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  1. Make them weaker? you're aiming to be realistic right?
  2. So far i've lost 12 kg (from 60 to 48) in 19 days by only eating as much as I need to survive. seems fair to me, maybe a bit too fast? Will there be a difference between male and female? cos 60 kg is not "very underweight" for a girl And as someone who is underweight irl I can safely say that it doesn't make it easier to gain weight, quite the opposite. Also would be nice if the weight loss was exponential so it would be harder to lose weight the less you weighted? Nutrition log: edit: also turns out you can't open canned chili with a can opener, wish I had known that before starting to starve
  3. The problem is not surviving, it's really easy to just get out into the woods where there are no zombies. The only problem I have with the amount of zombies is that they seems to pinpoint player built items and destroy them. I ran from a horde that was attacking my safe house. Even tho I always walk or sneak inside, and there's no way they could see me. I ran out and the horde started to follow me so I lead them away from my safe house and looped around and when I came back 70% of my outer walls was destroyed by another horde. Feels a bit like they destroys things just because. I wasn't even in there, and there were already openings if they wanted to get in. They also started attacking my lamp post thingie, poor thing. I also don't want to play farm sim, but the change from no zombies to about 200-300 that was attacking my house is a bit steep Edit: one more minor thing. When filling a water bottle from a pot that's on the ground or in a container it now moves the pot to your inventory before you can fill your bottle which is a bit of a hassle. It didn't use to do that in .31 I feel this could be changed when it comes to a lot of things, like when eating some pills from your medical stash. it would be nice if you put them back automatically.
  4. Merry Christmas Christmas eve and I'm all alone, haven't even seen a zombie in months, it's like I'm playing the sims. location: http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.8227333641499182,0.13144526349513547,144.2901234567902
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