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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from grammarsalad in Map of Normandy, France   
    Hello everybody,
      I have been a big fan of project zomboid for quite a while now and since the beginning I have been fantasizing about a PZ in a European environment. I tried to create a small part of the coastline near Cherbourg. It's my first map on PZ.   Eventually I would like to cover the whole area around Cherbourg with the nuclear power plant in the West (La Haie) and the more rural and fishing area in the East. But that's something that will be possible only when the creative mod is avaiale as the region covered is too big for manual editing.   I had several objectives while creating this map: - Fun roads. I have been very impressed by the vehicle update and it is clear that vehicles will become an essential part of the gameplay. But in the current maps, roads are straight, and not very varied, so I tried to bring the spirit of small French roads, with many branches. Also I have reproduced the "boccage" structure of the fields so when you drive around you can't necessarily see inside the crop fields which I think gives incentive to stop from the car and have a look around by feet.   - Interesting coastline. I went for a "lande"-ish coastline as it is hard to give a sense of elevation. For now it looks very empty but I'm planning to make new vegetation for this specifically.   I'm planning on adding new tiles also, the goals is to use the vanilla tileset as much as possible but I have started making a new tileset.   I'm also planning, but for much later, to make boats. I already have one or two models that are close to completion. (sail yacht and motor yacht) I guess it should be doable to create one out of the template from the vehicle. (big assumption, I could be very wrong)   I had a few questions for people used to mod maps:   - Is it possible to apply a vegetation biome using WorldEd? For now I have only pine trees, which are not really adequate for my environment. I would like to have fruit trees and such. Is it something I have to do manually? - I had seen a while ago a video where you could see a developer scatter vegetation on the fly, is it something that exists within tilezed or it's a future feature of the creative mod? - Is there a centralized DB with all .tmx building created by the comumnity? I wish to consult and contribute! - Is there any "populate" tool in Tilezed that I should know about before getting started? Like for roads for instance? - Do you have any piece of advice for me? Remarks, suggestions...?   TLDR: I'm making a new map based on Normandy, France   Thank you for reading

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Forking Hell   
    I think I got quite emotional when I saw that dude jumping over the fence like a ninja.
    Will it be only accessible to players with the according soft skill or base skill?
    Fantastic job
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    Ayrton Orio reacted to nasKo in Lowdown   
    Hey all, SUPER CRAZY early Thursdoid this week that will probably be a Wednesdoid in many places. No fancy anim videos this week (tho some visual treats further down) and some more concrete information on what’s left to do before IWBUMs.
    There’s been huge progress with the rotation code Zac’s been working on for a long while, and the results are starting to drop in daily now the underlying system has been laid down. As you saw last week with the character twisting at the hip to turn in 45 degrees in front of them, the rest of the system is falling into place fast. Now as a character twists their hip past a certain point, they will turn the rest of their body, stepping their feet in a circle. Doing a fast spin 180 degrees and the character will step around in a circle to realign with the upper body. It’s all fast and responsive so those concerned about these kind of animations making movement slow and treacley can relax.
    We were hoping to show it off, but its still suffering a few twitches and glitches that, considering how long this stuff has been in the pipe and how much we want its first airing to go down well, we decided for the sake of another week would be best to get it polished up first.
    So now we’re at the stage where the final task list before we can consider (read: consider, there may be bugs that crop up in addition) an IWBUMs:
    Remaining rotational work – Fixing up and polishing the rotate on the spot animations, then followed by launching into a run / changing direction in a run via animation. Once this is in, while there are other things we’d like to add they can wait until IWBUMs. Then…
    Optimization – Every zombie skeleton is currently completely independent and animating every frame, and this kills performance when lots of zombies are about. We need a system that basically shares animations between zombies in hordes, so say in a crowd of 50 zombies, there are only 6-8 animating ‘zombie walks’ (or however many needed to avoid it being noticable) they will all share. They could be offset additionally by time so you would never notice, but it will mean a huge saving on the animating for zombies. Finally…
    Animating in multiplayer – currently zombies and other players don’t animate in multiplayer. We also want to do additional work on better client prediction for the new animation system, that will hopefully lead to less rubber banding and generally a more smoother online experience, but we can perhaps wait on all that until IWBUMs, and release the IWBUMs with slightly less buttery MP.
    …and putting aside other bugs that crop up, that’s the list before IWBUMs. How long these will take is up in the air don’t be expecting IWBUMs to drop next week, but those expecting to wait until mid 2020 or something should hopefully be reassured when we say we’re on the home straight that we are.
    Yuri has made a very long requested fix to the game. Sounds temporary.
    Watch out for those little trees! They’ll…. oh. EP continuing his awesome work!

