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  1. would be cool to see head / chest injuries after car flips over and from what I saw that car flipped over faster than a bad guy's car in a movie sooo... think that needs some work
  2. tomasz12345678

    37 n’ Next

    Ok, so how many people are in each team? And it seems like they don't have a plan for what should come first... I think it would be better if they would focus on one thing instead of doing everything else at the same time, even if they might not be good at doing it.
  3. tomasz12345678

    37 n’ Next

    The green car looks best. However, I dislike that this game keeps pumping out new ideas instead of finishing on old ones, ie NPCs and ANIMs. Its great and all that you guys are actually working and adding new stuff in but focus on one big thing and then finish it... its been years since a massive update with something completely new to the game...
  4. Shouldnt there be some sort of way to throw a sheetrope up into a window? like, the higher it is the less chance of getting it into the window / ledge and more sheet rope needed. Im thinking of some sort of harpoon head tied with sheetrope to throw up into a window.
  5. @Demonic_Kat you would be able just to move the thing then smash it even if power is on to prevent a alarm or whatever... can someone check if they have alarms?
  6. when you put stuff into a vending machine it still looks empty. would be cool if there was some sort of thing to show it is full or has something in it
  7. This is probably a very dumb idea, but after a while you do get bored and start looking for things to do. So, I have come up with this page. If you have played project zomboid for a while, you have probably saw some one of a kind stuff, or things you hardly come across. I have found a few, some being maps, doctor degrees and dark wood drawers with golden handles. So, if you guys find anything, find it on the zomboid map and post the co-ords here! please say which town it is from. remember, this is stuff that you don't see at all, or one of a kind stuff.
  8. Was going to play project zomboid with my friends today, found that all server files were gone, and my 3 backups. All that is left is the default "servertest" thing. I am the only one who uses this computer, and I don't remember deleted all of my save files for my server. Dunno what to do.
  9. Can I get a full list of the items in the "more edibles" mod?
  10. with the new animation update *this probs is the wrong build but someone said that this was the build for the animation update* will you give skins to all the weapons that use other skins? crowbar, hunting rifle etc
  11. for some reason, I cant update to this version, or is this kinda like the pre test version? how will this affect my server?
  12. wait with the new metal crafting and stuff shouldn't you be able to use it to barricade doors and windows?
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