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  1. All hail! Our team announce our game’s kickstarter campaign. Game’s name – Cradle of Magic We’re experienced team with members from different parts of Earth. It’s our 3rd project and we wanna made forge it in our blood and souls. We call for people who like classic fantasy stories, CCG game mechanics, great art. CoM - is the MMO that combines RPG with the resources time management strategy and 1v1 fights with using the magic power from collectible cards. The game takes place in a medieval world that has changed with the advent of magic. Old foes have gained new abilities and weapons. The world was filled with new creations that will change the lives of ordinary people. Now the strongest man - is the man who can command the magic. In everyday life and in the lives of the herioes. The player's goal - to become the master of the world of magic. Each player will have a set of magic cards and spells to use them in the battles. The magic can allow him to invoke different magical creatures and forces into the battles to assault or defence. Rules are easy to understand. But only the strongest and cleverest player will be able to fully master it. With you, heroes, we can build a colorfull world where there will always be interesting. Our kickstarter page. Thank you.
  2. I love being weird, unless there are children or doppelsoldner drug friends hanging around my house. However this doesn't prevent them from noticing the strange things that try butt chocolate. I'm a curious hadephobic pagan who buys people from Japanese traffic-rings freedom, that is kinda hagiophobic with that, but what a wonderful cute dog operates time-zones, specifically votes for Tybug0rz cause, it's Cthulhu adept
  3. RTS+FPS is a great game mechanics. Steam link in the headpost is broken btw
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