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  1. amarxnthine

    Hot Wheels

    If you're interested in trying out discord integration you should check out the Dead Pixels server. We've had it forever.
  2. How do you use the potato cannon? I have the cannon and I have the potatoes but I cannot load the potatoes in to the gun :/
  3. Dixie West Distillery is up and running
  4. Great to see an update. One question though: Will you be implementing the recipe to pot asparagus any time soon? Or fix the potted beet recipe?
  5. A relatively peaceful watch... this time. Eyes are peeled as the threat of bandits wavers over Dixie West.
  6. I love this idea, there have been so many times where I've wanted to just have no zombs around so I can build thing/try out new things and then when I'm done building wished that there was a way to just turn zombies on. It would also allow for a cool level of progression, maybe, if it lets you change a bunch of the settings - over time you an increase zomb amounts and lower loot rarity and stuff to simulate time passing and things. Sure, the settings now let you increase over time but what if you decided that you set that value too high/too low? It would be a lot easier to allow you to change settings than the current method to fixing things - making a whole new save, and copy/pasting files (Not that that's very difficult, just a pain). I dunno. I'm not the best at wording things but I personally would love a feature like this,
  7. Okay I got the tilesets to work, but the initial problem where the program crashes when I try to change a building's properties is still there. The problem also occurs when I go to change the interior wall, door, et cetera of a room. For the tilesets, I had moved my folders around a bit (I had everything put in a folder together that I figured was basically redundant so I just had moved it out) but the program was still reading that the tilesets should have been where it was before. A bit of poking around lead me to the place where I can set the Tiles folder, so I popped in the new location and now all the tiles are loading correctly.
  8. Ok so I was working on making a map and everything was going smoothly - I'd made the cell, made some buildings, got them loaded and could see them in tilezed. Everything was going smoothly - until it wasn't, and when I went to make a new building I discovered that any time I tried to change a building's properties the program would crash on me. After a few frustrated attempts at restarting the program (and my computer) with no results, I gave up and decided to redownload the program in hopes that would fix it. That obviously didn't work, because here we are. The empty map looks okay, but when I open the building editor I'm greeted by nothing but red question marks. When I place a building that I had made previously, it displays as red question marks. I'm assuming that the program isn't loading the tilesets correctly based on that, but I'm not sure why this has happened or how to fix it. Is there any chance anyone here knows what has happened and how I could fix it?
  9. amarxnthine

    Driving Cars Mod

    Thank you!
  10. amarxnthine

    Driving Cars Mod

    Is there any way to change the control keys? I have the arrow keys set as my walk keys and would love to be able to change the driving controls to WASD rather than having to switch my controls over every time I get in to a car.
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