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  1. Same Problem. Local Dedicated Server. Some of us have the PRoblem that they dsync with a car. (The Car remains in place forthe server but for the Client they drive the car) Sometime a relog helps. Most often not...
  2. Maranea

    Driving Cars Mod

    I guessed as much. Well i wanted to atleast tell you that the dublication is gone. Do you have time to look into the crashs? Or could you make an editet version were only destroyed cars spawn and without the repair function? I really like the cars, the world feels more "right" with them around. More "lively".
  3. Maranea

    Driving Cars Mod

    Hello Nolanri, quit awesome mod. It works fine in Singleplayer (Even when its a little anoying to use the arrowkeys :D) I also testet the mod on my local Lan Server which is quite powerfull (xenon cpu with 4x4 ghz sandybridge gen) Here it seems to work "fine" as long i don't enter the active chunks of another user. I didn't see any replication of the car hapening. But the server "crashes" (more a freeze since the players are not diconnected but no progress will be saved and the area around you won't load further out (you will reach a black border tha
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