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  1. sorry to bug you about this but do you know what i need to click to add the weights to the hair style i wanted to use? do i need to combine it with the groups or anything like that? :}
  2. thank you ♥ sorry i been asking so many questions about stuff. i dont have much experience with blender honestly. i thought i'd be able to figure out how to add the weights to the object myself, but it wasn't the same as milkshape. but once i figure that out i should be able to get the custom hair style i wanted to work in the game
  3. thanks so much for the advice, it's just one thing i'm currently stuck on. How do i add weight to the hair in blender so it attaches to the skull bone? is there a certian mode i have to do it in in blender and a way to select the head bone and the custom hair mesh and attach them? UPDATE: i added a visual to show you what i have so far and what i'm confused on.. i know i have to attach the mesh to the head bone but im not sure how to do it and what to click.
  4. thank you but just 2 more questions: 1.) what directory/folder do i find the skeleton file to import into blender? 2.) what specificly do i edit in the ModelMagaer.class for a hair mesh to show up in the game?
  5. is there a tutorial on how to do that? Also, what folder would i put the exported model in? would i need to import a body mesh into blender first? or just a hair mesh and replace it with the one i want to use and then add the weights?
  6. just curious, how did you make custom hair styles for project zomboid? i know you have to make the shape of it in blender (i've already done that) but how do you attach/assign it to the head joint and then export it into the game?
  7. Blender 3D Scripts

    how would i get custom hair meshes imported into the game?
  8. How do I make custom hairs for project zomboid?

    just thought i'd bump this... i wanted to make a custom hair shape in project zomboid, like this: i know it's done in blender but i can't figure out how to put it in the game and make it show up... i was hopeing someone here could tell me how to...
  9. How do i make custom hairs for project zomboid? i already have a model made that i wanted to add to the game as a mod. ive been looking threw the forums here but i can't tell which one i should be using because ive heard some of them are out dated. does anyone know how i can do this? please help ♥