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  1. A small idea . wouldn't it make sense that we could use small axes as hammers? so you wouldn't always have to look for a hammer to barricade. Greetings Meza
  2. Mezanor


    Is not directly a bug report but. is it so wanted if you fire with guns on zombies and about 20m away is still just as much blood on the clothes / body gets as if you fight them in close combat? think that should not be so ^^ Then I noticed that melee weapons full of blood appear clean again as soon as you place them on your belt or back. Greetings meza
  3. Here's a little bug. Fog in 2 floor visible in some buildings. No mods. Greetings Meza
  4. Found a small bug. Zombie cant climp out of these window ^^
  5. Mezanor

    Thermal Expansion

    Looks very good, I'm looking forward to it :D Will you be able to see various holsters etc also at the character himself or only the weapons he carries with him? Greetings Meza
  6. Hey I use Google translator here for :) I now played a few hours of this super Udate and discovered a few minor bugs. 1. When reloading weapons, there is no Xp for it. 2. You can't remove blood stains with bleach, only the small red bar at the bottom right comes up. 3. Zombies often just don't move or get stuck and I think this is already known. 4. When it rains when the new water puddles appear very successfully, it comes to a sound bug. There is a lot of water dripping noise which makes the whole sound crash. I hope I could help something with that. I praise the Devs for this development of the game. Play it since the first minute on Desura and it madness what has become of it and I am very curious what everything still comes in the next time. Thank you, Mezanor.
  7. I can confirm this. 1-24h result in a instant dead (if i get infected). 2-3 days is like 12 hours .
  8. Hey. I would like to see a smoker ingame so we could make our meat and fish longer edible. (Without Electricity) greeds meza
  9. Bug Report 1.Were able to sleep always in tents no time need to go back to sleep. 2. Crates not paintable 3. Digging with hands not working 4. Alarm sounds dont turn off in MP (alarm clock ,watch) 5. No foot steps hearabel from other Players? Thats all i noticed so far. Greetings , Meza .
  10. Click=Crash thats all (Only in Hosting game)
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