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  1. Could anyone of you guys upload Hydrocraft to dropbox (or GoogleDrive & so on) please. I bought Zomboid from GOG so don't have access to that fuc*ingly sluggish steam. Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. Thanks for such a great mod!!!!!

  3. It would be GREATLY appreciated if anyone upload Hydrocraft here or elsewhere. Tons of us bought GOG-version of Zomboid so we can't download from that fuc*ing Steam((( I understand that Hydromancerx is really very busy, especially with modding such a great mod, so could anyone else help us and upload?
  4. WOW, thank u so much!!! I'm very impatient to see 2.5)))
  5. Ethanwdp, I really appreciate the mod, you're great modder! I'd like to ask if it's possible to add an increase FOV function to 360 degrees (like Eagle Eyed does). Lots of girls would really appreciate it cause we love to play relaxed, you know, talking by phone and so on At least we'll be able to learn basics (and maybe then play whis normal FOV in multiplayer with you, guys). I tried to find such a mod but it doesn't exist. They say in some forums FOV has its own variable cause Eagle Eyed and Short Sighted traits are able to modify FOV. So maybe you could do this, we would greatly appreciate it!
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