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  1. Same as Arsenal, but I didn't catch that both the current Steam version and the 3.08 version both either show up as enabled or disabled in my mods list. Unsubscribing from the Steam version might have messed with something, especially considering that my default Damage Multiplier is 0.5. I'm also in IWBUMS, totally forgot about that, so my case might end up just being a "look out for build 39" thing
  2. In the new options settings, is there a setting that modifies the speed at which you put bullets into a magazine? I'm 99% sure it's Magazine Reload Time, but I've changed that setting from 1 to 2 to 30 to 2000 to get it to change, but the speed never increases or decreases. Should I try to reinstall the mod or am I just being REALLY dumb and missing something obvious?
  3. iyarkonan

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Thats's interesting, since I don't get this issue when I play in the stable build with the same set of mods, Hydrocraft included. I haven't tried playing without any mods in stable branch, though, so I'm not sure how often the bug occurs to others based on the mods they use/the branch they're in. I snooped around my files a bit more and still couldn't find any logical record of the lag spikes happening except for me pretty much pointing at the FPS counter and saying "it's dropping," but if some file finally records something strange, I'll definitely report it.
  4. iyarkonan

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Hydrocraft has some sort of "soft incompatibility" (best phrase I could come up with) with vehicles beta (31.1 and 31.2 as far as I know). Hovering my cursor over item names murders FPS. There's nothing in console.txt that gives any hints away, and no other mods seem to be causing it. Just thought I'd drop a little note, I know Hydrocraft doesn't need to be 100% compatible with a beta branch, but in case something like this pops up in the future, we have (some, very limited lol) documentation.
  5. Not sure if you wanted feedback after you maybe implemented those or feedback about the list itself, but too bad, here's my two cents about it all lol. Weapon stats: Maybe basing the base chance to hit off of (roughly) the effective range of the gun (which is pretty much accuracy) and the recoil of the gun? I would imagine lower recoil guns would be easier for people with a lower aiming skill to use effectively. Everything else sounds pretty good. Magazines: I'm just gonna agree with everything there Ammo boxes and canisters: Also gonna agree with it all Gunsmithing profession: More agreement, but it might also work as a separate mod, though making one along with ORGM Rechambered would mean it'd be easier to link whateter profession skills the profession would have with the vast amount of guns and ammo types. This could also be added in a way with books/magazines that teach necessary skills to better repair guns, add attachments, make ammo, etc. Field stripping: yeah Weapon Upgrades: I would love all that, but I can also see how much work it might end up taking, so I wouldn't blame you at all if you didn't change the current system. Also to re-mention suppressors, maybe finding out how the suppressor mod works and then drastically reducing the effectiveness of them (because I'll admit, screwing a homemade suppressor onto a shotgun and not alerting zombies 10 feet away makes me feel kinda bad) Firearm Inspection Window: If you did this, you should see if it could get added into the base game, because even a very simple gun UI window would be an amazing addition to the base game, and even better with the vast amount of things in this mod. Bayonets and pistol whipping: If you pull this off then you deserve at least a dozen cookies. Select fire: also yeah Short ramblings on each topic from me, but to sum it up, pretty much all of those ideas fall into the category of "making the real guns mod more realistic outside of just the amount of guns and bullet types" and I heavily approve of that. I wish I could code, I'd definitely help out with it, but for now I'll lurk and provide motivation
  6. Feels like all I did was blink a few times and there's suddenly an ORGM Rechambered. I'm beyond excited to play with this, especially since ORGM has always been at the core of my playthroughs (even after I finally got Hydrocraft lol). I can't think of much else to say but praise, so I'll just make a very short list of my opinions of the shortcomings that the mod has. 1. Suppressors and tactical lasers/lights both take up the same upgrade spot. I'm not too sure if this is intended (or just from a lack of base code to allow another upgrade slot on a gun), but it'd be cool to finally get a suppressor and a tactical light on my pistol so I'm not blind while carrying my second bag 2. Is there a way to modify how long it takes to load individual bullets into a magazine? I'm fine with it as is, but my friends that I usually play with find it a tad bit annoying that it takes a really long time to load an entire magazine (especially when we find an M249). I know it should take a fair amount of time, but maybe a way to change the reloading speed would be nice. That was a shorter list than I thought it would be. When my winter break starts about a month from now, I'm gonna be playing a LOT of PZ, and I might end up finding bugs with this mod considering how much I love messing with things so I'm definitely gonna follow this mod, and if I do find any bugs, I'll be sure to report them.