    That’s all for this week! We’ll hopefully have a nice vid to demo the rotational stuff next week!
    This week’s foggy commune courtesy of [PAX]McMiller! A general list of stuff added to PZ, and vids of features being worked on, is kept here – so you don’t have to plough through endless dev blogs for info. The Centralized Block of Italicised Text would like to direct your attention to the PZ Wiki should you feel like editing or amending something, and the PZ Mailing List that can send blogs like this and patch notes direct to your mailbox. We also live on Twitter right here! Our Discord is open for chat and hijinks too!
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    Ayrton Orio reacted to Woldren in Hashima island by Woldren   
    Hi guys! This is my new map: Hashima Island. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1600890711
    This map is located in Japan. The Island is also called Battleship Island. You can find more infos here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hashima_Island
    And you can take a look on the map here:




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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   

    To give a sense of advancement in my work, in white is all the areas I have manually modified, both terrain and vegetation. What is left is what remains of the google map to PZ map process i had used originally. (by the way check this tool: http://www.chengfolio.com/google_map_customizer#satellitemap )
    The top right island should appear entirely white but its data are on a different psd and i got lazy. So the east part of Cherbourg is still very much undone, the village de quincampoix in the south too, and the industrial part the eastern side of the harbour and the south east of the city. Obviously that's only the terrain, the buildings are far from completion
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Bejasc in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    new biome, wetlands/marsh
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Dr_Cox1911 in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    new biome, wetlands/marsh
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    new biome, wetlands/marsh
  9. Spiffo
    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Ciber Ninja in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    it wont be easy to find it

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    military outside wall with checkpoint
    it will close entirely the south and west borders of the military port, with only 2 access points. 

  11. Spiffo
    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Nisora in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    it wont be easy to find it

  12. Spiffo
    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    it wont be easy to find it

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    communal crops

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    new fields, flowers and viniards

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    Some updates:
    Thanks to the great Cardenaglo I was able to create more palettes in the rules.txt to create vegetation and tiles from my photoshop file. That led me to improve greatly the fields which was necessary at the very least for orientation as the landscape was getting very monotonous. Now they look good from above and from up close. Some of the cells wil lbe used for houses with gardens (which are scattered all around the map).
    I think I'm halfway in the job of recreating 50/60% of the actual crops on the map. That will be enough to create a sense of diversity and interest.
    i have added a crop version of the data map that I use to define which crops is which, but also cemeteris, agricultural industies, social housing, etc. 
    I have also been experimenting with the rules.txt to get objects that are not vegetation but could be used as is to populate the map: graveyards, cityscape, new biomes, etc

    i was unsure if I could use the rock tiles to do the shoreline but it's turning out ok now I can do through photoshop. you will notice also the moor biome around beahces too.
    I have pretty much finished the first two main islands (I still need to fix a bug while spawning charcter and object though)

    And even if it takes ages, the city of Cherbourg is turning from a mess to a clean organized city, i will keep that for another day.
    As soon as I fix the bug, I will upload the map with character spawns only on the islands to start with, and if it's ok I will expand.

