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  1. zoeymiller

    the zukon territory in zanada

    It's not that I don't enjoy it (I really really LOVE designing these cute lil buildings.) I would love to continue with it but I can no longer log into my original account and the only latest (english) map guide seems to be outdated as it tells me to drag the bitmap anywhere into worlded when absolutely nothing works at all. I can't continue map development when there's no guides and bitmaps / pngs apparently no longer get accepted. I will probably continue building suburban houses and stores and stuff as it helps therapeutically against bad moods and such and I may share them with the community if the guide for that isn't outdated too. I'm thankful for your kind words though thanks a lot
  2. zoeymiller

    the zukon territory in zanada

    Really hate to bump my own threads over other peoples cool map projects but I can sadly not edit my own post above ^ as i cannot into my account due to some kinda ex2 error code thingy thats been goin on for 2ish days. Also, I haven't been able to get my bmp terrain to load into world ed, and some of my older buildings have been glitched with some weird window glitch that makes these shutter things appear a third time next to a window. I've been trying to get these 3 things fixed and working for the past like 2 or so hours and my head hurts and my eyes are starting to hurt and I guess im just giving this up altogether, so lock it or something idk.