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  1. Yeah I would really like a tool, I was planing on making one by my file accessing skills aren't that great and I'm too busy to learn. Also it's fun to play with hex, even though it can be quite vexing (puns).
  2. Did a massive remake if you have problems please post them.
  3. OK so you can do this but there isn't any tools (yet) to do the annoying stuff for you, but you will need to download a hex editor i recommend this one HxD http://mh-nexus.de/en/downloads.php If you have no idea what hex is read this Some defintions If you want to know about .pack file architecture read this So here is the real tut and for demonstration's sake it will be how to make no blood appear. 1st: Open HxD and go to File --> Open (Ctrl+O) 2nd: Navigate to your .pack files Project Zomboid\media\texturepacks\ and choose the tiles.pack 3rd: CLICK ON FILE--> SAVE AS (no Ctrl+)you need backups in case you mess something up (HxD does automatically make a file with the same file name but puts .bak at the end to access the .bak rename it and take off the .bak) 4th: Go to Search --> Find (Ctrl+F) 5th: For the "Search for" type in "blood" and make sure the "Datatype" is "Text-string" then hit OK. Now you should come across "blood_floor_large_01" this will make it so HxD will search for the nearest PNG to the file you want to edit. 6th: Now go to Search --> Find (Ctrl+F) and type in PNG. Make sure that the "Search Direction" is "Forward" 7th: You should run across ‰PNG put your cursor right before the "‰" and click so now it looks like "|‰" the offset (at the bottom left) should read "AB58C" 8th: Open Notepad and write that down 9th: Go to Search --> Find (Ctrl+F) and for the "Search for" type in "iend" make sure the "Datatype" is "Text-string" and the "Search Direction" is "Forward" then hit OK. 10th: You should run across "IEND®B" put your cursor between the "N" and the "D" so it now reads "IEN|D®B" 11th: The offset should now read "E737C" A quick Hex lesson the letters on the right are to make stuff easier for the reader, but "." could be 00 - 19 so the text isn't that reliable which is why this next step is very important. 12th: If you look to your left there should be a faint box around 44 click in the middle and it should read "|44". The hex should stay the same. 13th: Now go to Edit --> Select block... (Ctrl+E) 14th: For the "Start Offset" make it the offset you wrote down in notepad (aka step 7) which should be "AB58C". Hit OK. 15th: The left side should have a dark blue selector thing while the right has a light blue. If not go to the 11th step. 16th: Hit Ctrl+C (Copy), then Ctrl+N (New), then Ctrl+V (paste insert). It will tell you that you are about to change file size. Ignore it and hit OK. 17th: Hit Ctrl+S (save), name it "Blood.png" make sure to have the .png. 18th: Open it in an editor that supports alpha (anything besides Paint will be good) 19th: Edit This only has part of the blood stuff rest of it is in the "75A148", "BC4290", "C519A7", "D1729D", and even more than that png blocks so if you want to find the rest of the blood have at it all you need to do is search for blood again and grab that PNG and again (yada yada). If you really want to test this just make everything black. Now how to put it back in. This is the easy part. 1st: Open the png in HxD 2nd: click on the hex in the left side. 3rd: Hit Ctrl+A (Select All), then Ctrl+C (copy) 4th Go to the .pack file and hit Ctrl+G (Goto) and make the "Offset" the number you wrote down. 5th: Make sure you are on the left hand side. 6th: Make sure you are at "|‰PNG" 7th: Hit Ctrl+B (Paste write) 8th: Save 9th: Copy the orginal Tiles.pack folder and paste it somewhere where you can easily find it (a backup folder inside of the texturepacks folder works) 10th: Delete the orginal 11th: Paste the modded one inside of the folder 12th: Name it Tiles.pack 13th: Run PZ and bask in your glory. Here is a list of where PNGs stop and start it is incomplete but here it is half done UI: { 16A - 3156 809C - 3C811 3CFDD - 3E967 40BDC - 5D6A1 5DEA5 - 6576C 68AAF - 9D754 } Tiles: { 4F42 39E83 3EC0A AB58C E9CB9 134FC3 19561D 1C2F56 203293 29FF48 32F451 36CD26 389DDC 424ADC 512629 582198 5EE2C3 656B45 6E1A06 75A148 795F03 7E9F8D 814254 862528 8F31FDS 9C8002 A383F2 B06830 BC4290 C519A7 D1726B DBB2F7 E5FEC1 EE7038 F8CC95 1062633 111E206 11EC62D 126580E 1315BD5 1454A09 14CE22C 1569849 15C48EF 1666418 1685DEA 168C3B1 168D1A9 168E158 - 168EEB1 } FP (Frequent Problems) 1. It says my PNG is corupted Your PNG's header or footer is incorrect make sure you copied it right
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