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    hey ciber, thank you for feedback. To be frank the map was uploaded as a test, and so far there is no building in for some reason. I will fix that asap.
    regarding optimization: this might be foolish of me, but having followed the dev blog, Louisville update is coming in soon and there is no question that they will have to optimize rendering to make it work. So I will start optimizing Cherbourg after the Louisville is updated to avoid unnecessary work. For sure I will have to be conservative regarding the amount of detail I will be able to add. I will go gradually on it, and I'm still considering shutting down buildings entirely to help with that, but that will be my option as I think it breaks the immersion.
    For custom tiles, I have made a bunch already, for roads I will most likely add "bornes" (no idea how to translate this but it's a small white and red concrete thing that comes up every km. Also I will add custom roadsigns to indicate where you are/where you are heading. It will eventually make the map more readable for players.
    The patreon (which I'm still working on) is quite necessary considering the amount of work needed, I will link the page asap. My goal is to open the Patreon as soon as the map is indeed playable.
    For you last comment, I agree, I want the countryside to look great and pleasing to drive through, I have started working on it:
    Every black cluster is a residential area (i have not finished mapping it so there are many missing) and every cluster will be reorganized orthogonally to enable me to add different fences, maybe pavement, etc.

    As for Cherbourg, the large city, I see that as some end/middle game objective where you want to go get some large amount of loot in the military area of the city. Again, I'm really far from finishing it so the idea might change.
    I hope you enjoyed driving the curvy roads anyway! cheers
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Okamikurainya in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    sharing some screenshots from the map, project is still ongoing but vacations are vacations.
    I have not yet done the PAtreon as I would like the map to be playable and enjoyable before that but I'm still a few months from this point I think, so I'm stuck in between "I can't really spend so much time on it as I have other priorities and life must go on" and "I really like this map and it would clearly be an incentive to make some money out of it".  

    ALso, I'm getting (much needed) support from https://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php?/profile/28870-хибитиhibiti-blr/ , who is focusing on road signs
    Thanks to him it will help a lot driving in the maze of a road network that this region is
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Хибити\Hibiti [BLR] in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Ciber Ninja in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    i have recorded a session where I'm shaping up the towns using fences.
    The video was sped up 4x to make it a reasonably short video
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from throttlekitty in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Nisora in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Nisora in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Ciber Ninja in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Ciber Ninja in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    you will have to be a bit more specific, because there are many different things I have done on the map. Fields? Rivers? custom biomes in WorldEd? Satellite view to WorldEd? roads? ...?
    There you go

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    Ayrton Orio got a reaction from Jason132 in Cap Levi, Normandy, France   
    Some updates on the Normandy Map
    I had to familiarize myself with the building editor, World Ed and Tilezed in order to go forward with the map. It took me a while because I'm an idiot, but I think I'm up to date now.
    Here is some news with medias attached:
    - French looking buildings (residences, mansions, greenhouse, stores, garages, etc)
    - Better crop fields, now there are many different types of fields depending on their use (cattles, veggies, fruit trees, etc)
    - roads are now all connected and make sense. Smaller paths are being done, especially for foresty areas. 
    - revamped "boccages", better definition of tree lines, in-between paths, etc
    - bridges of different sizes and use were designed
    - layout of cities streets are in progress
    - Vehicles spawn more naturally (for a french scenery) as they will stand in on side of the street, parked in front of houses (as we Frenchies do)
    - Defined every landmark of the map to make the navigation more interesting and easy. (cities, harbours, relais chateau inn, main church, military base, vineyards, larger gas station, 
    and probably a bunch of other things I forgot to mention
    The map is not yet ready to be uploaded on the workshop as I want every major area of the map to have lootable buildings and vehicle spawns to allow player to go from one town to the other with more ease.
    I have added a video to showcase what drove me to do this map: Having more fun driving the cars on non linear roads. (unfortunately the video is very laggy)
    There is clearly tons of work to be done (as you can see in the attached files), but I think I will be able to upload the map at the end of June and make it playable for everyone who wishes to.
    My short term TODO list is as follow:
    - 10-12 residences to be done + variations
    - 8-10 unique buildings (lighthouse, gas station, monastery, etc)
    - Towns layouts + vehicles spawns
    - roads and streets signs and decoration
    The longer term list is as follow:
    - Apocalyptic feel (burned cars, fortified houses, corpses, etc)
    - Foraging areas
    - lootable map
    - Community feedback
    - Polish path
    Have a good sunday!

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