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  1. FIXED: Placing then removing a different tile allowed me to edit the existing tiles. Probably just a bug?
  2. I am struggling to remove the tiles I have placed. It seems that when you later re-open a file you can't delete any of the tiles you placed earlier? Screenshot here: How do I go about removing these glitched objects?
  3. Really? Man that sucks
  4. Hi all, I am starting up a server that people can join. It's a whitelisted server as I don't want people ruining the map. I want to create a community type server where the ultimate goal is to survive together. The current settings I have: Zombies (Fast shambler) Weather (Very rainy + very cold) Nature (Abundant) Loot (Weapons rare, else normal) Loot re-spawns after a week. These settings may change later on such as the name etc. There are no real requirements, but to apply for whitelist please this: Age: Experience: Best at (E.G, crafting/perks):
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