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  1. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Ill message our admin! Thank you!
  2. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Its a bit weird. Something this latest patch broke it. Build 39 is how far away?
  3. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Any feedback on this? The only way to currently promote respawn on the biggest PVE server is now to soft reset multiple times a day. Dumping shelves used to promote respawn within an hour but no longer does in most zones and giga mart starts with the shelves looking full, but are actually empty. Veterans are not having a hard time with this, but new players to the game are starving
  4. [PVE]THE GOOD OLD DAYZ[SINCE 14/02/2014]

    We now have a pub in riverside, West point and muldreau
  5. RELEASED: Build 38.30

    Somehow, this patch has affected spawn. Shelves in giga mart show as full, but have nothing in them when you check. Also, some areas that are supposed to respawn in multi-player no longer respawn at all. Only soft reset refills shelves as opposed to once every hour irl. It's a bit of an issue in multi-player on good old dayz since we have 40+ players regularly and a lot of the newer guys have no food respawn options. They join the server, feel everything has been looted already and think there is no point to the server unless they quickly find help from a vet
  6. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    Some people log off, go for lunch, come back and game says transaction ID does not match.
  7. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    Gas is set to use the absolute minimum. It happens in houses with or without microwaves. Tested. I tried it in the house next door that had standard stuff. When I log back on, its still fully fueled and running, but no longer powering stuff because I logged off. Same as in video
  8. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    Asking again tho, is transaction ID broken? A lot of people having transaction ID problems
  9. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    Easy, I have been posting videos showing this since last patch Enigma said a fix has been done but will not be released till 39 I guess......
  10. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    Is transaction ID still broken? A lot of people on good old dayz claiming they cannot log in due to transaction ID. Only recently turned it back on
  11. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    I don't understand.
  12. RELEASED - Build 38.28

    And Generators still turn off on Multiplayer when you log off. RIP ever saving food. I was hoping that one would be fixed. It used to stay on all the time even if you logged off till it ran out of gas. Now it STILL autoshuts off after you log off
  13. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.29

    Wait, this is IWBUMS. I am running normal
  14. RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 38.29

    As soon as I am off work I will
  15. RELEASED: Build 38.22

    Another perspective from the steam forum if it will help figure out what causes it.