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  1. I admit, i was bit too hyped (must been the morning tea), so let me scratch my former post and make a new and shorter version of it and hopefully it will please everyone *khrm* *writes* "Vehicles, yay" There...
  2. Vehicles are so close i can taste the front bumper, mmm yum yum, i remember how my friend told me about this new game called project zomboid, my reaction was: "oh another zombie game", then i saw what was the older version of the game and -and sorry indie stone- i thought it were more anwful looking than minecraft (and minecraft aint exactly winning beauty contests anytime soon), and i didnt find a reason to touch zomboid with meter long pole... Time past abit and again my friend was all like: "you must test it", so i had a go in the friends house and so i fell in love, PZ wasnt exactly eye candy but damn it had more depth than any other zombie game, Game has come long way from that day, its good looking and it has lots of content and places to explore, its more than your average zombie game, somebody said that patches come too slow on PZ but i believe that if you hurry things too much you end up hotfixing the hotfix so you can hotfix the hotfix that fixes the patch So keep up the good work
  3. Its seems that i have a skill to find to worst servers, i remember how my friend showed me this RP server on warcraft, it was nice, people were nice.. Then i thought ill have a go, and my very first contact to other people was this guy playing a blood elf who wanted to have..well im gonna clean this with flamethrower: he wanted to have "mostly unspeakable sexual things" with my tauren character..
  4. Im always living in the dark, reason for this is that everything that shines, ticks, smells, makes a sound is a magnet for zeds, but the rare few times i needed light i used flashlights or a tv... Yes. A tv Not the best of ideas but its simple to get, Downside is that if you forgot to put the volume down you will have some uninvited Z'ees on your doorstep
  5. Ill keep that in my mind ^^
  6. Question, its RP (which is cool by the way) server so do i must be super serious or can i turn my brain off and be a bit nutty character?
  7. First things first, i dont hate multiplayer, pvp aspect of anykind, i have been masocist enough to play gta online in public server filled with allsort of dingbats and spoon lets continue I find it hilarious that everytime someone says hey matusware play this cool game (like DayZ) i end up dying and im not getting the experiance that people are saying that game has, not that it makes me feel bad cause like i said i find it hilarious that everytime i login to find some awesome time i end up to be somebodys muppet So i tryed Project Zomboid multiplayer and i chose some random servers.. First one i logged in and i looked that ok im not alone and for showing im not hostile and harmless as comatosed badger i writed: "Hi All :)" to the chat...this is how it went Admin: "Who are you" Me: "Matusware..i just logged in to play some PZ" Admin: "Get Out You hacking shitbag, this is private and locked server" Matusware: "sorry to say but your server was open" Admin: "HAVE A NICE BAN!" so i was banned and (probably) blacklisted as devil hacker... for joining in *public and open* server xD Didnt let this spoil my beans so i wanted to try next one I came to middle of the city which was overtaken by erosion and former EA workers a.k.a Zeds , quickly i learned two things, 1# every piece of loot was gone in, 2# zeds were plenty and they werent those easy nice type of zeds, no these were resident evil X 10 type of zombies So i made like runing a new world record as my new life goal and went with that while same time i took the only weapon i could find...a pen After marathon of oh god please dont let me die i was middle of woods with three items, Pen, dead rat and extra pants, I was thinking what is my survival chance, Quickly i came to the result that i can stab one zed before i get killed by others and by eating the dead rat i buy myself maybe a day...and the pants...i thought when it comes to it i use em to hang myself... ..i died in thirst Third try I logged in mostly clean looking area which were mostly silent and no zeds, then i started to notice a very unpleasent pattern as i saw dead people with mostly starter kit with them, as my tired brain finally solved the puzzle and i realised im gonna be somebodys muppet i died..maybe it was a gun or something i dont know So this was my first taste of multiplayer..and im ready for more xD
  8. You are asking does Muldraugh'ians know that they are groundzero in a game, hell i didnt know there is Muldraugh outside of PZ ;D , for some odd reason and language barrier im always saying it wrongly, my weird accent dosent help this neither so i end up calling it Muld'raugeh, to bypass this problem i call Muldraugh a "MurMur" or "Muldie" ^^
  9. Mark tufo zombie fallout is worth reading
  10. Before i started to play sandbox mode it seemed that water and power was cut off after week or so
  11. I think this will just add more fun to PZ, well atleast for me, i have allready collected tv's from other houses so soon ill be able to fill my backyard with vehicles, and while i drive from rosewood to westpoint ill be singing: Amazing Hearse Also the vehicles will make traveling less painfull when making lets play's
  12. it has been long time since i was in forums, too busy with LP`s on Zomboid ^^

  13. I can build a (for example) linux pc which can handle lets say 30 people with imbush..imbuws...damn it..with those unstable version, need to figure out few things before i can start this project
  14. Don't get me wrong. It's a dream. I mean, I load up. I go outside. I get inside the local store. Get me some beef, if its not rotten already. Get past all the Z's who just happen to roam by. I'm thrilled