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  2. Matusware

    Under the Hood

    I admit, i was bit too hyped (must been the morning tea), so let me scratch my former post and make a new and shorter version of it and hopefully it will please everyone *khrm* *writes* "Vehicles, yay" There...
  3. Matusware

    Under the Hood

    Vehicles are so close i can taste the front bumper, mmm yum yum, i remember how my friend told me about this new game called project zomboid, my reaction was: "oh another zombie game", then i saw what was the older version of the game and -and sorry indie stone- i thought it were more anwful looking than minecraft (and minecraft aint exactly winning beauty contests anytime soon), and i didnt find a reason to touch zomboid with meter long pole... Time past abit and again my friend was all like: "you must test it", so i had a go in the friends house and so i fell in love, PZ wasnt exactly eye candy but damn it had more depth than any other zombie game, Game has come long way from that day, its good looking and it has lots of content and places to explore, its more than your average zombie game, somebody said that patches come too slow on PZ but i believe that if you hurry things too much you end up hotfixing the hotfix so you can hotfix the hotfix that fixes the patch So keep up the good work
  4. Matusware

    In My Garage

    I think this will just add more fun to PZ, well atleast for me, i have allready collected tv's from other houses so soon ill be able to fill my backyard with vehicles, and while i drive from rosewood to westpoint ill be singing: Amazing Hearse https://www.youtube.com/embed/xlFZJMg_2yM?&rel=0 Also the vehicles will make traveling less painfull when making lets play's
  5. it has been long time since i was in forums, too busy with LP`s on Zomboid ^^

  6. I can build a (for example) linux pc which can handle lets say 30 people with imbush..imbuws...damn it..with those unstable version, need to figure out few things before i can start this project
  7. Don't get me wrong. It's a dream. I mean, I load up. I go outside. I get inside the local store. Get me some beef, if its not rotten already. Get past all the Z's who just happen to roam by. I'm thrilled

  8. My favorite base is the lonely farm far far north, it has a well and about 8 houses (or more) not far, for survival its great, z's dont come there very often and if they do its usually 1 or 2, stuff that you bring and you find "near by" you can live for sometime But then the downside Its heck of a trip to get there..its the last houses up north so getting there takes supplies and getting between town and that farm takes planing and even more supplies And if you dont have plan b when power goes out and water then manure will take aerodynamic properties and make contact with air cooler..in another words: if you havent gone full farmville and you dont have supplies on stock then poop will hit the fan But no matter that this location is more remote than sauna in outer hebrides and only thing you can do there is survive,read book,eat,sleep and repeat, i like it.. I like it cause it is actually safe..cause when i finally return from looting and my body is roadmap to all that is painfull while carrying a 50" TV (cause why not) i like to return to place that is safe But that just me
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