  7. Yeah, each bullet loads in one by one. I've always played on the hardest reload difficulty ever since my aunt told me to try and load a gun bullet by bullet lol. I'm pretty sure the part about changing ORGM mod lua files does involve reloading quicker than the very slow effort of putting each bullet in one by one. I'll have to check out that second fix sometime today or tomorrow to see what happens (and change my reloading difficulty to each of them to compare what happens), since reloading bullet by bullet does take too long. I just maybe cheat every save and make my reloading lv10 with Necroforge, but thats just me I attached a screenshot (left is old, right is new). Looks like you got it right (from what little I know of lua lol)
  8. There's a fix to the magazine issue, though it takes a bit of messing with the .lua files, so if you play multiplayer, you might get a mismatch error and can't join anything. If you host a small friends-only server like I do though, the fix is a miracle. Just have to make sure every person has the same file and same fix. https://www.reddit.com/r/projectzomboid/comments/5nbq4a/my_mates_and_i_cant_reload_our_pistol_magazines/ It's in the post by ButterBotPZ. The line numbers might be a little off (like mine were on line 46 and line 41) but it definitely works. It gives me a stack trace whenever I right-click a magazine, but aside from that, the magazines load fine. I made the fix in the middle of my current save (since I really needed to reload my M249, zombies and stuff) and nothing bad happened.
  9. I think OWRGM would work out mighty fine. When I say ORGM, there's a minor "w" sound between the O and the R, so it works out In all seriousness, seeing this mod take steps into new heights is awesome! First I convince a few friends to buy PZ, then I discover Hydrocraft (after so long), and now OWRGM is picking up? I'm happy.
  10. Many thanks! I'm definintely gonna use that the next time I play, screw my old save. A question and a comment, though. Will you put it up on the Steam workshop? And I think the Trait Reactivator dropdown menu in the OP has the wrong information, I dunno if it just does or if my internet is sucking. Thanks again!
  11. Awesome, thanks! I wish I knew enough about coding to be able to make that separate trait, I'll shoot you a PM. P.S. Your mods are my favorite ones, PZ doesn't have enough of those little things that make the game great, then I discovered your mods Thanks for all the stuff you made and making my PZ experience better!
  12. Yeah, I just tried doing this, and it failed miserably Is this something you would be able to make? Or do you have too much on your plate? I can try and figure out where I went wrong.
  13. Is it okay if I mess with the Gunman Trait and put it up on the Steam workshop? I want to make a more powerful version of it (10 points, +2 aiming and +3 reloading) since I know a couple other mods I use (namely ORGM and the silencer mod) need really high reloading to save time in MP while still having hardcore reloading, and the silencer mod needs 2 aiming to be able to craft one. I will give you credit, of course, as the only thing I know about modding is changing values Thanks!
  14. I managed to dig up a Shotgun from a zombie along with some ammo, so luckily my time on Radcliff won't be short-lived. It's too awesome of a map to die on after day 5. I don't blame you for not including foraging and trapping, one of my friends showed me how complicated it was not too long ago. But I'm excited to see that get added in soon, along with a gun store
  15. Are there any gun stores or anything of the sort in this map? I tried to figure out where stuff is on the map, but it's really tough without stuff being marked on the PZ map project (which I would be down with helping mark stuff on that website for this map). I'm playing chicken with a horde of at least 500 and no shotgun ;-; And I know this question was asked a couple of months ago, but it has been a couple of months, so is foraging/trapping in yet? I don't know if I should spend resources on trapping or not.
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