5. I think you can just use the Survival option preset as your base and adjust from there. Pretty sure that is still the default settings and what I use as my base.
  6. Sure if you can put the specific melee weapon on the other slots. But a bat, for instance, can't be put on the belt and can only be attached to the back. So say you generally use a bat, but you have a shotgun on your back, when you switch to the shotgun it just puts your bat away and you then have to go back into your inventory and re-equip it. It should just take the back slot once you switch to the shotgun and vise versa
  7. I am loving the quick slots, but would it possible to have weapons auto switch? What I mean by that is, say you have a shotgun on your back and you have a bat in your hand, when you swap to the shotgun the bat just takes the back slot until you swap again.
  8. DEATH

    Thermal Expansion

    It happens. I've been known to miss stuff, especially so if I'm reading too fast. Lol
  9. Yes, this works with the washing machine as well.
  10. My current place doesn't have a washing machine, so I didn't think to try that. Thanks for that info at least.
  11. Looks pretty tasty. I think I might have to jump in and play a bit before I go to work. Keep up the good work guys.
  12. Can't wash hats, tanktops and socks. I think there were a couple of other items too that seemed to be unwashable, but I can't think of which ones at the moment.
  13. This isn't a half bad idea. Not sure how possible it would be to add though. Maybe someone from TIS could give us some info on why it is or isn't possible to do this.
  14. Pretty sure they'll do something about that eventually. It's just not exactly a high priority at the moment. Maybe it'll come with the Highres update that has been talked about if we're lucky.
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